Pros and cons of online counseling


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Pros and cons of online counseling

  1. 1. Pros and Cons of Online Counseling - A PopularTrendOnline counseling is a growing trend nowadays and various advantages and disadvantagesassociated with it have been explained in detail.Lakeland, Jun 13, 2012 -- In todays fast paced life, stress and strain on mind andbody have become common thing. This has led to increased tensions, exhaustion,burnouts affecting the family life and social cohesion. Also as incidents of substanceabuse and alcoholism exist, there is urgent need to curb such social evils and to guidepeople out of these habits. There are also various people who are disabled and needsupport and guidance to help find their place in the society. Also, as the numbers ofstudents are increasing, so is the need to guide them for better social skills and helpthem to become better individuals, inculcating good habits in them. In similarfashion, most people need guidance in choosing their careers, as options available arevaried. Here in comes the role of the counselors who fulfill all the above mentionedroles. There are different types of counselors whose job varies according to theirspecialization. There are school and career counselors, mental health counselors,marriage and family counselors, rehabilitation counselors, etc who fulfill all thesevaried roles.Due to the growth of the internet, online counseling is gaining popularity in thepresent times. The only condition is that both the counselor and the client must haveaccess to a computer for fulfilling this purpose. It can come in various forms buttypically online counseling can be in the form of email, text messaging, voice andvideo links, chat rooms and discussion boards. Most of the people are familiar withthis type of communication as internet has made them used to them and may haveused some form of online communication tool. Online counseling can be provided toindividual or group, same as in case of face to face counseling. Online counseling isalso known as web counseling, e-counseling, e-therapy and internet counseling.Since in online counseling, the counselor remains invisible to the client and cannot beseen face to face it may be implied that online counseling is dangerous. That is whygaining as much information as you can about your online counselor is important toverify their credentials so that it is ensured that an online counselor is not fakinganything. This risk can also exist when taking counseling sessions face to face. Henceit is not the concept of online counseling which may seem to be dangerous, but thefact that there is a risk that your counselor may not be credible or ethical. There arethus various inherent advantages and disadvantages of online counseling which arediscussed below. Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. First advantage is that you dont have to travel anywhere to see your counselor and sessions can be held in the privacy of your home. Nobody needs to know that you are taking the services of a counselor as it can be done on the time of your choice. The services of an online counselor can be accessed from anywhere where there is a computer and internet connection available and hence can be very convenient. Cost of consulting will come down as your online counselor does not need a fully fledged office to operate. If you are taking counseling services through email or message boards, you can take your time in reading and posting messages and can compose a well thought out response convenient to your schedule. You can get back to your email messages any time you want which is not available in traditional counseling. Some people open up more in online counseling sessions, since they feel less inhibited and safe in the comfort of their known surroundings. This can result in enhanced therapeutic value. Disadvantages of online counseling include the question of privacy. While being online, the responsibility is on you to protect your privacy. If the communication in online counseling is through text chat and email messages, there is no scope for interacting face to face with the counselor, hence communication gaps and misunderstanding might arise. Moreover, since online counseling is not face to face, unless you know and are aware, there may be issues regarding credibility and ability of your online counselor. Summary: Online counseling is a growing trend nowadays and various advantages and disadvantages associated with it have been explained in detail. Contact: Contact Information: Name: Online College Company: Email: Page 2 of 2Powered by TCPDF (