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  1. 1. A theory by MichelMaffesoli.
  2. 2. MICHEL MAFFESOLIIDENTIFIED that there was a declinein individualism due to Urban Tribes, microgroups of people with common interests indifferent urban areas.Urban Tribes descend from differentsubcultures, which actively seek a minoritystyle compared to the majority which acceptcommercially provided styles.Members of Urban Tribes typically sharecommon interests such as world views,dress styles and behavioural patterns andsocial interactions are typically informaland emotionally laden.
  3. 3. ASPIRANT MAINSTREAMTRENDIES & RAH‟SI would admit that my Urban Tribe is most likely Trendies, due to my inability to notspend my money on the high street at Topshop, American Apparel and H&M, oronline at eBay or ASOS trying to find “vintage” items. Trendies are typically from aless “affluent” background than those of Rahs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXG5HyCFpVMI am self-consciously fashionable, have a wide ranging tastes in fashion styles andtend to socialise with other urban tribes (in my case, Hipsters and Indie Scenesters)Main consumption:BRANDS: I use amazon frequently to purchase books, such as “The Walking Dead Compendiums” For fashion as it mixes American and vintage fashion, such as sheer blouses and disco leggings, not forgetting tube socks. For high street fashion at a slightly more affordable price. SALES!MEDIA:
  4. 4. CONSUMPTION Radio: Heavy Consumption. I tend to listen to Radio One in the carI would say this level of consumption is true to as popular music tends to be played rather than obscure bands. I alsome. This would suggest Trendies & Rahs have often listen to Radio 2 as I am partial to a bit of Graham Norton.modern and popular music tastes compared toAlternative Urban Tribes as methods of INTERNET: Heavy internet consumption forconsumption are common and not obscure, Rah’s & Trendies. I use the internet daily andand are therefore easily targetable by the frequently for online media and social networking. I use the internet to consume TV shows and Filmsmusic industry. through 4OD and online film and TV websites. I also Cinema: Heavy consumption. I do go to the use the internet to consume music through cinema often to watch new releases. From Grooveshark or to watch music videos on Youtube. September onwards I have already been to see “Looper”, “Taken 2”, “Resident Evil” and TV: Medium amount of consumption. I watch TV “Skyfall”, and plan to go see “Les Miserables” and regularly, typically if there is a television series I “The Hobbit”. can’t watch online. Recently I followed Derren Brown’s Apocalypse and prefer to watch The Magazines: Heavy consumption. I tend to consume Walking Dead on television rather than online. magazines more than television as magazines come out weekly However Trendies may typically consume such as “More” and can inform you about latest trends, but music/music video through popular mainstream also real life stories, problem pages which are always a hoot music channels such as MTV. I tend to watch and celebrity gossip. popular commercial TV channels, BBC 1, ITV and Channel 4.
  6. 6. HIPSTERS“I could list some examples of Hipstermusic, but it‟s probably so obscure you‟venever heard of them.”Hipsters are recognizable for their iconic eyewear, hairdyed in an „obvious‟ way and obscure music tastes.Based on the Hipster stereotype, Media Consumption isaccurate as Hipsters are typically know for huge internetconsumption, watching TV shows online and constantblogging on Tumblr. They also have a natural instinct todocument their lives with photographs on Instagram, Hipsters tend to listen to independent artists who areadding a sepia effect for vintage feel. new to the music scene. Typically discovered through that music blog they‟ve been following.They rarely watch TV as the BBC is too mainstream. Foster the People “Pumped up Kicks” is an exampleObscure magazines keep them up to date with obscure of Hipster music. The music video incorporates bothfashion and new and upcoming independent artists. Hipster fashion and styles along with a Hipster kids love of live shows and small gigs. The performanceHipsters need to be well educated so they can go to aspect of the music video shows how Hipster artistscollege and move in to careers which offer them a need to show their creativity and live performancescreative outlet, Newspapers are perfect for this. offer this creative outlet. Foster the People have gained a small elite fan base from small gigs andRadio channels you‟ve never heard of, and forget modern performing at festivals, a main form of mediacinema, you won‟t see a hipster watching the latest James consumption for Hipsters are the gigs they attendBond, but that new independent film released into 10 and the festivals they go to. Making Foster thecinemas. Obscure actors. Obscure director. Obscure People the ideal Hipster dream . . . However they‟rescreenwriter. Obscure production company. The obvs now too mainstream.soundtrack is even written by an obscure artist, butthey‟ve probably heard of them.
  7. 7. CHAVSYou won‟t ever see a Chav without their reebok trainers, Sports Direct shopping back and that very fashionable cigarette. Chavs are aStereotype that even Jesus himself couldn‟t save. Old ladies cross the street when they approach and other Urban Tribes have unitedagainst them to create a common enemy. Chavs are the original urban tribe. Chavs are targeted mainly through popular media. Television is key to targeting Chavs as many TV shows centre around the stereotype of a young delinquent, such as Misfits, This is England and Waterloo Road. All would be nothing without their token Chav. Newspapers are a lost cause when it comes to targeting Chavs, who are known for their supposed lower intelligence and lack of interest in anything going on beyond their crib. Kiss FM is radio capital for Chavs, unlike Radio 1, its opinion of popular music is more Nicky Minaj and less Adele. You won‟t tend to expect to see a Chav visiting the local cinema, usually because of their lifelong ban. Cinema, Magazines and Internet are consumed equally for Chavs, this could be due to the lack of media within these areas which are targeted at this specific Urban Tribe. Chavs tend to listen to popular music, such as Rap, Hip Hop, R&B and Dance/Club/Rave. Typical artists tend to be Akon, Cascada and Lady Soivereign. Lady Sovereigns video and music plays with her chavy streotype. Mise-en- scene and costume are over done, with her blingy jewellery, matching tracksuit and side high ponytail. Don‟t forget those swag dance moves. The entire video is extremely relatable and can be identified with the Chav community, with the two women scared of her “look” and the typical mise- en-scene and Lady Sovereigns „crew‟. Her video cleverly plays on the stereotype, as the two women think they are being chased and attacked by a group of hooligans, when really, they are just trying to return her purse.
  8. 8. EMO Emos are recognizable for their Goth derived fashion and Black hair that shields their face from the cruel outside world. Emo‟s heavily consume all forms of media consumption, internet and radio more so than others. Kerrang magazine and radio, which keeps them up to date with fashions and music. Most likely to shop at Blue Banana for fashion and will likely download music from Play.com and Amazon. Emo‟s are most likely to consume music through television such as „alternative music channels‟. Alternative Urban Tribes such as Emo are more easily targeted by artists as their media consumption is wide ranging and heavy. Emo music tastes are typically dark and techno and lyrics are typically those which they can identify with. Some artists include “Panic at the Disco”, “Deathcab for Cutie”, “Linkin Park”and “My Chemical Romance”. My Chemical Romance “Black Parade” video would be popular with the Alternative Urban Tribes, as the dark colour scheme suits the personalities of Emo‟s and the video shares similar fashion styles, both in the heavy use of make-up and hairstyles. The video also has an element of horror which Emo‟s typically thrive off of. My Chemical Romance also have a very dark sound which is perfect moshing music. The band would typically target their audiences through music channels and magazines rather than popular television and mainstream media as they aren‟t a typical band and don‟t fit in with the tastes of Mainstream tribes.
  9. 9. MUSIC VIDEO, REPRESENTATION & URBAN TRIBESIt is incredibly important that an artist knows its audience before creating a music video. If your chosen audience are Goths and yourmusic video is more suited to Trendies then you have poorly targeted your audience. Representation is incredibly important, ifstereotypes are wrong or over done your audience could be offended, (unless you have clearly labelled yourself as a parody artist).Representation of Urban Tribes is important within music video, as this is how you target your audience, your video needs to berelatable and your chosen audience needs to identify with the stereotypes as well as recognizing conventions of their own urban tribeas well as the specific music genre. For example, Chavs will recognize if an artist is targeting them, as mise-en-scene in the musicvideo will be similar to that of Chavs, hoodies, matching track suits and bling , often behaviour traits are also mimicked in musicvideos. Knowing your audience and knowing your Urban Tribe also means you can target and market your music in the correct wayso that your chosen audience will notice it. For example, new upcoming bands wanting to target Hipsters will use online blogs andattend music festivals, whereas a Gothic band may use magazines such as Kerrang to target their audience. FIND YOUR OWN TRIBE AT http://www.uktribes.com/