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How much time do you spend in your head or out loud thinking about yesterday and tomorrow? When is the last time you took a little time to get off the treadmill and re-think some basics…… like the quality of life you are living? If it’s already wonderful, this little workshop will only make it better. If it could use some tweaking, well get ready for a fun and thoughtful experience.

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Its about time

  1. 1.  In every moment, you are creating or altering your future. Your lives are a product of how you talk to yourselves, what you think, envision, and intend. Your thoughts are reflected in your words and physical actions.. 1971/its-about-you
  2. 2. 1. What your say to yourself goes on 24/7.2. Self-talk takes place in real time.3. Your body react as if your self-talk were real.4. Self-talk is heavily influenced by what you attribute things to.5. Self-talk overwhelms other input, including reality. 1971/its-about-you
  3. 3. 6. Negative self-talk gets the loudest when you need it the least.7. You talk to your self in ways you would never think of talking to someone else.8. Ultimately if you have negative self-talk you create a toxic internal environment.9. You need to listen to your body because it listens to you. 1971/its-about-you
  4. 4. I immobilizationS saying, not doingH hung up on guiltO overly anxiousU underlying angerL lowered self esteemD depressed 1971/its-about-you
  5. 5. I inadequate C controlled v. in control A apathetic N’ negative results T total despair“I won’t” or “I choose not to” 1971/its-about-you
  6. 6.  Your thoughts Your attitudes Your beliefs; your feelings Your intentions Words you speak or listen to Your self-talk The pictures and circumstances you imagine What you will and will not allow into your life 1971/its-about-you
  7. 7. In other words:
  8. 8.  We create 100% percent of our personal experiences. Most people create their experiences by accident and by default. You can learn to consciously and intentionally create your own experiences. 1971/its-about-you
  9. 9. I Initiate by acting, not reactingC confess feeling; control your thoughtsA ask for what you want and needN negotiate for positive results 1971/its-about-you
  10. 10. Affirmations are astatement of faith.
  11. 11. 1. What you believe creates your reality.2. Your feelings are fueled by your thoughts.3. Whatever you say after "I Am" defines you. 1971/its-about-you
  12. 12. Intentional creation is aboutfocused action, notreactive, automatic behavior 1971/its-about-you
  13. 13. 1. Decide on what you want to be or achieve.2. Write it down in one clear statement.3. Feel what it will be like to have achieved your intention. 1971/its-about-you
  14. 14. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1971/its-about-you
  15. 15. --Dale Carnegie
  16. 16. Debbie@ThinkTheThoughts.comIt’s About You! 1971/its-about-you