Oracle Apps Techical Consultant -Muhammad Aurangzaib
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Oracle Apps Techical Consultant -Muhammad Aurangzaib



I have an experience in the Oracle E Business R12 [Technical], Requirement Analysis, User Acceptance Processes and Purposed System with the multiple solutions. The other prominent skill set are ...

I have an experience in the Oracle E Business R12 [Technical], Requirement Analysis, User Acceptance Processes and Purposed System with the multiple solutions. The other prominent skill set are Database Modelling, Development, and Unit Testing in the ORACLE environment. I participated in many large-scale projects in Pakistan and also in my current Company Al Reyami Technologies LLC, Dubai , UAE.

Key Skills: Oracle E-Business R12 [Technical], PLSQL Development, Oracle Forms / Reports Development, Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF), Oracle Performance [SQL, PLSQL, Forms, Reports], Oracle Application Migration [Forms/ Reports]

E Business R12 Modules: HRMS, Payroll, General Ledger(GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Purchasing(PO), Inventory (INV), Order Management (OM) and Projects

Development Tool: Oracle Developer [Forms/Reports] version 5, 6, 6i, 9i, 10g, Oracle Discoverer [Administrator/Desktop/Plus], BI / XML Publisher, OBIEE,

Muhammad Aurangzaib

Cell UAE : +971 50 9511419
Emails:, CC:



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Oracle Apps Techical Consultant -Muhammad Aurangzaib Document Transcript

  • 1. Muhammad AurangzaibMobile +971 50 951 1419Email:,[MSNMessenger]Muhammad Aurangzaib (Senior Application Consultant)LinkedIn Profile: Skills Oracle E-Business R12 [Technical], PLSQL Development, Oracle Forms / Reports Development, OAFDevelopment, BI/XML Publisher, OBIEE, Oracle Discoverer, Workflow, Oracle Performance [SQL,PLSQL, Forms, Reports], Oracle Application Migration [Forms/ Reports]E Business R12 (Technical) Core HR , Payroll , General Ledger(GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR),Purchasing(PO), Inventory (INV), Order Management (OM) and ProjectsE Business R12 (Functional) Core HR , PayrollDatabase Oracle 8/ 8i/ 9i/ 10g, SQL Server 2005CASE Tools & Utilities PLSQL Developer, TOAD, ERWIN, Oracle Enterprise Manager, , PuTTY, FPI Master, MS-VISOAnalysis Tool CAST Application Intelligent Portal 5.6.2, Case Studio, TIBCO, Power Designer [UML Methodology],MS-PROJECTSummary[Team Management]• A highly motivated and ambitious individual able to give timely and accurate advice, guidance, support and training to teammembers and individuals. Possessing excellent management skills and having the ability to work with the minimum ofsupervision whilst leading a team of twelve or more. Having a proven ability to lead by example, consistently hit targets,improve best practices and organise time efficiently.• Possess excellent planning, organizing, and communication skills.• Proficient with Software Development Life Cycles, including: team building, coordinating team members, interactive systemdesign sessions, presentations, technical mentoring, deployment, user training, technical writing / documentation and support.• Skilled in designing IT solutions that require integration between Legacy systems, client server applications and vendor specificpackage conversions.[Oracle E-Business R12 Technical]• Implementation of Oracle E- Business in Al Reyami Group of Companies.• Implantation of Core HR, Payroll, General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Purchasing (PO),Inventory (INV), Order Management (OM) and Projects.• Rich experience in RICE components, experience in Form Personalization, Customization using CUSTOM.pll, and NewCustom Development in Form Developer.• Oracle Seeded Report Customization in Report Builder, BI / XML Publisher, Oracle Discoverer, and development of NewCustom Reports using the same, and OB IEE.• Experience of creation KFFs, DFFs, Users, Responsibilities, Menus, Concurrent Programs, and Request sets, RequestGroups, Value Sets, Alerts, and Document of Records etc.• Experience in loading the legacy data with stored procedures, interfaces and Oracle Standard APIs.[Oracle PLSQL, Forms/Reports 6, 6i, 9i, 10g]• Fully Implemented Projects in NUST Organization-Pakistan, Ministry of Defense-Pakistan, and CMA CGM Global System,LLC, FZ- Dubai, Union National Bank , Abu Dhabi, UAE using the environment of Oracle Developer 6, 6i, 9i, 10g.• Rich experience in Oracle Application Development in Forms, Reports, and PLSQL programs, Oracle Application Migration toHigher Versions, Performance of SQL, PLSQL, Forms and Reports.• Proficient in re-engineering of the application to remove the bottlenecks due to bad performance, using the TKPROF, andexplain utilities.• Migration of SQL*Form and SQL* Report [Oracle 5], into Developer 6i. Migration of Form 5.0, report 3.0 to ORACLEAPPLICATION SERVER 10G.• Experienced in data transferred from Foxpro, TEXT FILES, and EXCEL SHEETS to Oracle.[Oracle (8, 8i, 9i, 10g) DB Skill]• Database Modeling and its management for the worldwide organization CMA CGM Global System, LLC, FZ, Dubai, UnionNational Bank, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Al Reyami Technology, LLC, Dubai, UAE..• Database Administration, Data Modeling, Managed the database in Oracle 8i/ 9i in NUST, Pakistan Organization HQ and its 11collages.• Database Modeling and its Management in Ministry of Defense, Pakistan. It has 25 modules that successfully deployed in 11departments.• Database Administration, Data Modeling and Object Creation / Management in Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited [PRAL].[System Analysis Skill]• Analyzed the systems and database designed for NUST organization-Pakistan, Ministry of Defense-Pakistan, and CMA-CGMGlobal system, LLC, Dubai, Union National Bank, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Gathered the Business Requirements using BusinessProcess Model Notations [BPMN].• Object-Oriented Model to build an OOM. An OOM is a structure, which provides a close description of a system using the UMLdiagrams like Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Object Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams, and Activity Diagrams.[Data Warehouse]• Understanding of Data warehouse Life Cycle [CLDS], Normalization, De-Normalization and its issues. Data Warehouse IndexTechniques e.g. Inverted Index, Bit Map Index, Cluster Index and Join Index.Home Address: Abu Shahgra Park, Opposite Traffic Office, Flat No 502, Shahrja, UAEMobile UAE: +971 50 9511419 , Pakistan Tel: +92 51 2231764[Res.]. +92 51 2231055 [Res.] 1 of 6
  • 2. Muhammad AurangzaibMobile +971 50 951 1419Email:,[MSNMessenger]• Collapsing Tables, Vertical Splitting, Horizontal Splitting and Pre-Joining, Add Redundant Columns, and Drive AttributesTechniques. Extraction, Transform and Load [ETL] processes and issues, OLAP and its type MOLAP, ROLAP. DimensionalModeling and its issues [Star Schema and Snow Flake Schema]Senior Application ConsultantAl Reyami Technologies LLC, Dubai, UAE [] [06-June, 2010 –Current]Al Reyami Group, [Oracle Apps Implementation Project]Implementation of Oracle Application R12 for Al-Reyami Group, Working as the Oracle Apps Technical Consultant to implement themain modules as HRMS, Payroll, General Ledger(GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Purchasing(PO),Inventory (INV), Order Management (OM) and Projects.Actions• Responsible for gathering Business Requirements, creation of Technical Design Documents and user Documents.• Interacted with business owners, functional consultants and subject matter experts effectively to understand businessrequirements, functional designs, process flow and data flow.• Prepare the User Manual of HRMS and Payroll and Conduct the training to user.• Developed PL/SQL Packages to import the legacy data for HRMS (Employees, Assignments, Jobs, Positions, Absences, andElements), AR (Customers, Invoices, and Cash), AP (Vendors, Payments), GL (Material Transaction Data to GL), INV (Items,Item Transactions) and Projects (Project to Sale Order, Cost Budget, and Manpower, BOQ data to Cost Budget, Labour Datato Projects). Developed PLSQL Packages for FORMS and REPORTS.• Configuration for the Business Group, Organization Structure, HRMS Key Flex-Field Setting, Organization Hierarchy, Job andpositions assignment, setting the Organization Hierarchy and Position Hierarchy , Grades and pay scale, competency settingetc.• Configuration of People Group with respect to personnel type and contract. Management of Hire- Termination-rehiring process• Configuration the Compensation Management Fundamentals as Foundations, Earnings and Deductions• Setting the Element Classification, Elements, Payroll Calendar and Periods and Links with the Elements, Fast Formula, etc.Run the Individual / Batch process of Payroll.• Configuration the Approvals Management Engine {AME} and setting the Special Information Type {SIT}, Extra Information Type{EIT}, for the person data.• Worked on AME, WEB ADI, and Mail Merge Letters for Applicants / Employees.• Developed multiple REPORTS for HRMS, PAYROLL, AR, AP, GL, INV, OM, PROJECTS using XML Publisher, BI Publisher,OBIEE, Discoverer [Administrator/Desktop/Plus], and Report Builder.• Developed reports in Oracle Discoverer and created various business areas, user views, custom folders and joins for reporting.Created Workbooks based on the Custom Folders with multiple parameters and calculations using Discoverer Plus andDiscoverer Desktop.• Developed multiple custom FORMS for AR (Receipts, Performa Invoices), AP (Cheque, Bank Transfer), INV (Stock Items,Materials Requisition, Materials Requirements), PURCHASE (Custom Purchase Order Form), PROJECTS (Bill of Quantity,Manpower), LANDED COST (Setup, Expenses, Allocations).• Personalization form for PAYMENTS Form, SALE ORDER Form, MOVE ORDER Form MASTER ITEM Form.UNION NATION BANK, ABU DHABI, UAE [Forms / Reports Migration Project]Worked in Oracle Application Development, PLSQL Development and Migration of Oracle Software to Oracle Application Server 10gRelease 2 for the UNION NATIONAL BANK, ABU DHABI, UAE.Achievements:Key Challenges:• UNION NATION BANK, ABU DHABI, UAE application were installed as client/server [Developer 2000] for more than 150branches. IT team has to maintain all the branches and should be synchronized with the least version of various applications.• The Key Challenge in UNB was to migrate the all the applications to Oracle Application Server Release 2.Actions:• Installation, Configuration and Apply Patchsets on Oracle Application Server Release 2 for UNION NATIONAL BANK, ABUDHABI, UAE.• Migration of Forms and 800+ reports from form 5.0 and report 3.0 to Oracle Application server Release 2.• Created the Procedures / Functions and Packages to call the EXTERNAL FUNCTION/PROCEDURE from CPP language as.dll by using the ORA_FFI. This procedure/Function will used for the password Encryption/Decryption.• Configuration of local printer to print out reports on ORACLE APPLICATION SERVER.• Set the report format to EXCEL, DOC, EMAIL, PDF, and HTML.• Configuration of the WEBUTIL package on the ORACLE APPLICATION SERVER.• Calling the .XLS file on from the form using WEBUTIL and OLE2 Package. Passing the data from FORM to file .XLS via microsand cells.• Developed the User administration Software to create the database user, password profiles, grants on screen/reports etc.• Worked on Encryption/Decryption of the data in the ORACLE using DBMS_OBFUSCATION_TOOLKIT and self createdroutinesProjects TasksHome Address: Abu Shahgra Park, Opposite Traffic Office, Flat No 502, Shahrja, UAEMobile UAE: +971 50 9511419 , Pakistan Tel: +92 51 2231764[Res.]. +92 51 2231055 [Res.] 2 of 6
  • 3. Muhammad AurangzaibMobile +971 50 951 1419Email:,[MSNMessenger]• Migration projects in Oracle Application Server 10g release 2 for the UNION NATION BANK, ABU DHABI.• Analyzed and Designed the User Administration Project, to manage the users, security passwords and its profiles on thevarious oracle applications. Data masking of the Credit Card data and other sensitive information.Senior Application Developer [15-Sep, 2007 – 19 April, 2010]CMA CGM Global SYSTeMS, LLC, FZ, Dubai, UAE [CMM Level 3], []Development in Oracle Developer Suit 10g, PLSQL Programming, Database Design, investigate, re-engineering the application anddatabase and Implementation for CMA CGM SYSTEM’s ERP. Engaged in special project under the supervision of IBM and the goal wasto increase the performance and remove the bottlenecks of the application and database.Achievements:Key Challenges:• Applications and its related DB packages were bad performance and most of the procedures /functions inside the packageswere used duplicate, mostly tables are not normalized properly. Most of the application forms and reports were using the SQL.Actions:• Estimation of Man-days on assigned tasks using pre-designed “MS-Excel” Sheet by IBM.• Analyzed / investigated the bottlenecks of Applications [FORMS / REPORTS] & Database Functions/Procedures and Packages[SQL / PLSQL] using TKPROF and EXPLAIN PLAN. Worked on the investigated report for applications objects and databaseobjects that may be created but no usages.• Creation of Logical and Physical Database Models, and developed the Prototypes of FORMS / REPORTS to analysis the re-engineering steps.• Developed the complex Forms and Reports based on External Source i.e. Stored Procedures, RefCursor, Libraries. Expert incomplex PLSQL programming using iterative processing with loop, CASE statement process flow, exception handling, records,collection, DML operations, data retrieval using cursor /ref cursor and BULK COLLECT / FORALL, collections, packages,database triggers etc.• Unit testing of the Functionality and Code after full development in FORM / REPORT and Oracle Database.• “CAST Application Intelligent Portal 5.6.2” is the tool; which helped to investigate the changes in FORM / REPORT orDATABASE PACKAGES.• Responsible of Writing Technical Specification / Development Specification. Communication with Domain Analyst/BusinessAnalyst to gather the requirements or clarifications on the requirements. Developed the Analysis documents to optimize theresponse time.ProjectsWorked on Major Projects of the customized ERP “LARA [Line and Agent real Time Application]” i.e. “Quotations”, “Invoices” and SpecialProject under the supervision of IBM, LARA XFO, to optimize the Applications and reduce the response time.Database Developer / Database Administrator [04-June, 2007 – 15-Sept, 2007]Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited, PRAL, Islamabad, Pakistan [ISO-9001: 2000 Certified], []Pakistan Revenue Automation (Pvt.) Ltd. (acronym – PRAL) has extensive experience of working with federal and provincial tax andrevenue agencies to provide wide variety of tax and revenue collection solutions.Achievements:Key Challenges:• PRAL is IT center for the FBR, Pakistan, working in different database environment i.e. ORACLE, SQL SERVER, and DB2.Mostly data were prepared into heterogeneous format i.e. TEXT FILES, EXCEL SHEETS, ACCESS DB and others. The maintask was to replicate the data into the central location, database administration and its support in ORACLE central server.Actions:• Developed the stored procedures in SQL SERVER 2005 and in Oracle 10g / 9i using “TOAD”,”PLSQL Developer” and “SQLPLUS”.• Worked on DTS utility of SQL Server 2005, and “Oracle Enterprise Manager” to replicate the data of among different locations.• Developed the Logical & Physical Design for the online running projects. Created the database objects using the software“TOAD”, and Oracle 10g.• Physical & Logical standby database design & creation. Devise strategy for Backups, recovery & fine-tuning.• Provide technical support to application development teams.• Maintain Oracle schemas and SGA region. Installed Oracle Application Server 10g (• Creation of tablespaces, rollback segments, user maintenance, database security imposition by creation and granting of rolesand privileges, performance tuning, backups (Hot/Cold).• Monitored and optimizing the performance of the database using the software “TOAD”, “Oracle Enterprise Manager” andOracle 10g. Investigated the SQL, PLSQL Program units to find the bottlenecks in performance using TKPROF and EXPLAINPLAN and used the Indexing Techniques.• Managed Backup, Roles, Security & Integrity of modules, control file, redo log files, datafiles, system storage (tablespaces),index management and planning future storage requirements for the database system using the “TOAD”,”“Oracle EnterpriseManager” and Oracle 10g.ProjectsWorked on the “Sales Tax Return” Project, of FBR, Pakistan, my responsibilities were on Database Migration from SQL Server to Oracle,PLSQL Development, Database Administration and Replication of Data from the different location of Pakistan.Home Address: Abu Shahgra Park, Opposite Traffic Office, Flat No 502, Shahrja, UAEMobile UAE: +971 50 9511419 , Pakistan Tel: +92 51 2231764[Res.]. +92 51 2231055 [Res.] 3 of 6
  • 4. Muhammad AurangzaibMobile +971 50 951 1419Email:,[MSNMessenger]Senior System Analyst / Development Team Lead [HRMS Project] [22-Aug, 2005 – 31 May, 2007]GulfNet Pakistan Pvt. Ltd, Islamabad, Pakistan [ISO-9001: 2000 Certified], []Worked for the GULFNET PAKISTAN’’s client “BESTWAY PVT LTD, PAKISTAN” as Senior System Analyst to analysis, design andimplementation of Organization Structure, Payroll, Time & Labor and Leave Applications.Achievements:Key Challenges:• My responsibilities were to analyze, design and investigated the requirements of system HRMS –ERP. Main tasks were toconfigure and design the system that should support to the comprehensive requirements of the client. This System wasintegrated with the other ERP modules i.e. Payroll, Time & Labor and Leave modules.Actions:• Gathered the Requirements, analyzed, designed and fully implemented of the ERP-HRMS modules using UML Methodologies,Business Process Model Notations [BPMN], MS-VISO, ER-WIN, CASE STUDIO, and “Power Designer” .• Analyzed the Requirements and set the configuration for the PAYROLL, TIME and LABOR, LEAVE. I was also responsible forits administration and management of the database. Developed the database Procedures, Functions for the centralizedpackages of HRMS-ERP.• Defining Employees, Organization, creation of Job, Position, and Grade, Position Hierarchy, and setting up locations.• Setup of Business Group, GRE, HR Organization, Tax Rules including Federal Tax Rules, Federal Reporting entity, ProvincialReporting Entity, Key Flex fields, Descriptive Flex Fields, Payrolls, Payment Methods, Salary Basis, Earning elements,Deduction elements, User defined balances, Profile Options etc.• Payment Methods, Salary Basis, Payroll Processing, Salary Admin, Quick Pay, Batch Processing.• Leave/absence management, loan management, talent management (Work objective and appraisal).• Developed the complex Forms and Reports based on External Source i.e. Stored Procedures, RefCursor, Libraries. Expert incomplex PLSQL programming using iterative processing with loop, CASE statement process flow, exception handling, records,collection, DML operations, data retrieval using cursor /ref cursor and BULK COLLECT / FORALL, collections, packages,database triggers etc.• Analyzed the currently running application to investigate the bad performance and Re-Engineering of Application forPerformance & Tuning using TKPROF utilities.ProjectsWorked on “ERP-HRMS” Project, my responsibilities were to Analysis , Design and Develop the major system i.e. “OrganizationPlanning, “Personnel Administration”, “Payroll Management System” and “Time and Labor Management” for the client “BESTWAYCement (Pvt.), Ltd, Pakistan”Senior DB Analyst / Development Team Leader [01-Dec-2003 – 18-Aug-2005]Electronic Solutions Pakistan, ESOLPK, Islamabad, Pakistan [ISO-9001: 2000 Certified], []Joined as “Team Leader” for ESOLPK’’s client “Ministry of Defense, Pakistan”. As the team lead, I managed the development team,communication with the client and implementation the client desk. My activities were to analysis and design, manage the DBDevelopment, DB Administration.Achievements:Key Challenges:• System database should be comprehensive and should fulfill the requirements, because data was entered into heterogeneousenvironment. New system should be flexible and should support to the user for the day to day work. The other task was to buildthe comprehensive and consolidated reports for the management.Actions:• Responsible of Database Development Policies, Logical & Physical Database Design and Creation of database objects inOracle 9i. Performed the DBA activities as manage roles, security, tablespace management and index management using the“TOAD”, “Oracle Enterprise Manager [OEM]” and “Oracle 9i”.• Developed the Form Template, Libraries, Classes, and Standard Packages. Developed the Complex Forms and Drill Downreports, Forms Packages, Database Packages, Database Triggers, Complex PLSQL programs using the optimized features asCASE, BULK COLLECT, Analytical functions, Temporary tables, Materialized Views in environment Oracle 9i and Form /Report 9i.• Investigated of SQL that makes bottlenecks in optimizing and performance using the Optimizer Hits, TKPROF and EXPLAINPLAN.• Analyzed and gathered the business requirements, meeting schedules, training schedules, writing the technical specification,Deliverables of Applications, Quality Control and Testing Procedures.ProjectsWorked on the “Decision Support System” Project, my responsibilities were to Analysis, Design and Support to the Development Teamas well as the responsible of DB Development and Administration for the client “Ministry of defense-Pakistan”. This project had 20 to 25sub-sections that will keep the data bank which facilitated to end-user to manage their day-to-day work. This system supported toexecutive to analysis of data.Analyst Programmer/ Team Lead [28 June, 2001 – 31-May-2003]KNKSoft [Pvt.] Ltd Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan [ISO-9001: 2000 Certified], []I started my profession in KNKSoft as an intern, with a passage of time I prompted to Analyst Programmer and then Team Lead forNUST Project, My responsibilities were development, database Management and Management the team.Achievements:Home Address: Abu Shahgra Park, Opposite Traffic Office, Flat No 502, Shahrja, UAEMobile UAE: +971 50 9511419 , Pakistan Tel: +92 51 2231764[Res.]. +92 51 2231055 [Res.] 4 of 6
  • 5. Muhammad AurangzaibMobile +971 50 951 1419Email:,[MSNMessenger]Key Challenges:• On my joining as team Lead, the NUST System database was not fulfilling the requirements of the day to day work. Databasewas poor designed with many integration problems.Actions:• Re-Analyzed & Re-Designed the modules that made the bottlenecks during the development life of the NUST Application.• Worked as Team Lead and performed the responsibilities as support to development team, gather / analysis the businessrequirements, client meeting, deliverables of applications, reporting to higher management.• Developed application on complex education requirement as registration and selection of applicants in NUST, AccountingSoftware, and Inventory Procedures.• Development the PLSQL programs and complex Forms, Libraries, Classes, Forms Packages, Stored Procedures, Functions,packages, database triggers, Data Transfer from FOXPRO to ORACLE, complex matrix reports using Developer 6/6i andOracle database 8/8i. Performed tuning at SQL Level and PLSQL level using Optimizer Hits, Analytical functions and ExplainPlan in Oracle 8i and Developer 6i.• Managed the database Rolls, Security & Integrity , tablespaces, database objects, index management, backups in environmentof Oracle Database 8i and Oracle Enterprise Manager.ProjectsWorked on the “NUST Automation System” Project, my responsibilities were to analysis, design, and develop the major modules i.e.“Administration System”, “Establishment System”, “Finance System”, “Payroll Management System”,” Student Registration System”,“Exam & Academics”, “Research & Development”, “Library System”, and “Student Fee”.Personal ProjectsAnalyzed, Design and Developed the system i.e. Inventory Management System for the client Heavy Industry Taxila-Pakistan, Point ofSale for General Stores, and MIS for Educational Institutes for Privates Schools.Professional CertificatesTitle Institution DatedOCP Oracle E-Business Suite [EssentialR12]Self Study Next PlanOCP Oracle 11g Database Self Study Next PlanOracle E-Business R12 –Core HR &PayrollPrivate Group Training 15-March,2010–15 June, 2010OCP Oracle Database 11g, PLSQLAdvancePearson VUE, Dubai 21 Feb, 2010OCP Form Developer 9i Parametric Centre, Dubai 15 Sept, 2009OCA Developer 9i Parametric Centre, Dubai 26 July , 2009Data warehousing Course Virtual University of Pak 26 Feb, 2007 – Aug, 2007Training : Oracle 9i DBA Oracle University, Pak 14-April, 2005 – 26-April, 2007Diploma in Computer Application ,[2 Years] National Institute of Electronics [NIE], Islamabad, Pak 1994EducationMajor / Level Obtained Institution / University DatedMaster Science in Computer Science 20 Margella Road F-8/3 Islamabad/Preston University, Pakistan13 January, 2001B.A[Statistics, Mathematics, Persian]F.G. College for Men No. 2, H-9 Islamabad/Punjab University, Pakistan29 April, 1997F.Sc[Mathematics, Statistics, Economics]F.G, College for Men No. 2, H-9 Islamabad/Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education04 August, 1990Metric[Science Group]F.G, Boys Comp. High School#1,G-7/2, Islamabad/Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education17 July, 1988ReferencesName Designation OrganizationSyed Hyder HussainSd.hyder@gmail.comApps DBA /Project Consultant[+971 556180074]Al Reyami Technologies, LLC, DubaiAvinash ShuklaAvinashshukla77@gmail.comFinance Functional Consultant[+971 56 6800530]Al Reyami Technologies, LLC, DubaiMuhammad Riaz Shahidriazjee@gmail.comDatabase Specialist[+ 971 50 5059429]Department of Economic Development, Abu DhabiShahzad Hafeezshahzadhafeez@gmail.comDatabase Architect[+971 50 3651399]CMA CGM System, LLC, DubaiSummit Chaudhrysummitnc@gmail.comDatabase Manager[+971 50 8122056]Ministry of Finance, Abu DhabiHome Address: Abu Shahgra Park, Opposite Traffic Office, Flat No 502, Shahrja, UAEMobile UAE: +971 50 9511419 , Pakistan Tel: +92 51 2231764[Res.]. +92 51 2231055 [Res.] 5 of 6
  • 6. Muhammad AurangzaibMobile +971 50 951 1419Email:,[MSNMessenger]Home Address: Abu Shahgra Park, Opposite Traffic Office, Flat No 502, Shahrja, UAEMobile UAE: +971 50 9511419 , Pakistan Tel: +92 51 2231764[Res.]. +92 51 2231055 [Res.] 6 of 6
  • 7. Muhammad AurangzaibMobile +971 50 951 1419Email:,[MSNMessenger]Home Address: Abu Shahgra Park, Opposite Traffic Office, Flat No 502, Shahrja, UAEMobile UAE: +971 50 9511419 , Pakistan Tel: +92 51 2231764[Res.]. +92 51 2231055 [Res.] 6 of 6