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Mobile Devices And Your Business
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Mobile Devices And Your Business


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A presentation on mobile devices and carriers for your business.

A presentation on mobile devices and carriers for your business.

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  • 1. Mobile Devices and Your Business – Mobility Done Right
    Presented By: Paul Hager, CEO
    Information Technology Professionals
  • 2. Why are people using them and what are people using them for?
    Extend Your Business
    Calendar While You are Out
    File Access
    Oh yeah to make phone calls
  • 3. Start With Where Your Data Is..
    The importance of starting with your Business Management Software and Core Technology Capability and Working Backwards
    What data do you want remote access to?
    What tools do you need to facilitate that access
  • 4. Desktop vs. OTA Syncing
    Desktop Syncing vs Over the Air Syncing
    Advantages and Disadvantages
    Does your practice management interact with the desktop sync application?
    Do I need to do this if I do OTA sync?
  • 5. Carrier Choices
    National Carriers
    Regional Carriers
    US Cellular
  • 6. Cell Technologies Explained
    It Makes a Difference
    Which is Better and Should I Care?
  • 7. GSM
    Global System for Mobile Communications
    GSM was invented as a global standard in 1987 in an attempt to ensure continued and standard coverage throughout the globe.
    Use SIM Cards
    Slower speeds but greater reach
    International Coverage is more common
  • 8. CDMA
    Code Division Multiple Access
    CDMA was invented and developed by Qualcomm a company in the U.S. and is thus more popular in North America and some of Asia.
    Some newer phones have an additional SIM chip for world travel
    Greater speeds but less total space coverage
    Little international coverage
  • 9. By Carrier
  • 10. Coverage
    Will you have access to your Practice as you Travel?
    Regional Carriers don’t like it when you travel because they have to pay for tower usage
    Take your phone or a temporary phone
    International Roaming
    Get a SIM
  • 11. Device Choices
    Top Selling PDA’s in 2009
    BlackBerry Curve
    Apple iPhone 3GS
    BlackBerry Pearl
    Apple iPhone 3G
    BlackBerry Bold
    BlackBerry Storm
    HTC Google G1
    Palm Pre
    HTC Touch Pro
    HTC Touch Diamond
    Source: Comscore
  • 12. Blackberry
    Great for mid to large organizations
    BES vs BIS
    Large range of phones/features
    RIM produces many versions but fewer “blockbuster” releases
    Best keyboard platform
    Tethering allowed
    Outlook Sync through Blackberry Desktop
  • 13. Blackberry Enterprise Server
    Remote Wipe
    Access Control
    Push Applications
    Blackberry Enterprise Server Express is the new version
    Free up to 75 users
    Must install with BESadmin account follow install directions to set permissions properly
    1 Free support incident
    May need to wipe devices before first use with BE
    All network traffic runs through BES
  • 14. Blackberry Internet Services
    Email (Copy) (BB Redirector is another option)
    Log in to your carrier’s BIS site
    Personal Email / Corporate
    No Calendar or Contacts
    BIS Alternatives
    Hosted Exchange/BES
    3rd Party Apps
  • 15. Apple iphone
    Apple – iphone
    Paid for Active Sync License
    Direct Connection to Email/Contacts/Calendar
    Remote Wipe
    Some access control based on your Exchange Server Version
    No/little Special Server Configuration Exchange 2003 SP2 or higher
    OS 4 has some multitasking support
    No tethering at this point
    Outlook Sync through itunes
  • 16. Palm (HP) Pre
    Palm Pre
    Paid for Active Sync License
    Direct Connection to Email/Contacts/Calendar
    Remote Wipe
    Some access control based on your Exchange Server Version
    May require some exchange configuration before working
    Multitasking support
    Tethering support
    No Local Outlook Sync by Default
  • 17. Android
    1st Exchange enabled Google Devices
    Direct Connection to Email/Contacts/Calendar
    Remote Wipe
    Some access control based on your Exchange Server Version
    Can Return Apps within 24 hrs (once)
    True multitasking support
    No legal tethering
    Be Advised no out of box Outlook Sync only Exchange
    Android / HTC Sense is a nice combo
  • 18. Windows Mobile (HTC)
    Microsoft OS so best integration with your Office Products
    Direct Connection to Email/Contacts/Calendar
    Remote Wipe
    More control based on your Exchange Server Version
    Some devices support tethering
    Multitasking coming in Windows 7 mobile
  • 19. New Faces New Devices
    Windows 7 Phone Q4 (Dell Lightning)
    New iphone 4G to be released July 2010?
    Maybe Verizon at the same time
    Droid – Gained the most
    Dell & HP now in the game
  • 20. Other Considerations
    Battery life
    Touch Screen vs Keyboard
    For decent video reviews of phones goto:
  • 21. Platform/Application Choices
    Will your Practice Management System have an App?
    Apple – itunes 140k+ apps
    Google – Android Market 20k + apps
    Blackberry – Blackberry World App 700 + apps
    Palm App Catalog – 271 +
  • 22. For Assistance or Information
    For more information or a consultation contact your Legal IT Professionals at:
    Information Technology Professionals
    Joe Ulm, 1-877-539-7274