Career as software engineer


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Software engineering can be regarded as the common branch of computer science and engineering where there is presence of systematic and coherent approach of developing software.

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Career as software engineer

  1. 1. Career as Software Engineer-An OverviewSoftware engineering can be regarded as the common branch of computer science and engineeringwhere there is presence of systematic and coherent approach of developing software. Softwareengineering requires thorough knowledge of various programming languages to engineer the making ofsoftware to enable them to perform the desired tasks in most productive and efficient manner.Software engineering is the favorite career option among the computer graduates, students andprofessionals wanting to make it big in the Information Technology. Information technology is the mostproductive and efficient industry in India with maximum contribution to GDP growth. Due to Indiasemergence as major software developer in the world the industry has really prospered since then.Software engineering is quite a rewarding career option offering ample opportunities to the youngstersand graduates having interest and computer knowledge. The industry is destined to boom in future aswell because the requirements of software and software developers will remain ever.In order to pursue career as Software Engineer, the aspirants should have minimum graduate degree inIT with basic knowledge of programming in C and C++. If the command over the basics is good enoughthen it is more likely to be a smooth passage along the way. Due to the changing dynamics in many ITcompanies these days, they may also demand on project training and post graduation as the ultimatephenomena to be employed with them.As software engineers, there are numerous opportunities for them to establish their career in variousbranches of software engineering as they can pursue their career as software programmers, webapplication developer, mobile apps developer, desktop application developer and so on. With theadvancement in technologies nearly every day, the scope of software engineering is getting wider withevery passing day and it is up to the aspirants how they utilize this opportunity.
  2. 2. It has been seen that due to the presence of various IT companies in India and their branches abroad,there is huge gap in the supply of sufficient talent in software engineering, thus it is advisable forstudents and graduates to analyze their standing in the market before they actually enter in the market.There are various Employability Training Companies in India operating in the market that, conductOnline Employability Tests and provide Software Engineering Training Programs & Courses to fulfill thedreams of millions of professionals intending to secure jobs in IT industry. These companies are not onlyhelping students but are also assisting corporate world, in requirement of suitable talent to take theirorganizations forward.