Prayer and fasting june


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Prayer and Fasting details and instructions for the Greater Community membership body.

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Prayer and fasting june

  1. 1. “Greater Community”Missionary Baptist ChurchCorporate Prayer, Fasting, and GivingJune 1, 2013 – June 21, 2013Twenty-one (21 Days)
  2. 2. The Pastoral Call for Greater toSacrificial Prayer, Fasting, and Giving• This is a Pastoral Call for Greater Community topray, fast, and give for twenty-one (21 days).• Pray and Fasting is often referred to as “asacrificial form of prayer warfare that producesresults available in no other way” (Spirit-filledBible).• Giving in proportional to our faith and love forGod. We will raise no less than $5,000 for thechurch’s operational reserve
  3. 3. Scripture Reference and Foundation• 2 Sam. 1:11-12…fasting for those fallen• Ezra 8:21-23…fasting to seek God for the wayto go• Isaiah 58…fasting the right way leading to trueworship• Matthew 9:14-29…fasting for strength untilthe Lord comes• Matthew 17:21…fasting for powerfuldeliverance
  4. 4. Purpose of the ConsecrationFor this season in the life of the church“GREATER”...the members• Ask God to purify the current members and sendwilling and obedient new members to embrace theVision and connect with Greater for Kingdom Building.• Seeking God for guidance, wisdom, and provision in allareas of our lives (spiritual, mental, emotional, health,physical, social, financial, community, and relational).• To operate in all matters in our Christian living as truedisciples of Christ with integrity, excellence; being goodstewards.
  5. 5. Prayer Focus - Targets• Church leadership spiritual development andmaturity (1Cor 13:11)• Church membership spiritual growth andmaturity (Col 1:9-10)• Church finances increase and sustainment(Mal 3:18)• Church future plans GC3, 501(c)3, churchproperty (Pro 29:18)
  6. 6. Prayer Focus- Desired OutcomesBy Faith, Dependence, and Trust in God• Deeper commitment to God and His word• For each member to internalize the Vision ofGreater Community M.B. Church vision and corevalues• Infrastructure Growth leading to membershipgrowth• Spiritual maturity• Church identity solidified• Complete implementation of Acts 2:42• (Doctrine, Prayer, Communion, and Fellowship)
  7. 7. Corporate Prayer Times• 6:00am – 6:30am call in each morning…– Dial 1-888-204-5987, then 4327473#• Everyone should be able to call in at a minimum• Put phone on mute• Persons responsible for prayer will welcome theday with…Day of Fast, Indentify Self by name,give scripture, then pray for a max of fiveminutes, then yield the line for somebody else topray.• Max for all persons praying is 3 to 5 minutes• Don’t allow more than a 10 seconds of silence
  8. 8. Guidelines for Fasting1. No eating or snacking from 6:00am – 6:00pm– Those with peculiar diets due to health related issues willsupplement as needed with healthy alternatives– Those with very active lifestyles can supplement with lowsugared protein beverages/diluted lite juices/ healthybeverages/ flavored waters/extremely healthy choices only2. Evening Meal time: Time from 6:01 pm - 5:59am.Healthy eating: baked, broiled, skinless chicken, fish-seafood, and diary. No fried meats or pork. No sweetsor treats. Fresh vegetables and fruits (unlimited).3. Drink plenty of water.
  9. 9. Responsibility and Focus per dayJUNE (SAT)DAY 1Pastor“Unity ofthe body”DAY 2 (SUN)First Lady“Maturityof thesaints”DAY 3 (MON)MinisterGoodman“Obedience toGod”DAY 4 (TUES)DeaconAdams“Faithfulnessto God”DAY 5 (WED)DeaconessGoodman“ God’s Love”DAY 6 (THUR)First Lady“Giving toGod”DAY 7 (FRI)Pastor“God’sPower”DAY 8MinisterDorsey“Worship”DAY 9DeaconHollins“God’sVision”DAY 10DeaconessReese“Trusting inGod”DAY 11Pastor“Adorationof God”DAY 12DeaconGoodman“Families”DAY 13MinisterGilmore“Marriages”DAY 14DeaconGrumney“Children”DAY 15DeaconessHollins“Prosperityin God”DAY 16DeaconReese“God’sDeliverance”DAY 17MinistersYaw“ExpectationPrayer”DAY 18DeaconJohnson“Churchgrowth”DAY 91DeaconessEdward“ChurchFinances”DAY 20First Lady“ChurchFuturePlans”DAY 21Pastor“GivingThanks toGod”