The new Office by IT Master Services Sparks, Nevada


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The new Microsoft Office, enterprise-ready productivity and collaboration for small business. For more information visit

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The new Office by IT Master Services Sparks, Nevada

  1. 1. Enterprise-ready productivity and collaboration for SMB
  2. 2. 1 billionsmartphones by 2016, 82% of the worlds online 39% SMB to pay for cloud350M of those being population engages in services within threeused at work social networking years
  3. 3. Hybrid On Premises OnlineBest experience across Cloud on your terms devices Voice Content Enterprise ReportingMessaging & Video Management Social & Analytics Integrated best-of-breed
  4. 4. Touch Mode adds more space and finger-friendly Quick ActionsMinimized ribbon isjust one touch away Inline reply lets you compose while staying in context Fast & fluid Quick Peeks that give you access to your calendar, people and tasks without leaving your inbox Improved navigation bar for quick access while taking less space
  5. 5. New PowerPoint Presenter View gives you more control and helps you focus on your audience Annotate with stylusUse a stylus to annotate, while presentinghighlight text or as ‘laser’pointer while presenting Pinch & zoom with your fingers
  6. 6. Touch-friendly Radial Menu presents commands in a circular arrangementConverts handwriting intotext Use full device capabilities, such as the camera, to create richer notes
  7. 7. Log in to Office 365 from a browser to update your user profile and install the latest version of the Office apps Select your language to start installing the new Office appsThe new Office apps are instantly streamed to your PC
  8. 8. Sign-in to Office Recently used document list roams with youOffice is always logged-inKnows your settings andwhere you left offSaves to cloud by default withSkyDrive & SkyDrive Pro Get back to where you left Save to cloud with SkyDrive & SkyDrive Pro
  9. 9. Work across Office apps and Office Web AppsThe Bing Maps app detects and address in The Bing Maps app in Excel, maps the the email and maps the location addresses highlighted
  10. 10. Share ideas and get Follow people,answers in real time on documents & sites your Newsfeed #hashtags Pervasive presence integration ♡ Like @Mention people
  11. 11. Improved threaded comments for better document review experience Presence and contact card everywhere to accelerate collaborationThe Contact Card provides a single view of a person, including richpresence information, aggregated internal and external feeds, plus click-to-communicate via email, IM, voice & video
  12. 12. Participant HD video gallery OneNote automatically populated with meeting data including attendeesShared note taking with OneNote
  13. 13. Reach hundreds of millions of people via richcommunications while maintaining Lync’s manageability
  14. 14. Policy details transparently displayed to end userRight click to assign policy to anitem, folder or to all your email
  15. 15. Office apps are streamed from Office 365 with features prioritizedOffice apps are streamed from Office 365Run almost instantly with app virtualization &dynamic feature prioritizationCompatibility issues are mitigated with supportfor local application integration, Office add-ins &side-by-side old version supportUnobtrusive background updates with IT controlSupport for IT push deployment Office side-by-side means that you will not need to uninstall previous versions of Office in order to use the new Office
  16. 16. Improved and simplified navigation with single launch bar with quick access to all workloads Easily manage enterprise features for on-prem and cloud Lync users Easily manage enterprise features for Service health summary with quick and cloud Exchange users on-premUnified admin console to manage access to detailed dashboardusers across on-premises andcloud Online malware protectionManage SharePoint resources, services admin integrationexternal data connections, forms,and apps from a single portalSimplified management for keytasks, such as companycustomized meeting invitations
  17. 17. Office 2010 is the1 billion Office most popularusers version of OfficeOn track to be the Available in 88fastest growing markets & 32product in our languageshistory
  18. 18. Start a trial Pick the right Plan for plan migration 1 2 3
  19. 19. Automaticallyrecognized pattern from list and proposes fill
  20. 20. Recommends chart based on the data selected
  21. 21. Source PDFdocument PDF file converted to Word Open PDF file directly from Word
  22. 22. Team alias keeps communications trackedAssociates an Exchangemailbox with a SharePointsiteEnables users to accessSharePoint and Exchangecontent from Outlook Single folder to access Email & documents Documents stored in SharePoint
  23. 23. Log to Office 365 from any browser and get access to your email, calendar, people, newsfeeds, sites & documents Word Web App opens by default Sync you documents in SkyDrive Pro with your Windows devices Lightweight Create a new document editing capabilities using Office Web Apps supported on the When you click Edit in Word, if browserWord is not installed or is an olderversion, Word is streamed to your PC on demand from the cloud Get rich consistent document rendering with Office Web Apps Click a document to open using the Office Web Apps
  24. 24.