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Cyber Safety



Student Produced work about being smart online from the Online Smarts day at St Fidelis 2012.

Student Produced work about being smart online from the Online Smarts day at St Fidelis 2012.



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Cyber Safety Cyber Safety Presentation Transcript

  • By mark and eman
  • What we are doing• We are making a detailed PowerPoint about being safe online. We are going to inform you about how to act safe , responsibly when your online and how to react to cyber bullies. We will also be mentioning about pop up viruses
  • Do‟s and Donts when being online• Do- act responsible and safe when you are online• Do- be very netiquette online because if you say something and they think it in a different opinion, they might abuse you and you will lose a good friend• Don‟t- never ever put your real information online especially Don‟t put your aDDress or phone number online.• Dont- put rude pictures online and be appropriate• Don‟t- responD to anyone you Don‟t know because they might hack your account• Don‟t- download any pop ups that say it is very safe and a private media
  • How to react to cyber bullies• If people online are bullying you make sure you tell someone. Take a photo of what mean things they sent to you and print it and show it to your parents or if serious the police.• If they keep doing block the person or delete them as a friend.
  • Cyberbullying pics
  • Steps to being safe online• Step 1- Don‟t put any personal info online• Step 2- Don‟t responD or aDD people you Don‟t know• Step 3- act responsible when online and Don‟t senD ruDe messages• Step 4- Don‟t click on the pop ups that say “you have won a million Dollars” or you are the 1,000,000 visitor and you have won the new “ipaD”
  • Social chatting sites• Thousands of people use chatting sites like facebook to connect with others, however it can be very dangerous if you give out your personal info. Don‟t chat with people you Don‟t know.
  • Social media sites
  • MOBILE PHONES• ONLY GIVE YOUR MOBILE NUMBER TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW AND trust. Do not give out other people‟s numBers without THEIR PERMISSION.• think Before you senD. if you Don‟t want comments or images to go puBlic, Don‟t senD them.• Don‟t senD picture messages to people you Don‟t know IN THE REAL WORLD. EVEN IF YOU ARE FRIENDS ONLINE, YOU Don‟t know who they are unless you‟ve met them face TO FACE. IF YOU ARE ASKED TO SEND A PICTURE MESSAGE BY someone you Don‟t know, tell a trusteD aDult.• Don‟t accept offers that sounD too gooD to Be true. THEY PROBABLY ARE, AND YOU OR YOUR PARENTS COULD END UP WITH UNEXPECTEDLY HIGH PHONE BILLS. CHECK WITH YOUR parents Before accepting any offers, like „free‟ ring TONES.
  • gaming• Playing online games can be really fun but you have to be careful who you play with.• They might fake to be a kid and will ask you to meet you somewhere and they might kid nap you.• Do not use your real name, create a nick name.• if you Don‟t feel comfortaBle Block them of your friend list and if they add you as another person tell your parents
  • Gaming pics•
  • virusesSometimes when your on the internetpop ups might pop up and tell you toclick on it and you will win somethingbut it is just giving you viruses. Someways of preventing this is closingthe browser or just tell a parentor guardian that it has popped up,NEVER CLICK IT.
  • What they look like
  • Photo gallery
  • Thankyou for watching, Hope you learnthow to be safe from our power point