Booz Allen Hamilton - KM presentation to UNDP


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Booz Allen Hamilton - KM presentation to UNDP

  1. 1. Analysis ASP.NET bpr Business Development business processre-engineering C# change management Civil Communications CommunityBuilding Continuity of Operations Cyber Cryptography IT Data Analysis Defense DHSDiversity Economic & Business Analysis Editing Energy EnterpriseArchitecture event management Enterprise 2.0 Facilitation FinancialManagement Health Homeland Security & Law Enforcement GreenGov2.0 Homeland Security Strategy & Operations HTMLInformation Assurance Infrastructure Management IT StrategyJava JavaScript Knowledge Management Marketing mentoring mobileModeling, Simulation, Wargaming & Analysis .NET OracleOrganization and Strategy Performance Management PartnershipPMPManagement project management Professional Policy ProcessImprovement Program Services requirements analysis Remote DeliveryRequirement Analysis RFID Risk Management Risk MitigationSecurity SharePoint SOA Software Development SoftwareEngineering Standards SQL SQL Server Strategic CommunicationsStrategic Planning Systems Engineering Technology InjectionTesting & Evaluation TLC Training Transformation Life CycleTransportation Validation Verification Web 2.0 wireless Wargaming
  2. 2. Collaboration drivers 25,000 employees 5,000 new hires this year 55%+ On client sites, many on day 1 Geographically dispersed offices Outlook defacto collaboration tool Need easy access to relevant information - Sir Mervs
  3. 3. Our Knowledge Management Progression 1999 2011 Hello on 2010 Hello iShare WebWorks LiveLink KOL
  4. 4. We started with SharePoint 2003• Project, team, organizational focus• Consolidated Systems• One-stop-shop• Authoritative• Metadata & Taxonomies• Access Controlled• Accessible vs. Discoverable
  5. 5. Our Challenges & LessonsLearned • Search didn’t work • Outlook was still easier • Didn’t provide for open collaboration • Redundant information silos • Focus on systems not people • There are a number of existing one-stop- shopsLearning the hard way - laverrue
  6. 6. Napkin to loginOnline in under six monthswith a wiki, blogs, profiles,SSO, and SSL VPN accessWeekly agile build processwhere user feedback wasvetted and integratedSharepoint, Open source,COTS, and custom PHP tied toHRIS and LDAP data
  7. 7. Hello• No single solution• Open Source COTS & Custom PHP• Aggregated content• Targeted the individual users• Focused on tacit knowledge• Integrated with existing systems• Open with full attribution• Tagging and linking allow users to aggregate data• Online in under six months• Adoption strategy is key 85%
  8. 8. Tying it all together … FAST • Integrated search across multiple knowledge stores • Provided Enterprise Search Portal to help find documents people, communities and other resources • Staff Availability Tool, ADOCs, and other search driven applications • Focus on people and communities … FAST provides a single platform for employees to find people and information to meet their business needsEvolution the Ride - Kevin Dooley
  9. 9. Tech choicesAggregate data from existing sourcesLook for flexible fast moving tools that canchange over time. The platform should “liveand breathe”.Focus on the user in all developmentdecisions. Consider adoption & usability first.Listen to users. Stay open to emergenceand flexible enough to change course.One size does not fit allOur approach is a methodology, not atechnology implementation plan - Robert S. Donovan
  10. 10. Changing our ways Change management strategy was vital to “learn to work together differently” Viral plays a part and needs an organized push Plan for education – the tools are easy, but the concepts are new to many Define internal social strategies Demonstrate value fast Involve core support allies: M&C, L&D, IS, HR, and Legal - kiwinz
  11. 11. What worksActive and visible executive support.More than messaging, business use.Market as an ongoing campaign wellbeyond launchHelp your champions support your goalsBe a visible participantElevate tactical business usesChange management plan mustbe agileIncorporate metrics early - @rhettmaxwell
  12. 12. Adoption 101 “How will this help me do my job better?” Identify goals early and help build tactical strategies Manage the community visibly, openly Tap into existing communities Create examples and show them how it’s done - woodleywonderworks
  13. 13. 7 Days10,000 Connections - D Sharon Pruitt
  14. 14. - byrne7214
  15. 15. So, let’s take a look.
  16. 16. Walton Caseycasey_chris@bah.com202-309-1872Deborah