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  • 1. ‘E-commerce in the digital age’ SEO and Social Media primer Michelle Goodall Online communications and social media consultant/trainer Twitter: @greenwellys Blog: http://michellegoodall.posterous.com/
  • 2. 30 minutes of… • De-jargonisation • Actionable tips • Qs and As© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 3. @greenwellys
  • 4. Who am I talking to? • If you could only use one social network personally and professionally, what would it be?© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys Image source: http://pinterest.com/pin/127719339402545706/
  • 5. Where SEO, social and PR sits in a digital marketing strategy© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys Source: Smart Insights RACE framework
  • 6. SEO, social media and PR essential to reach potential customers …..and then engage with them to convert into a lead/sale or other important action (invest, partner, come and work for you etc)© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys Source: Smart Insights RACE framework
  • 7. …an inconvenient truth© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 8. …but social media tools can make your job/life easier… …and save you time/money!© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 9. …and it can be fun…© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 10. And social media and search are now intertwined… Shares and ‘+1s’ from our social connections changes the results that we and others see© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 11. SEO
  • 12. An SEO strategy in 9 words…“Think about what a user is going to type…”Matt Cutts, Google Image source: http://martinjapan.blogspot.co.uk/2007_06_01_archive.html
  • 13. ‘Paid for’ and ‘Natural Search Keywords or keyphrase Sponsored Ad Adwords/PPC Natural or “Organic” Search Results
  • 14. Which is best? In very broad terms… SEO will take more time On-site changes/content and off-site engagement/pr/link building Advertising will cost more money You pay per clickthrough to your site
  • 15. How Google Works1. Google finds your websitewith ‘spiders’ and looksat your content/connections Crawling2. It then indexes your pagesin its massive database applyingover 200 ‘signals’ Indexing3. It then ranks them against Relevant contentcompeting pages Regularly updated Ranking Good info architecture, coding & structure Quality inbound links…etcGoogle’s goal is to match each search to the most relevant and best quality content
  • 16. Top SEO tips#1: content is king
  • 17. Top SEO tips#2: research your keywords/phrases How realistic/relevant is the search term? Will target customers search for it? How many searches on it? Is it too competitive?
  • 18. Google Keyword ToolGoogle adwords
  • 19. Top SEO tips#3: URLs should be descriptive and reflect your content
  • 20. Top SEO tips#4: Anchor Text Links Improve your findability on keyphrases Give context to links
  • 21. Top SEO tips#5: Image Alt Tags
  • 22. Top SEO tips #6: Google Places Put your business on the map!Google places
  • 23. Top SEO tips #7: Online PR, social mediaBlog
  • 24. Top SEO tips #8: Track effort v reward On-site Off-siteNumber of visits Competitor analysisSource of visits Rankings in natural/organic searchKeyword/phrase that generated visitOutcome from visit(e.g. purchase, download etc)Success comparison between SEO, PRand Social MediaGoogle Analytics – Free Advanced Web Ranking From $99 per year
  • 25. Something (for free) to get you startedhttp://econsultancy.com/uk/reports/ http://www.hubspot.com/organic-vs-paid-search-engine-optimisation-seo-a- search/Default.aspx?RewriteStatus=1beginner-s-guide
  • 26. Summary: 6 essential steps for SEO Encourage links and shares – PR, social media etc Pay to be listed until SEO efforts work and you can evaluate effectiveness Invite Google to crawl – submit site and add business to places - http://www.google.co.uk/submit_content.html Use your keywords across your site – products and dynamic content (e.g. Blog, Press Centre) Build your site to be search-engine friendlyKeyword research – search phrases your audiences uses/relevance/competiveness etc
  • 27. Social Media
  • 28. Not quite always on...yet 59% of UK Internet users access social media at least once a week 42% access it daily! Source: Porter Novelli – Social Consumers in Europe Report© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 29. The rise and rise of social networks Will social network usage overtake online shopping & News in 2012? Source: Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life 2002-2011© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 30. What is social media? “the democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into publishers. It is the shift from a broadcast mechanism, one-to-many, to a many-to- many model, rooted in conversations between authors, people, and peers.” Sources: http://www.fredcavazza.net/2010/12/14/social-media-landscape-2011/© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys http://www.briansolis.com/2010/01/defining-social-media-the-saga-continues/
  • 31. Common platforms Facebook - 30,451,180 users Nearly 50% of UK population LinkedIn - 8,142,912 users 13% of UK population Twitter - 500 million users globally No UK stats currently + dormant accounts Google+ - 100 million globally No UK stats currently – much faster growth than Facebook Source: Socialbakers© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 32. Plus a ‘social’ traditional media© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 33. The ‘Big 4’© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys Source: Econsultancy State of Social Report Oct 2011
  • 34. Your website = your ‘hub’© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 35. Consumers of the conversation Image Source: http://www.22squared.com/
  • 36. Why do we follow or ‘friend’ brands? 61% to get discounts 53% because I like Or vouchers the brand 52% to enter 47% to get the latest competitions product news Source: Porter Novelli – Social Consumers in Europe Report© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 37. Sadly, ‘friendships’ can turn sour… 52% - too repetitive 41%- they crowd my feed 39% - they post too frequently 31% - I took advantage of a one time offer/competition© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys Source: Adobe – Social Analytics event Nov 2011
  • 38. Who in Fashion does Social Media well?
  • 39. Topshop – blog content© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 40. Topshop on Facebook© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 41. Topshop on Tumblr© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 42. Pinterest – Closet Collage© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 43. PInterest – Modcloth© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 44. Outnet style a friend app and Facebook integration© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 45. Outnet YouTube videos© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 46. Burberry – ahead of the pack© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 47. Twitter – Telegraph’s Top 50 fashion list https://twitter.com/#!/TeleFashion/top-50-fashion-3© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 48. How to do social ‘well’
  • 49. Step 1: Do your research Competitor analysis Audience use of social media Existing conversation about your brand plus potential connections Site and content audit Insights and recommendations from above This is where a good consultant can really help…© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 50. Step 2: Choose your channels Focus on channels that have best fit with audience and will be sustainable for you Join them up – especially with your website© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 51. Step 3: Content Strategy Social media needs CONTENT Content Plan – audit, repurpose, create, evaluate Consider SEO techniques Experiment with formats© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 52. Step 4: Engagement strategyCommunity Management?PR engagement?Campaign v long term?Risk and reputationmanagementExperiment© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 53. Step 5: Measure, evaluate, iterate Monitoring Management Measurement (insight) (Action) (Analyse) Google Alerts Crowdbooster Google Analytics Tweetdeck Twentyfeet Facebook Insights Hootsuite Sproutsocial YouTube Insights Socialmention Tweetdeck LinkedIn group analytics Tweetreach Crowdbooster Brandwatch Hootsuite Adobe Social Radian6 Buddy Media Analytics Sysomos Lithium IBM Coremetrics Brandwatch social analytics Radian 6 Sysomos© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 54. Step 6: Social media is like fashion…you’ll need to keep on top of it…© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 55. Get funding…© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 56. Pai – small business successFocus = great products,building advocacy,content, PR and socialHighly engaged fans andsales correlation withpeaks of social engagementCustomer service throughGet SatisfactionCo-creation, high levels ofadvocacy and strong NPSScores http://www.paiskincare.com/© Michelle Goodall - @greenwellys
  • 57. Something (for free) to get you startedhttp://en.community.dell.com/ http://support.twitter.com/groups/31-twitter-dell-groups/small-business/p/ basicssocialmediatoolkit.aspx
  • 58. Summary: 6 essential steps for social media Measure, evaluate, iterate Develop quality relationships over quantity Establish the right mix of social channels Create a timed content and engagement strategy Get social elements on your site right – content, sharing etcResearch – audience use of social media & competitor analysis
  • 59. Thanks. Download my presentation here: slideshare.net/michellegoo dallMichelle GoodallOnline communications andsocial media consultant/trainerTwitter: @greenwellysBlog: http://michellegoodall.posterous.com/