School Of 2020 (Natalia & Rebecca)


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School Of 2020 (Natalia & Rebecca)

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY IN SCHOOLS Projectors Websites Connection PDA’s Routers Moodle Smart boards Wikispaces Virtual world Servers Databases Hardware Internet Mail Software MAC OS CCTV’s Cameras Wireless
  2. 2. TECHNOLOGY IN CLASSROOMS: Smart boards Wireless Network Connection Desktops Databases Laptops Internet Mail Routers Printers Projectors
  3. 3. CCTV’s In schools CCTV’s are not implemented yet, so maybe in the future they will be used in rooms in order to monitor students and teachers and not only in corridors. CCTV’s are an advantage for schools because they can control what is going on and prevent many things ocurring such as stealing and children harming each other
  4. 4. Smart Boards These would be the new boards in the future in all of the classrooms in school. They would help teachers to use information downloaded from intenert and deeply explain to students using that information without printing the work These would also help Maths teachers because in order to explain the students how to use graphs, how to analyse graphs they would be able to write over the smart board and explain in more detail.
  5. 5. Virtual World In the future schools can implement virtual world learning because people have the advantage to play and learn at the same time. Maybe in the future virtual world would involve teachers as avatar which means that the students would be able to listen to any lesson through the world. ITGS teachers can use this in order to teach in a more interactive way and students to be more interested in the lesson
  6. 6. ABC WEBMAIL Before, the ABC did not have school email, as technology improved the school implemented these technology in order for teachers and students to have an interaction between them ABC Webmail have been a big impact for teachers and students because teacher can easily send information via email and students can respond directly.
  7. 7. SOFTWARES These technology is essential for working with computers, so in the future they would still be used because it allows a better access for students. Teachers and students are both benefit with these because documents like Microsoft word allow students to work faster and tidier and teacher to give feedback about their work. Teacher benefit themselves because they can use Microsoft Powerpoint in order to make their lessons more interesting and interactive.
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY IN THE FUTURE It is possible that some of these technologies would still be used in the years 2020, but in our opinion printers would not be used due to the implementation of different campaigns like “Paperless office”. Most schools use this idea in order to save paper, nowadays schools use programs like Wikispaces and Moodle to upload their work which enable students and teacher not to print and to save paper. Web 2.0 maybe their will still be used in the future because it saves time, paper and it involves technology and allows communication between people. Students would have the opportunity to upload work into these websites, which means that it will be faster ad efficiently and students would receive a faster feedback from students.
  9. 9. CHANGES IN SCHOOL: Along these years there have been some changes in schools. They have given each teacher a laptop and a projector in order to make their lessons different and in a more interactive way by presenting their work with presentations, videos etc in order to have different ways of learning. They have install wireless connection in the whole school in order for students to have access to the internet and be able to access more information about any lesson. Also, students instead of printing their work they are uploading it to websites like wikispaces, Moodle in order to avoid spending paper.