School Of 2020 (Gerardo E)


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School Of 2020 (Gerardo E)

  1. 1. Gerardo Eguizabal
  2. 2. Are used for class purposes such as work done  trough wikis, searching in the internet for information, or doing work on Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word). The computers are going to be used in the future although the only thing is that they are going to be more complete and with better technology such as touch-screens, better software and more features. The laptops are still going to be used on the future as even they are going to replace the notebooks and all the work will be done digitally. 7j8OI-c
  3. 3. For example 10 years behind very few teachers  had desktops on their classes and now even 8th graders carry around laptops and each class has its projector and laptop some even desktops. This will affect teachers and students as they will have to adapt to the new changes and also old fashioned teachers will need to get used to implementing digital work and using new technologies. This will be a challenge for all the schools as in 2020 if you are not up to date with the technology then maybe your school maybe considered obsolete or even it maybe considered that the work done on the school is not to the level of other schools.
  4. 4. Projectors: Are use to display the  Images portrayed by the computer, they are efficient as it’s a more sophisticated and professional way of giving a class. This technology may still be used for some purposes such as big presentations for more than 100 people such as parents evenings but I think that in class rooms the computers of the future will already have that feature of having a projector. The projector itself will change bringing a more sophisticated and more complete projector such a better lens or resolution. This already helps teachers and students so in the future it will not be a drastic change, only the quality of the presentation
  5. 5. Routers are used now to provide wireless internet  connection to students using their laptop. This is regularly new in the school as now almost every sector in the school provides internet as technology is being implemented each time more. This will not be present I the future as years from now the government will be very keened into technology so they would implement programs that provide internet to a wider range of people so maybe routers could be present but a more sophisticated and more powerful router.
  6. 6. This contains things such as wikis, YouTube, blogs,  etc. This is used commonly now days in school to search for information, to submit information but mainly to submit work or look for the tasks submitted to a wiki or blog. This in the future will be even used with more frequency as more students will use computers so more work will be submitted and more access to this pages will e recorded. The wikis will maybe stay the same just change some software features and have more options available. This will not be a great challenge as almost all the internet/computer using population is already familiarized with this software's.
  7. 7. Software are used right now such as word processors,  spreadsheets, word tools, etc. This in the future will change a lot as people struggle right now to have and make the best software available so in 11 years the software's will be more interactive and have new features. Features such as voice processing so this indicates that no keyboards will be used as the software will base its commands on what you are saying. This will have a big impact on teaching as everything will be different meaning that new programs will be introduced and new working techniques will be needed to be sharpened; so small children wont be needing to learn how to type on “Mario teaches typing” now they will need to learn how to talk to a machine.
  8. 8. Schools now or even university's are quite big  and it’s a struggle to move around and to get to classes on time. A technology that maybe implemented here could be aerial transport, digitally controlled trains that move from class to class, this would not be quite large just to carry the capacity needed for the class. This would affect the school in a positive way as now the classes can start on time and students will not loose time on the process.