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There's been a lot of talk about Apps in the new SharePoint 2013, and a lot of people are still confused about what they are, how they can benefit end users, and why you'd even need them. This presentation will help you understand their value (for both the end-user and the business), how they work in your environment (on premise or in the cloud – Office 365), and will give you a first-hand look at a handful of apps, and how we use them in house (at itgroove) to benefit our own processes. This presentation is meant for business users to understand what Apps mean to them.

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  • Sean is in a band, he can sing the “money” song for you
  • Note about the “white space” of an app on a themed site (frames and transparency)
  • Burn this depending on timevSlider URL:,app=WA103980480,clg=0
  • Downloads = 0 (hence no rating)Get your SkyDrive documents and pictures on SharePoint. ConnectToSkyDrive app is simple and easy to use. You only need SkyDrive account to use the app. Documents are not copied to SharePoint. ConnectToSkyDrive app integrates directly to your SkyDrive.Deleted documents on your ConnectToSkyDrive app, can be found in the Recycle Bin on your desktop.There are two ways to view the folders and documents, Metro and Tree view. Also, ConnectToSkyDrive app adopts the colors and fonts of your SharePoint site. Tiles in Metro view are made to fill up your computer screen. Documents are opened and edited with Office Web Apps that you already have with SkyDrive.You can also view pictures and videos, and download files and folders that are shared with you.
  • We didn't invent the needs assessment. We just invented simplifying it.The Lean BA, Inc. introduces "The Needs App" an innovation in understanding customer needs. We believe all companies should have competency to assess customer needs is common sense. Our mission- is to improve collaboration around customer needs, business requirements and proposals as a science and technology. The Needs App provides a collaboration application to both define and agree on customer needs and proposals.Quick plug-in to SharePoint 2103 and you are on the way to pleasing your customers! Features[#LI Unlimited users for one low price][#LI Built in Needs App 3 Step Process][#LI Green Light of Agreement provides real-time measurement of progress][#LI Consistency in assessing customer needs][#LI A Collaborative App]After the fun and games of today's enterprise social media, eventually you need to agree on real content. That is where "The Needs App" comes in. "The Needs App" provides companies, organizations and people a better and faster way to agree on needs, requirements and proposals.The Needs App comes built in with the simplified process: "People paint the picture to get the results is 3 steps." We don't think understanding the customers' problems, or getting what you want and need, should be so difficult. We didn't invent the needs assessment. We just invented simplifying it.
  • Note: no trial, so likely difficult for people to buy into an app for such a steep price, when they don’t know what they’re getting.Content on all 18 page layout scales up with your screen size. Page layouts are made for 1024px wide computer resolution. Both text and images auto-scale when displayed on computers with screen resolution wider than 1024px (watch the video). Content on the page has 20px margin between content zones. First five page layouts are suitable for site welcome pages. They display content without left menu. All 18 page layouts can be used on sites with or without left menu.Page layouts range from a very simple "Full page" layout with one content zone to a page layout with 9 content zones. Content zones range from page fields such as "Title", "Page Content", "Page Image", "Rollup Image", "Description", and web part zones, to "Contact" field that allows you to set an Author, a contact person.For Chrome and IE10 users, page layout 16 and page layout 18 have a content zone with multiple columns for laying out text like in newspapers.
  • 400 * 116 = 46,400This app provides a customizable news slider that can display news announcements from the current site or from a site in a different site collection. Custom colors and themes are also supported to match corporate branding standards.
  • 32 * 700 = 22,400Resource Planner is a tool for the HR Department and Consultant Managers. It provides an overview of what the staff/consultants/resources recently has been engaged with, currently is engaged with and possible future activities.Functionality:- Manage resources- Manage activities- Manage tags- Manage categories- Visual calendar presentation of resource activitiesResource planner is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8.
  • Napa 17000+ downloadsCorporate news app - 5000+ downloadsNintex ~5000World Clock and Weather - ~4400Facebook Integration - > 2800My Locations > 2100 downloads
  • No real “Killer Apps” out there yet
  • SharePoint Apps for the End User

    1. 1. SharePoint Apps for the End User Colin Phillips :: itgroove
    2. 2. What are Apps? “If your reading this, there’s an app for that.” The lineage of Apps  Back in the “old” days when flip phones still ruled (SharePoint 2007), we had “Farm solutions”  Next (in SharePoint years - i.e. 2010) came the need for a design which was less taxing on the “Farm”  This birthed “Sandbox solutions”  Finally, in today’s smart phone ruled society, everything needs to be an App In SharePoint 2013, everything is an App… sort of  Lists are apps  Libraries are apps  Templates are apps  Apps are apps  Web parts are web parts Nice and clear, right?
    3. 3. What are Apps – Breaking it down Lists, libraries, and several other things have been “renamed” to Apps  But really that’s not what we’re talking about when we refer to apps What we really mean is the idea of some feature that is not built-in to the product, and which is available via some 3rd party, and obtained via a browsing mechanism (like a store) Example: A tool used to load CSV data (comma separated values) into a SharePoint list Apps add value to your SharePoint environment, without the need for you to build them yourself
    4. 4. What are Apps – Analogy Time  Think of SharePoint Apps a lot like you’d think of Apps for your Smart Phone (iPhone, Android, etc.)  Adding Apps to SharePoint is really no different (from the end-users perspective) than adding Apps to your phone Platform: Phone Platform: SharePoint Find a need: Must know the weather in Hong Kong! Find a need: Hey, I need that too! I bet there’s an App for that! Go to the Apps Store Find the App you want Add it to your phone Go to the Apps Store Find the App you want Add it to SharePoint
    5. 5. Where did (SharePoint) Apps come from?  Apps as a concept are something SharePoint has never been able to offer (successfully) before  Once upon a time, SharePoint 2010 had the concept of “” templates  This concept was seemingly abandoned long before it baked into a proper solution
    6. 6. Where did (SharePoint) Apps come from?  With the growing popularity of Office 365 and other online SharePoint providers, 3rd party solution authors wanted a way to tap into that growth market  Nintex Workflow (an awesome product) couldn’t fly in the “old” Office 365  Sandboxed solutions were limited in the functionality they could offer, and therefore were typically only good for smaller tasks  The existing framework wasn’t sufficient, since it didn’t allow anyone to install larger scale 3rd party solutions (like Nintex) into online environments  Enter Apps – Trusted 3rd party solutions with the capacity to extend SharePoint (both on-premises and online) in ways not previously possible
    7. 7. SharePoint 2010 Foundation Isn’t SharePoint already awesome?
    8. 8. Why should you care about Apps?  There are concepts in the Apps Store that MS wouldn’t be inclined to build themselves  A million minds are better than a thousand  Apple, Google, other “platform” creators aren’t responsible for the vast majority of the most popular apps in their stores  Why should we think Microsoft would have all the answers to our SharePoint needs?
    9. 9. Some of the benefits of Apps Developer Money, Money, Money, Mooooo-neeeeey! Business Where the product falls short, a 3rd party solution can pick up the slack. For instance, a tool used to load CSV records into SharePoint can be bought for $5, whereas building that yourself may take days – or at least hours. How much is your employees time worth? End-User Able to get a solution to their problem without ever having to involve IT (assuming IT have set it up as such), or having to go through a long, drawn out acquisition process (user requests)
    10. 10. The cost of (SharePoint) Apps dissected  Paid vs. Free  Trials  X users for N # of days  Licensing by user  Up to a maximum # of users  Office 365 vs. On-premises
    11. 11. Cost / License Relationship  Total cost of a single license (Cost per License) $1.49 $999.99  Number of licenses before reaching the maximum, whereupon all additional licenses are included (# of Licenses) 1 1000  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) TCO = # of Licenses * Cost per License Developer’s Responsibilities  Developer decides the cost per license  Developer decides the maximum number of licenses (before all additional are essentially “free”) Purchaser’s Responsibilities  Purchaser decides how many licenses (each one at the cost decided by the developer) they wish to acquire at the time of purchase  Additional licences can always be acquired later on
    12. 12. A few unrelated things about apps… 1. SharePoint License Management license-management/ Everything you need to know to manage your licenses 2. Also note the white background of apps (frame) on themed sites 3. Types of Apps include:  Immersive (full page app)  Webpart (app parts – iframe on a page)  UI custom actions / Extension app (little or no User Experience) 4. Apps Require Permissions – anything from to… to even…
    13. 13. Demo Colin’s Sandbox I am a Site Collection Admin I’m going to show you: • What Apps looks like in SharePoint • The SharePoint App store • How to add an App to SharePoint • How to manage Apps (though this is beyond the scope of an end user)
    14. 14. A few Apps to dip your toe into Free  lots of geo-location apps (Bing Office Locator, Location Finder, etc.)  Picture Rotator / Slider apps (Collage App, CarouselSlider, Gallerific, etc.)  AvePoint Task & Calendar Sync – Best App in Show (Feb 2013 @ European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark) - Two-way synchronization for tasks and calendar items Paid  CSV Uploader (Import CSV files to a SharePoint list) $4.99  vSlider Video Carousel (Supports Sharepoint, Youtube and Vimeo – Really Cool) $5.99  Print List (Adds a “Print button” to a list and shows it in a print preview frame) $1.99
    15. 15. SharePoint Apps “Price is Right” How it works: Take the cost of a single licence for an App, and add up what you think the total cost of the 5 most expensive apps would be. Winner: Closest to the total without going over will win a prize Cost of 1 license for App 1 Cost of 1 license for App 2 Same for App 3 Same for App 4 Same for App 5 Tell me Your Name and Your Guess Ex. 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 35
    16. 16. App #5 Most Expensive This App: $249.99 Running Total: $249.99
    17. 17. App #4 Most Expensive This App: $299.99 Running Total: $249.99 + $299.99 = $549.98
    18. 18. App #3 Most Expensive This App: $349.99 Running Total: $249.99 + $299.99 + $349.99 = $899.97
    19. 19. App #2 Most Expensive This App: $399.99 Running Total: $249.99 + $299.99 + $349.99 + $399.99 = $1299.96
    20. 20. Bonus Question! Given that you’ve now seen the 2nd – 5th most expensive apps, what will the most expensive app cost? Maybe it will simply follow the trend (essentially $50 more expensive than the last) -- Maybe not 
    21. 21. App #1 Most Expensive This App: $699.99 Running Total: $249.99 + $299.99 + $349.99 + $399.99 + $699.99 for a grand total of = $1999.95
    22. 22. Most Popular Free Apps Free apps are surprisingly popular Some are both amongst the most popular and highest downloaded Samples of the most downloaded include the following
    23. 23. Most Popular Paid Apps There are many paid apps out there which are doing quite well Both expensive and inexpensive in the running for most popular Some examples include the following Corporate news has a separate free app, which likely (for the most part) explains its popularity, while layer 2 has a trial (also valuable)
    24. 24. The App we’re most proud of  We learned a lot from making this app – both the coding side, and the deployment side Originally developed when the store was still in “beta”, so many hiccups along the way The easier Microsoft can make it for developers, the more and better the apps will ultimately be
    25. 25. In Summary Microsoft still has some challenges left to overcome (there’s presently no “killer” app(s) out there). Apps are a useful addition to both online and on- premises installations and should (ideally) be made available to end-users to explore Apps are growing in popularity, and Microsoft is encouraging new growth in the app space going forward Price is Right is fun! Contact Info itgroove blog: