SharePoint 101 - Why? What? So what?
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  • Our relationship with information has changedWant it when we want itExpect it to be searchableGet it direct, not from someone elseThe nature of the workforce is changedYounger and expecting instant informationSpread out: living and working where they want, out of home, while travellingWorking when we want: take time off to go to my daughter’s show, then work until midnight to catch upWeb is ubiquitousAnd everywhere Everyone all the time: even on handhelds.Demands on workforce ⇑Everyone expects more and fasterAND BETTERexpected to make better decisions and act flawlesslyExpected to do the work of several people in Info tech “Self Serve”We want to do it ourselvesIT people are busyMust turn things around quickly.We are used to doing our own banking and typing our own letters, why not build our own sites?
  • Collaboration toolWhat is collaboration ?the act of working together with one or more people in order to achieve somethingRequires communication!!! (Gartner group: #1 reason projects fail)What is a tool?Something that makes a job faster, easier, betterMakes working together faster, easier, better
  • Focus the team on one locationEverything I need is there on this siteControl user access to project informationAdd specific tools that this project needs: calendars, contacts, documents, wikis, etcArchive and search is more focussed
  • DEMO AND TRY-IT: Add a link to the List of linksNote SHIFT+CLICK to open link in new window.Links can be websites, or internal sharepoint list or specific docuemtns etc.We use these for our Current Proejcts listing: provides a list, as well as a quick way to get to the Project subsite
  • DEMO: how to change themesRefresh to see it.
  • Vacation Calendar, Export to ExcelPoint out Actions/”Open with Access” optionMention “you can also connect” some lists to Outlook.
  • Use issue log as bug tracking toolDemonstrate adding “Vacation type” field to vacation calendar:VacationIllnessMedicalFlexTime in LieuDemonstrate changing field order to move Vacation Type up higher in the “New” entry screenEXERCISE: Everyone add something to the vacation calendar
  • Build simple survey:What is your favourite colour?RedBlue GreenRedOrangeOther?Show sending a link to others.What is your favourite list type in SharePoint? Please rate the following:Document LibraryPicture LibrarySurveyCalendarDiscussion BoardContact listAnnouncementsWikiBlogTask ListIssue LogCustom ListWhat features of SharePoint do you find useful?Customizable Look and FeelAlertsVersion controlAbility to Manage Permissions yourselfAbility to Create SubsitesIntegration with MS OfficeAbility to Export to ExcelSearchAnywhere AccessAnytime Access
  • Exercise: Upload a document, if you wishDEMO: Versioning settingsDEMO: show check-outEXERCISE: try to open a document I have checked out.EXERCISE: open and resave your documentStudent #:Jill StephanieKaren Penny Adriana SusanTanya Arlene Chris
  • I have administrator rights, that’s why you see the “Site Settings” menu at the top right of the screenThis is a deeper topic – we spend a lot of time on this in class.IN the mean time, see the reference document at the eClass site.
  • Share Desktop here5 Ways SharePoint can reduce your emailOne place to go to find things, with search – no need to email someone to send it to you. (that saves 2 or 3 emails, there and back again)DEMO AND EXERCISE: Search for Replace Reply-all discussions with “discussion boards”DEMO AND EXERCISE: Discussion Board at Store information in SharePoint and then just find it there rather than email around latest versions Reduce the size of your inbox: don’t have any docs on your email, just links DEMO AND EXERCISE: Send a link to sandbox/documents/committee status report BLANK.docAlerts: weekly rather than daily or immediate DEMO AND EXERCISE: create alert on Discussion board


  • 2. 2 •SharePoint “Why?” •SharePoint “What?” •Top 10 Features List •Reducing Email •Q&A and Discussion
  • 3. 3 •Changed relationship with information •Changing workforce •Ubiquitous web access •Increased demands on workforce •Info Tech “Self Serve”
  • 4. 4 •Web-based Collaboration Tool •Microsoft’s “flagship” product •A place to keep your stuff •A place to find stuff (yours and others’) •A tool to save team time
  • 5. 5
  • 6. 6 •Strike for every project •Focus the team •Capture project info
  • 7. 7 •Captures discussion and Q&A •Provides searchable history •Easier to understand than email “conversations” •Can alert you when something has changed
  • 8. 8 •Shared Bookmarks •Current projects •Shortcuts to documents
  • 9. 9 •Standards •Branding •Colours and logos •Make it your own
  • 10. 10 •Rip the covers off •SharePoint as Lego™ blocks •Security built in •Powerful, and dangerous
  • 11. 11 •Customized issue log •Create vacation calendar •Create inventory system
  • 12. 12 •Quick and easy •Logic branching •Anonymous option •Send a link
  • 13. 13 •Documents and Folders •Allows Check-out & Check-in •Multiple versions of files, and version history
  • 14. •Sends email when something changes•For any Lists and Libraries,•Alert immediately, daily, weekly.•Can be set for others
  • 15. 15 •Quick to add a new person •Quicker response •More efficient •Easier to apply granular permission •Can remove someone when they leave
  • 16. 16
  • 17. 17 1. One place to go to find stuff 2. Reply-all emails become Discussions 3. Use links to share Documents 4. Store and retrieve, not mass email 5. Alerts: weekly or daily, not immediate