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10 AWESOME Things We've Done With SharePoint


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itgroove's Colin Phillips shares the top ten awesome features that itgroove has customized SharePoint to do. Look forward to a few “ooh and ahh’s” and a “SharePoint can do that?!” or two. …

itgroove's Colin Phillips shares the top ten awesome features that itgroove has customized SharePoint to do. Look forward to a few “ooh and ahh’s” and a “SharePoint can do that?!” or two.

Who is Colin Phillips?
Colin is a SharePoint MVP and Consultant with itgroove. He is a graduate of the University of Victoria and has over 14 years’ experience in both software development and IT infrastructure. His background working at both small and large companies (including 5 years working with BI at Cognos - now IBM) has given him a wealth of knowledge. Among Colin’s areas of experience include SharePoint, business intelligence, workflow, VMware, JavaScript, and many more. Check out Colin's blog at

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  • Transcript

    • 1. 10 Awesome Things We’ve Done With SharePoint Colin Phillips :: SharePoint MVP :: itgroove
    • 2. Who I am: Colin Phillips My Background  15+ Years in Technology  Today: SharePoint Consultant and MVP (with itgroove)  Previously: 11 Years Developing Software, IT Infrastructure Projects, Workflows, and Many Other Related Topics  B.Sc. in Computer Science from UVic My Blog Where to learn more
    • 3. Research… • Quickly 10 things became 25 / 30 / 35+ - Ok, we had the odd less than stellar project too • Started with just internal projects and then remembered we make stuff for customers too.  • Decided to focus on internal projects for this presentation, and get our customers (those in the audience) to show off their own sites at a future vSharePoint themselves
    • 4. SharePoint Awesome Thing #1 (in no particular order) You’ve probably seen this one before, but guess what, it’s still awesome.  SharePoint Home Page Search Rotator • Eliminates the whole “what’s the most important stuff to put on the home page” problem • Most people probably don’t look at your home page anyways, it may as well be gorgeous • Combined with Mega Menus, this is killer
    • 5. • Powerful navigation that follows you everywhere (same experience, with slightly different look and feel) And their cousin… the Mini Menu, which hangs off the Quick Link Anchors (below) SharePoint Awesome Thing #2 (in no particular order) Mega Menus Above – Normal view (in lists and libraries) Above Right – Search Home Page Right – On Dashboard Pages
    • 6. • A combination of 4 of our favourite Nintexisms – Including: • Orb (and baby orb) • URL Shortener • Report Cards • Cheque Deposits SharePoint Awesome Thing #3 (in no particular order) Our Nintex “IT Superhero Utility Belt”
    • 7. • Helped solve a major business problem for us: How do we successfully track “project based” work (large or small) for a given customer – especially one who has numerous ongoing projects simultaneously • Still being refined further as we use it and come up with additional ideas, but it becomes more valuable everyday SharePoint Awesome Thing #4 (in no particular order) SOW (Statement Of Work) Tracking System
    • 8. • Helps guide everyone by tracking what’s on their plate, and what individualized priorities each task has • Additionally allows consultants to break down items in a SOW into individual issues and track each separately • Ties together with the Orb and issues are “auto” generated from customer submitted requests SharePoint Awesome Thing #5 (in no particular order) Issues Tracking System
    • 9. • Dashboard / Report data includes the following (plus much more) • Client Hour Breakdown (by month (default) / any other date metric) • Consultant Hour Breakdown (weekly by billable and total time logged) • Combined Client / Consultant breakdown (by month / year / other) • Historical Time (for all billable work) • Monthly Service Contract Progress • Time broken down by SOW • And it all gets ported into QuickBooks via a custom utility we wrote SharePoint Awesome Thing #6 (in no particular order) Time Tracking System & Associated BI (with *BONUS* QB Integration)
    • 10. • It mostly speaks for itself – we slice and dice tasks, time, issues, risks, SOWs, client details, etc. in so many different ways, even our own staff don’t seem to know about half of them (I’m not kidding – right Keith?) SharePoint Awesome Thing #7 (in no particular order) All Our Amazing BI
    • 11. • Simple & straightforward - makes requesting time off painless • Everyone who needs to, gets their say • Nintex workflow logic fits perfectly, & lazy approval makes the process easy for those who don’t even want to touch SharePoint SharePoint Awesome Thing #8 (in no particular order) Holiday Request System
    • 12. • Allows individuals to request the company to pay for items • Items can be ordered for personal use as well ($ comes out of your wallet) • Workflows run in the backend to notify purchaser of new request(s) • When items arrive, the purchaser can mark the order as processed, and the originator is notified (and asked for $ if it’s for personal use) SharePoint Awesome Thing #9 (in no particular order) Purchase Request System
    • 13. • Simple, but very useful system to keep track of upcoming items which will be expiring in the coming days, weeks, months • Used to track customer products with a regular renewals (anti-virus, etc.) or items coming to end of life (server warranty) • Also used to track our own internal expiring products – license renewals, SSL certs, warranty’s, support subscriptions, domain registrations, etc. SharePoint Awesome Thing #10 (in no particular order) Product Expiry Tracker
    • 14. Honorable Mentions • Dashboards Galore Document Dashboard Presidents Dashboard Client Dashboard … • Mileage Tracker • Storing All Documents in SharePoint • Blog Knowledge System • Suite Tracker • Expense System • “While You Were Out” (Phone Messages) • Client Remote Access • Lunch & Learn Topic Manager • Change Control Manager • Scheduled Tasks Tracker • Go Social • Sales Pipeline • The Matrix Portfolio Bulk Document Storage • Best Practices Wiki (Living Document)
    • 15. Oh Yeah, And Sampling of Awesome Stuff We’ve Made For Clients Too! Projects Sites – Numerous Government Agencies Many Branding Projects • Including Royal Roads SharePoint Customer "Kiosk" Sites • Such as for board members Complex Project (End-to-End) System • Project Initiation Request System • Project Cycle (including Charter, with tracking BI) Custom Nintex solutions Custom Windows applications (that integrate with SharePoint) Employee Evaluation Systems Cash Report System Daily Deposit System Large Scale Document Approval System And much, much more!
    • 16. Questions? Contact Info Colin Phillips blog: