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WebJunction Arizona: the place to share (Pheonix, AZ)
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WebJunction Arizona: the place to share (Pheonix, AZ)


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AzLA Conference program with Mala Muralidhuran, the team lead for WebJunction-Arizona

AzLA Conference program with Mala Muralidhuran, the team lead for WebJunction-Arizona

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • Chrystie – so happy to be here. Such an honor. As you heard from my bio I spend a lot of time thinking about libraries and community building. I often say that I have the best job in libraryland but it’s because my job gives me the opportunity to come talk to library staff who are out on the front lines making community building a reality both for and through libraries. Hope to make this worth your time today. We have a lot to cover but it’s really fun stuff and I’m hoping we have some time at the end of our session today to have a conversation about some of these ideas.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Chrystie Hill & Malavika Muralidharan AZLA November 2007 WebJunction Arizona the place to share
    • 2. the WebJunction community
    • 3. an online community where library staff meet to connect with each other, take courses, and share ideas or support
    • 4.  
    • 5.  
    • 6.  
    • 7. . . . . . . . . . web 2.0 Bloglines iGoogle Flickr YouTube Twitter Facebook MySpace Netflix …
    • 8. “ it’s a story about community and collaboration on a scale never seen before ”
    • 9. people
    • 10. What are my friends doing?
    • 11. Blogs Wikis Podcasts Mashups Social Networks RSS [powered by]
    • 12. So what?
    • 13. “ libraries must be part of society's thinking about how we develop and nurture social as well as information networks ” - Jean Preer American Libraries, September 2001
    • 14. “ technology must support the relationship and community building efforts of the library, else there isn’t much use for it ” -William Barrow Cleveland State University, 2006
    • 15. “ don’t get hemmed in by thinking things aren’t ‘what libraries do’ we don’t just provide books and internet services – we help the community. we can do that in more ways than we’re used to doing. ” -Mary Doud Kalamazoo Public Library, 2007
    • 16.  
    • 17.
      • share
      • learn
      • discuss
    • 18. What are your friends doing?
    • 19.  
    • 20.  
    • 21.  
    • 22.  
    • 23.  
    • 24.  
    • 25.  
    • 26. customizing WJ Arizona
    • 27. WJ-AZ Home Page
        • Newest links in the
        • Center Section:
            • Resources
            • Courses
            • Discussions
            • BlogJunction
          • Top Tabs
    • 28.
      • Once you register you will just have to sign in every time you visit the site
      • Registration FREE & will help you
        • take courses,
        • get the newsletter
        • join discussions
      • Member Spotlight
      Registration Sign-in Registration Sign In
    • 29. WJ-AZ Home Page
        • Tutorial
        • Other Partners
            • There are 15 other state partners and the Global Webjunction
        • Groups
          • SOL, PALS, Government Info.
        • Story to share
        • Tools
            • Tech Atlas
            • Tech Soup
        • Blog Junction
        • WorldCat Search
    • 30. WJ- AZ Tutorial
    • 31. - a five state initiative (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming) - to train reference librarians to be government information specialists - to help make effective use of government information resources - developing lesson and training modules - hosting a conference for depository librarians Gov Info in the 21 st C
    • 32. Tech Atlas
      • WebJunction has acquired TechAtlas from NPower, and will be actively updating the tool in 2007 and 2008 to make it even more compatible with the E-Rate technology planning requirements of the federal Schools & Libraries Division (SLD). 
      • Tech is working with the E-Rate Task Force of the American Library Association to coordinate our efforts around the E-Rate program with their own Gates-funded training program.
    • 33. WJ-Arizona: Courses Tab
      • Courses
      • Your source for staff training: online courses, downloadable lessons, training tips, and other tools to enhance your technical and policy knowledge and skills. You can also use Learning Center resources to conduct technology courses for patrons
        • ASLAPR Events All courses that are organized by the State
        • WJ Online Courses : All these courses for AZ registrants are free
        • Courses to train Patrons: Computer Classes
        • Professional Development: Courses for Library staff, Museum, Public Records staff; courses ASLAPR Events registration
        • E-learning Institute Clearing House : Resources for library trainers and administrators implementing e-learning.
        • ALL are FREE for you if you are registered!!! .
        • .
    • 34. WJ-Arizona: Courses Tab
      • More about courses ...
      • Webjunction online courses :
      • self-paced online courses paid for by the Arizona State Library for registered users of Wj Arizona.
      • Please be aware that when you enroll credits gets applied towards the block of credits paid for by ASLAPR
      • Access to courses is available for one year from purchase
      • - Take only 1 - 2 courses at any one time in order to avoid overloading and non-completion.
      • - Carefully read course descriptions and expectations prior to clicking on the "Enroll Now"
      • Try to complete courses in a timely fashion. Reminder sent after 30 days if you have not accessed
      • -  Let everyone else have the benefit of your experience. Post a review of any courses that you take in the  WebJunction AZ discussion forum. (You must be registered and signed in to post). Have fun and learn!
    • 35. Live Space
      • Live Space is WebJunction’s web conferencing service for libraries. The service combines an easy to use yet robust technology with the training and support that will allow you to use it successfully .
      • 56k Internet connection,
      • Windows 2000, XP or Vista, Mac OS 10.2+ or Linux
      • Internet Explorer 5.0+, Firefox, Netscape 7.0+, Safari 1.1+.
      • 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
      • Sound card or a telephone for audio.
      • Up to date version of Java
      • QuickTime 6.3+ - for viewing archived sessions only
      • Do not need to travel
      • Saves gas and time
      • Can do it from home or work
      • Easy to participate
      • Does not require too much set up
      • More staff can participate – No limit on the number of participants
    • 36. E-Learning Institute This new program supports libraries creating, implementing and consuming online learning. The Institute's courses and resources are aimed at three general groups of people involved in e-learning: Online trainers and course creators  wanting to learn how to create the most effective training possible. Library decision makers and administrators  implementing training programs or seeking to optimize the effectiveness of their online training purchases. Library staff  wanting to succeed with e-learning while avoiding the pitfalls of wasted time and money that can occur when unprepared for the unique demands and opportunities of online learning.
    • 37. WJ Arizona: Community Tab
        • Community Center
        • Share stories
        • Member spotlight
        • What’s new
        • Spotlight a service
        • Honor a colleague
        • Share best practices
    • 38.  
    • 39. Discussions Discussions Tutorial Discussion Topics
    • 40. Must be signed in to participate in the Discussion Boards
    • 41. Exclusively Arizona Discussion forums
    • 42. getting involved
    • 43.  
    • 44. library = books
    • 45.  
    • 46. Uh-oh.
    • 47. “ we are building community daily in a manner we never would have imagined a year ago ” -Teen Services Librarian Seattle Public Library
    • 48. “ the web is changing. libraries can change too. ”
    • 49. Status Snapshot
      • 1280 + WJ-Arizona members
      • 250+ online courses to choose from
      • Private Arizona Discussions
      • Arizona Content
    • 50. How to get involved
          • Learn : take courses
          • Share and Discuss: contribute your articles, handouts, photos & worksheets
          • Volunteer: be an advocate, editor or mentor
          • Advocate: spread the word !
          • Speak Up: tell us what’s working, what’s not
    • 51. How to get involved
      • Discussion forum – specially for you!
      • First step is to Register
      • Then click on Community tab and on the left bar click on Discussion All aboard  
      • You will see  WJ-Arizona  (you will see this only if you are registered).
      • Click on WJ-Arizona This category holds forums for WJ-AZ community members who want to chat with other members from Arizona.
    • 52. What members say
      • “ I have found the h-ware/ s-ware information very useful in that it has helped me to figure out some of the tough computer questions/problems that we had.”
      • “… It has been helpful to see that other libraries have been facing the same issues and seeing their plans for the future.”
      • “… I love the Discussion Forums. We are in a rural, isolated area of Arizona and the tech resources are great.”
    • 53. chrystie hill | itgirl Malavika Muralidharan [email_address]