Top iOS 7 Enhancements Keeping your Mobile App Relevant & Usable


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The slideshow from the past webinar held on October 9th 2013 by iTexico.

Current apps will likely need extensive modification in order to run properly and effectively on iOS 7. Find out more about these challenges and opportunities and what you need to do to maintain your mobile app users happy.

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Top iOS 7 Enhancements Keeping your Mobile App Relevant & Usable

  1. 1. Top iOS 7 Enhancements Keeping Your Mobile App Relevant & Usable
  2. 2. AGENDA •  Introduction •  About iTexico •  Why is iOS 7 important? •  iOS 6 to iOS 7, what’s changed? •  Design and visual changes for the user •  Changes for developers •  Benefits for the Enterprise •  Introducing the iOS 7 Jumpstart program •  Q & A @itexico
  3. 3. HAVE A QUESTION?... ASK US! •  Use the chat box to submit your questions •  Will address them at the end or during the demo stage •  We’re ready to answer your questions J @itexico
  4. 4. PRESENTERS Abhijeet Pradhan. Chief Technology Officer Passionate about technology and its applications to everyday consumer and business life. He is convinced that we are at the beginning stages of a Mobile revolution. He was the CTO for a mobile marketing platform for small businesses and also co-founded Classof1, a leading online tutoring company. David Sandoval. UI/UX Project Manager, Marketing Manager Young entrepreneur and online marketing specialist with more than 5 years of experience in Tech Marketing. Currently leads the marketing, design and mobile training units at iTexico. He holds an MBA in Marketing by La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Jesus De Meyer. Lead iOS7 Software Engineer Bachelor in Multimedia and Communication Technology from the PIH University in Kortrijk, Belgium with 15 years of experience developing software applications for Mac and 5+ years of experience in iOS development. He currently works at iTexico as an iOS 7 Software Engineer and in his spare time he likes to work on his own mobile apps. @itexico
  5. 5. ABOUT Your One Stop App Shop Mobile & Web @itexico
  6. 6. ABOUT ITEXICO •  An IT and Mobile Solutions Company. •  Over 65 professionals •  HQ in Austin, Texas •  Software Development Center in Guadalajara, Mexico. •  Western Region Office in Silicon Valley. •  Focus on Extended Technology Teams / Team As A Service (eTaaS) and Cross Platform Mobile Solutions. •  Partnership with Appcelerator, IBM, Microsoft, Xamarin. @itexico
  7. 7. SELECT CUSTOMERS @itexico
  8. 8. TEAM AND CULTURE •  Bilingual expertise •  In-house technical training programs •  World class infrastructure •  Agile development methodology @itexico
  9. 9. Why is iOS 7 important? @itexico
  10. 10. FAST UPDATE CYCLE 70% of iOS users are on iOS 7 More people were using beta versions of iOS 7 than were on iOS 5 148 million iOS devices running iOS 7.0 after only 1 day. In contrast, iOS 6 had been running on around 460 million iOS devices worldwide. @itexico
  11. 11. FRAGMENTATION The market behaves differently between the main mobile platforms vs. Around 30% still on Android 2.3 564,000 Android devices are running the 2 month old Android v4.3 Only 48 million Android devices are running the nearly 12 month old v4.2. @itexico
  12. 12. AN INDUSTRY TREND Most top 100 apps have already updated their app to fit iOS7 @itexico
  13. 13. @itexico What’s changed?
  14. 14. User Interface (UI) @itexico
  15. 15. USER INTERFACE Translucency for Context & Navigation @itexico
  16. 16. USER INTERFACE Flat design elements all across the system, simpler design approach @itexico
  17. 17. USER INTERFACE Dynamic Type auto adjusts spacing, weight for legibility. Supports text styles like Heading, Body Copy, Button etc. @itexico
  18. 18. USER INTERFACE More whitespace, removed borders, transparent status bar, translucent keyboard - context is enhanced. @itexico
  19. 19. User Experience (UX) @itexico
  20. 20. IT’S JUST DIFFERENT Starting from the icon ... …and it goes from there. @itexico
  21. 21. UX CORE PRINCIPALS DEFERENCE The user interface helps users understand and interact with the content, but never competes with it. @itexico
  22. 22. UX CORE PRINCIPALS CLARITY Text is legible at every size, icons are precise and lucid, adornments are subtle and appropriate, and a sharpened focus on functionality motivates the design. @itexico
  23. 23. UX CORE PRINCIPALS DEPTH Visual layers and realistic motion heighten users’ delight and understanding. @itexico
  24. 24. Development( ); @itexico
  25. 25. SDK CHANGES Xcode5 integration UIKit Dynamics Text Kit Games (Sprite Kit, controllers, etc) 64-bit support (iPhone 5S) Inter-app Audio Peer to Peer connectivity Risks and Deprecated APIs @itexico
  26. 26. XCODE 5 Improved UI Improved debugger Slicing of images Sprite atlases Particle editor Auto layout improvements @itexico
  27. 27. 64BIT SUPPORT Only for iPhone 5S (at the moment) Desktop class 64 bit support Allows apps to use larger sets of memory Faster math calculations @itexico
  28. 28. @itexico
  29. 29. @itexico
  30. 30. UIKit Dynamics Add physics to your UI elements in iOS 7 @itexico
  31. 31. TEXTKIT Build on top of CoreText, but easier to use Better support for fonts Complete control over layout Ligatures: ex fl All text UI elements in iOS 7 support this Dynamic text @itexico
  32. 32. SPRITEKIT Simple and easy to use 2D game engine Supports playback of video Uses OpenGL ES under the hood Physics engine Particle engine (with Xcode 5 integration) Audio and video In addition: Game Controller support @itexico
  33. 33. PEER TO PEER CONNECTIVITY Allows an iOS device to connect to another iOS device regardless of the network interface. Supports Bluetooth + WiFi @itexico
  34. 34. INTER APP AUDIO Allows to send audio from one app to the other. @itexico
  35. 35. RISKS AND API CHANGES If you come from iOS 5, you’ll have more deprecated API’s than if you only support from iOS 6 Transparency issues Appearance issues with custom backgrounds UIVideoEditorController now uses TextKit! Full screen UI (overlapped by status bar) Get the full list at index.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40013203 @itexico
  36. 36. DEMO @itexico
  37. 37. Benefits for the Enterprise @itexico
  38. 38. ENTERPRISE Find my Phone - Remote lock and wipe. App Store License Management - Treats an App as a software license vs. an object purchased and tied to a User/device. Enterprise Single Sign On - Single sign on for Enterprise Apps Auto Update - Important for security, user experience, App management Data Security via Encryption - App data can be encrypted until the first time a user passcode is successfully entered after a device reboot; Additionally, developers can have apps encrypt the data again when the phone locks. @itexico
  39. 39. ENTERPRISE Open-in Management - Allows IT to specify which Apps can open which file types Air Drop - Productivity iBeacons - Low power enabled Bluetooth. Opens many Internet of things use cases. Per App VPN - MDM Admins can define which Apps use VPN and which can access the internet directly. @itexico
  40. 40. HOW TO GET READY? Be Quick Update your app fast so users won’t forget. Be Smart Pick the right team or partner. Be Creative Seize the opportunity for innovation and renewal @itexico
  41. 41. Introducing Get your app ready for iOS 7 in a few weeks UI/UX – Coding – Q.A. @itexico
  42. 42. MOVE FAST FREE 10 hours of expert UI/UX work on your iOS 7 Jumpstart engagement @itexico
  43. 43. Native & Cross Platform Mobile Development for iOS7 A Strong Team of Experts •  Over 30 Certified Titanium Application Developers •  3 Titanium Certified Trainers Certified •  Partnership with Appcelerator & Xamarin @itexico Proven Mobile Development Skills •  iOS Developers •  TitaniumDevelopers •  Xamarin Developers •  (and of course, Android)
  44. 44. UI/UX DESIGN Mobile users expect gorgeous yet intuitive interfaces. In-house UI and UX resources that will work with you to build a great mobile experience. @itexico +
  45. 45. DESIGN PROCESS Research Sketching Wireframing Mockups User Experience Prototype UI Design Styleguide @itexico Interaction Flow Stylesheet Design Assets UX/UI Bundle
  46. 46. IOS 7 - READY @itexico
  47. 47. Q&A ASK YOUR QUESTIONS For more information: (855) 501-0100 @itexico