Eighth Iterati by Tania Jiménez: Designing for social change


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Eighth Iterati by Tania Jiménez: Designing for social change

  1. 1. Designing for social change:Joining the dots between Design, Ethnography and Communityby Tania Jiménez / May 2012
  2. 2. Design
  3. 3. Design Process to solve a specific problem Fonction + Creativity Designers = Problem solvers Tool What is the impact? System thinkers
  4. 4. Ethnography ethnos (people) + grapho (write)Understand cultures and contexts Field research Qualitative Listen before assuming Empathy + Humility
  5. 5. “As Mark Twain once said, ‘It’s not what you don’t know that getsyou into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that ain’t so.’ If wewant to create breakthrough innovations, we’ll need to set asidepreconceived notions about ‘the way things are,’ learning insteadto watch and listen carefully for clues on how we might design abetter future.”—Tom Kelley, IDEO
  6. 6. Why you want to work in that project? Participative systems Design “with” not “for”Community
  7. 7. EthnographyDesign Community
  8. 8. Community-based design Immerse yourself Build trust Be realistic Be a system thinker Confront controversy Identify the community’s strengths Use local resources Design with the community’s voice Create pride + ownership Sustained engagementInspiration: © Andrew Shea
  9. 9. Case 1: Reelizations
  10. 10. Stories start in our neighborhoods Reelizations creatively engages young people living in NYCHA neighborhoods, equipping them with real-world video production skills to develop their own personal narratives around the issues faced by their communities. 1 THE BIG MOVING PICTURE GOAL In order to really rock at empowering NYCHA kids, Reelizations needs to take a big step back and understand its work in the grand scheme. 2 FOCUS ON GROWTH To empower the FINANCING next generation of NYCHA students with video skills OBJECTIVE 1 OBJECTIVE 2 What the fancy folks are sayin’ Graduate 30 students by Spring 2011, Raise funds to support cost of part- equipped with technical skill and time Reelizations staff Know the players, get ready to play demonstrated creative voice Adobe Youth Voices STRATEGY A FUNDRAISING The McCormick Foundation STRATEGY A IDENTITY Grantmakers in Film & Electronic Media Apply for 4 - 5 grants from youth Re-brand Reelizations, launch Web site, media funders The W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation produce posters by Oct 1st 2011 TACTICS: See ‘Raising Bucks: Know The Funding Exchange Paul Robeson — Fund for Independent Media TACTICS: See ‘Heard + Scene: the Players, Get Ready to Play’ The Open Society Identity & Messaging Reelizations Brand Identity’ STRATEGY B RECRUITMENT STRATEGY B VOLUNTEERS Resources Engage 5 volunteers throughout the Add 100 interested students to database Stuart Foundation report on Youth Media work 2011-12 school year Equipment Volunteers by year’s end Youth Media Learning Network TACTICS: See ‘Raising Bucks: TACTICS: See ‘Focus on Growth: National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture Tapping into the Film/Video world’ Recruitment Strategy’ Youth Media Reporter Funding Recruitment STRATEGY C CURRICULUM STRATEGY C EVENTS Curriculum Build and test updated curriculum, Hold 2 large scale events to publicize finalize standard curriculum for 2012 success of Reelizations projects. school year. RECRUITMENT TACTICS: See ‘Focus on Growth: Pop- TACTICS: See ‘Focus on Growth: up Film Fest’ overview Staf f Curriculum’ Capacity SS A ED S CL O E O H IV T LS IZ GA G EA L H T It is important to understand how the success of each R N EN ID CIA R N N D DE SC IN O TI U E ET ET ST SP aspect of your program is inextricably bound to each G G Students submit Start a data base of Post snazzy new Host a “Bring other. Remember the value of prioritizing various aspects Op-Eds to local newspapers. potential students posters at & near and follow up within key schools. 1-week of meeting a Buddy” info meeting, offer free refreshments. of the Reelizations work. Create Facebook & new candidates. Visit high- Twitter accounts. schools for a short Invite successful Have students Create ‘sign-up’ presentation and professionals in the send updates at the sheets: at EVERY Q&A session. community. beginning and/or event, don’t let Invite students to end of each class. anyone go by talk about their without signing up. experience at Reelizations. Students create a 3 recruitment video Have goodie bags for Reelizations. to offer to potential students. REEL EYES FILM FEST Offer a prize to the student who recruits Have testimonials X members and and fun stories of put their name in a former students “Wall of Fame” at any event you An opportunity for the Reelizations group to showcase their put on. videos. An event that brings exposure of the program to gain public support and maximize visibility. Linking Reelizations with the rest of the organization in a public realm. Giving each CURRICULUM participant a moment in the spotlight. Create buzz to recruit new members. Do not forget to: Other resources CONCEPT Ask students to create an individual Manhattan Neighborhood Network Youth project and a community-centered Channel A week/month long event showcasing the student’s work and promoting the club. Guerrilla-style screenings which team project. Ideally this project would may take place “sporadically” or pre-planned depending on the repertoire of students work. Global Action Project be related to issues that ERDA is taking An outlet to highlight eRDa resources. ex. linking event to the college access program. care of. Media Awareness Nework (CA) Have brainstorming and media review ArtStart (NYC) sessions. Adobe Youth Video Screen a short documentary and lead a Bay Area Video Coalition critic/analysis session. Invite speakers from the community. Strategy Design for East River Development Alliance / Youth Media Program Project created by: Tania Jiménez, Etienne Pham, Mollie Ruskin and Chris Seabrooks / SVA * 2011Reelizations_Poster.indd 1 11-09-05 8:53 AM
  11. 11. “Reelizations creatively engages youngpeople living in NYCHA neighborhoods,equipping them with real-world videoproduction skills to develop their ownpersonal narratives around the issuesfaced by their communities.”
  12. 12. Case 2: moitié-moitié
  13. 13. (Half & Half)A series of culinary activities in order to bring people together.
  14. 14. SOCIAL ISSUEStrengthen and create new meaningful,close and trusting relationships betweenFrench-Canadians and immigrants in thesocial sphere in Montreal.
  15. 15. “Social design needs to be expansively conceived beyondtrained designers to include end users and social participants.[…] It is a larger activity that depends upon design in all its forms—thoughts, processes, tools, methodologies, skills, histories,systems— to contribute to the needs of a larger society. […]It can help us frame how we want to live in the future.”—Andrew Shea
  16. 16. Designers, we need to reinvent ourselves.
  17. 17. tania@taniajimenez.ca pulpa.ca moitiemoitie.org