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Stuart Cable

  1. 1. Cable Country Cwmaman in the Cynon Valley Stuart Cable was born here Near-by is the town of Aberdare Stuart Cable (19/5/1970 – 7/6/2010) Steven F. O'Neill, Swansea 1 ITEC, Key Skills Project.
  2. 2. Early family life • Stuart Cable has one brother called Paul • His father died when he was 10 • He was raised by mother Mable • Educated at Cwmaman Infants • Learned to play drums at 16 Steven F. O'Neill, Swansea ITEC, 2 Key Skills Project.
  3. 3. Early days & the Stereos • The Stereos were contacted by Richard Branson • Kelly Jones (front-man) got the phone call at his The Stereophonics L to R mother’s home Richard Jones – Bass Kelly Jones – Vocals/Guitar • He asked them to come to Stuart Cable - Drums London to meet him • The group signed a record and publishing contract Steven F. O'Neill, Swansea ITEC, 3 Key Skills Project.
  4. 4. It was a hard road • Success did not come overnight as Stuart, Kelly and Richard travelled back and forth to London looking for a record deal • They performed just about everywhere between their day time jobs • They changed their name to The Stereophonics in 1996 Steven F. O'Neill, Swansea ITEC, 4 Key Skills Project.
  5. 5. Fame & Fortune • In 1997 they released their first album ‘Word Gets Around’ which entered the chart at number 6 • A few years later ‘Performance & Cocktails’ made Stuart and the band household names • Word got around that Stuart was doing media work in 2002 affecting his commitment to the band • The band recruited new drummer Javier Weyler with it being time for Stuart to move on Steven F. O'Neill, Swansea ITEC, 5 Key Skills Project.
  6. 6. Before & after the Stereophonics Stuart’s music career to date reads as follows: • Vocals – NailBombs • Drums – Stone Gods • Drums – Stereophonics • Drums – Killing for Company • Stuart has also done TV & radio shows Steven F. O'Neill, Swansea ITEC, 6 Key Skills Project.
  7. 7. Other things matter • Stuart was sacked by the band in 2003. • Won a BAFTA for a voice part in ‘Colin’. • Got his own TV show ‘Cable TV’. • Had a radio show called ‘Cable Rock’. • Formed new band ‘Killing for Company’. Steven F. O'Neill, Swansea ITEC, 7 Key Skills Project.
  8. 8. The end of the road • He was found dead at 5am on 7/6/10 • After a heavy drinking at a local pub and at home. • Stuart was laid to rest in Aberdare on 20 June 2010. • Over 5,000 people lined the streets of Aberdare. • His body arrived at St. Elvans church in a horse-drawn hearse Steven F. O'Neill, Swansea ITEC, 8 Key Skills Project.
  9. 9. Reach for the sky! 1986 Started playing the drums when he was 16. 1997 Signed record deal with Richard Branson 1999 Played to a 50,000 stadium crowd in Swansea 2000 Did Reading, Leeds, Glasgow three-site fest. 2001 Wife Nicola gave birth to his son Cian Damen 2002 Given own TV show ‘Cable TV’. Letting the good times roll. 2003 Sacked by Stereophonics in November 2004 Revealed he hated Kelly Jones. 2005 Did TV series called ‘Cable Connects’. 2006 Co-hosted the Kerrang! Awards. 2007 Joined XFM South Wales in November. 2009 Released Autobiography in April. 2010 Found dead at home on 7 June. New band: Killing for Company Steven F. O'Neill, Swansea ITEC, 9 Key Skills Project.
  10. 10. Image/audio sources • Image of Stuart Cable by • Cwmaman photo by Bev from • Photo of Stereophonics by p_a_h • Photo of Killing for Company by charmingman • Photo of St Elvan’s Church by Ruth Sharville • Audio clip from YouTube Steven F. O'Neill, Swansea ITEC, 10 Key Skills Project.