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Shark’s power point final






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Shark’s power point final Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Sharks
    • Sharks ( Selachimorpha) The earliest known sharks date back far as 420 million years ago. That’s before the Dinosaurs.
    • Sharks were called “sea Dogs” by sailors until the 16 th century.
    • The name Shark was first used by Sir John Hawkins when he exhibited a specimen in London in 1569.
  • 2. Sharks Teeth
    • Sharks have the most powerful jaws on the planet.
    • Unlike most animals jaws, both the sharks upper and lower jaws move.
    • Sharks have 5 to 15 rows of teeth in each jaw .
  • 3. Dinner Time
    • Usually Sharks eat alone.
    • But sometimes one feeding shark attracts others .
    • They will bite at almost anything that gets in their way – even each other.
  • 4. Gentle Giants
    • Not all sharks are carnivores
    • Funny as it may sound the most harmless sharks tend to be the biggest.
    • They are the Whale Shark, Basking Shark, Megamouth Shark.
    • They all have a diet of shrimp and plankton.
  • 5. Dangerous Predators
    • The Great White , Tiger, Hammerhead, Mako and the Bull Shark are the biggest Predators.
    • About 100 shark attacks each year.
    • 10 result in human deaths.
    • In perspective people kill thousands of sharks in one year .
    • For instance Shark Fin Soup Shark Steaks.
    • The most popular shark in the U.S.A is the Mako.
    • Now who is the most dangerous predator ?
  • 6. Super senses
    • Why are Sharks so successful Predators?
    • A Shark uses two – thirds of its brain for its senses :- smell.
    • They feel vibrations in the water by using a line of canals that go from the head to the tail.
    • Called a “lateral line”.
    • They also have a sensory organ known has the “ Ampullae of Lorenzini”.
    • Ampullae detects the electric field of its prey.
  • 7. A few less known Sharks
    • The Sand Tiger Shark
    • 10 feet long.
    • Hunts at night.
  • 8. Wobbegong Shark
    • Grows about 8 feet long (2.4mths).
    • Lies at the bottom of the sea.
    • It has a worm like projections on its head to attract its prey
  • 9. Zebra Shark
    • You can keep this gentle small shark in aquariums.
    • The tail of this shark is half its length of its body.
  • 10. Shark sizes
  • 11. The end
    • Well I hope you have enjoyed my slides show on Sharks.
    • I would like to take a couple of minutes more of your time to watch a short video.
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