Risks of Online Gaming V2


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Risks of Online Gaming V2

  1. 1. Online Gaming And Its Risks.
  2. 2. Online Gaming In 2007 there were 217 million people playing online games Image by gamerscoreblog on creative commons
  3. 3. The Game Market The fact that doesn’t help the game addiction problem is that games are a multibillion dollar industry and have a very high demand. EG: china had a $580 million game market in 2005 and it has been taken over by one type of game which is the worst that mostly causes game addiction MMOrpg. Image by myself.
  4. 4. China Revenue $580 million game market MMOG 9% $52.2 million professional MMOG 2% 11.6 million children MMOG 37% 214.6 million hardcore MMOG 31% 179.8 million moderate Casual 3% 17.4 million Children Casual Adult 18% 104.4 million
  5. 5. The Human Desire Psychologists have claimed that gaming is a result of the primal human desire to win. image By Juanpol on creative commons
  6. 6. Winning As most of us know winning feels good and losing feels bad. Winning and losing causes an actual chemical reaction in the brain. Image by bitboy on creative commons
  7. 7. The Addiction Games become addictive because they cater to the human desire for a challenge. Image by silas216 on creative commons
  8. 8. What Are The Symptoms? The usual symptoms include: lack of eating lack of drinking excessive use of the game lack of focus on anything but the game image by Oakley originals on creative commons
  9. 9. The Mental Health Issues There have been a few reports that games can lead to crimes. News has been released that a 19 year old student killed a taxi driver whilst recreating a scene from a game. Image by jason611 on creative commons
  10. 10. The Subject At Hand The main subject though is whether Gaming is truly dangerous and can the addiction be broken. image by chego101 on creative commons
  11. 11. The Risks Excessive gaming can alter the mind and cause a lot of mental trauma. It was reported that a gifted Asian boy committed suicide after Playing too much world of warcraft. He left a suicide note saying he wanted to “join the heroes of the game he worshipped” image by Simon strandgaard on creative commons
  12. 12. The Accusers It is the parents of these players that are usually the ones that blame the game companies for the dangers there games cause to the youth.
  13. 13. What Can Parents Do? Don’t pay the subscription. Use computer access as a reward for good behaviour. Encourage them to pay themselves and take responsibility. Limit the time they spend on the games.
  14. 14. Finally The saying that is most relevant here is “Take all things in moderation” because there is only a thin line between passion and obsession.