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Presentation final draft

  1. 1. INFORMATION In each meeting I will be asking each person a series of questions about their job, what they do on a daily basis and how it helps them to overcome challenges. The people I will be give Q/A meetings to is :- • Adam Anderson • Mary Owen • David Lewis • John Chislett • Hazel Davies • Keith Bamsey • Craig Davies • Andrew Brown • Mickey Hughes • Steve yates • Amy Dourneen After I have been with everyone I will then produce a PowerPoint and report and present it to Craig Mort, Kate Hill, Steve Nicholas and Alan Piper.
  2. 2. MEETING 1 – dEBBie PUgh Debbie’s Job on a daily basis: • Debbie is responsible for updating the planning of board meetings each morning so that the jobs don't clash. • She checks if the jobs are running smoothly. • Plans the jobs so that they have a specific date to start and finish. • Queries board so that supply of products doesn't run out and put the factory on stop. • Rearrange the work tasks on a priority basis. • Communicate with the shift co-ordinator managers. Debbie’s Background: • Debbie started by completing a WTS ( youth training scheme ) with Gallaher's. • After completion, moved to the accounts office in Gallaher's and attended evening classes. • Progressed to logistics department in Gallaher's. • When Gallagher's closed, Debbie was offered a job at DS Smith
  3. 3. MEETING 1 – DEBBIE PUGH Likes and Dislikes about her job: • Likes how busy work is so that she doesn't become bored and has nothing to do. • Likes how her job is a constant challenge and concentrating hard all day. • Dislikes nothing. The advice she gave me: • Debbie told me to treat others how you’d like to be treated in return. • Punctuality (attendance in work on time and never be late to anything). • Keep up to date with all of your work.
  4. 4. MEETING 2 – MICKEY HUGHES Mickeys job on a daily basis: • Keep Adam out of a jail (by informing him when the law changes). • Making sure the Health and Safety Rules and Regulations are running correctly and smoothly. • Following the DSSmith policy 1-44 ( Willisco). Mickey’s Background: • Started in Walkers crisps on the brush. • Promoted to Warehouse & Packaging where they stored the crisps. • Before he came here he became a Health and Safety officer with Walkers. • No further progression routes available, moved to DS Smith packaging. • He sat the IOSH Health and Safetly test to be able to become a manager at his job and is currently sitting IOSH diplomer.
  5. 5. MEETING 2 – MICKEY HUGHES The difficulty on getting where he is today: • It was sensible. • A lot of studying. • Hard work. • Determination. • Concentration. Likes and Dislikes about his job: • Likes to see people working to the best of their ability. • Likes to see hard work. • Likes to see a change in people’s attitude towards work. • Dislikes people who deliberately pass work to others without even trying it themself. The advice he gave me. • Follow the rules. • Do not take shortcuts. • Have good posture.
  6. 6. MEETING 3 – ANDREW BROWN Andrews job on a daily basis: • Production review. • Ensure machines are performing to standard and running safely. • Make sure the quality is good. • Make sure the new jobs are put on to the machines in time. • Attend artwork meetings • Work out figures and run trials to see if we can run the job and how many per hour. Andrews Background: • Andrew Brown started working here at DS Smith straight from school. • He started as a graphic apprentices. • He then progressed from a 4 colour to a 6 colour printer. • Promoted to shift manager, the previous manager retired. • Completed a 2 year course to be able to achieve this role as shift manager.
  7. 7. MEETING 3 – ANDREW BROWN Likes and Dislikes about his job: • Likes that his job is a challenge. • Likes that everyday he has a different issue to deal with. • Likes working with different people. • Dislikes sloppiness with people. • Dislikes people not doing their job properly. • Dislikes politics. The advice he gave me: • I should make my own opinion and judgements. • Don't let someone else influence your judgement. • Never be afraid to ask questions. • Show people respect (treat people how you want to be treated in return).
  8. 8. MEETING 4 – ADAM ANDERSON Adam’s job on a daily basis: • He’s responsible for the business – functioning correctly. • Keeping business going. • Telling people how to behave properly towards others and senior managers. • Deliver profit to the DS Smith group. • Make sure the rules and responses are correct. • Getting involved in projects e.g. Own It, Costa Coffee, M&S. • The future of the site. Adams background: • Straight from school he went in to college and studied Maths Economics and Geography. • From college he went on to study a Business degree in Newcastle. • Joined the army for 11 years. • After the army he came here to DS Smith after he seen and advertisement for a manager.
  9. 9. MEETING 4 – ADAM ANDERSON Likes and Dislikes about his job: • Likes people you makes succecced in there job. • Likes the fact that everyday is a challenge. • Likes making the best of work each day. • Likes watching people excel in their job. • Dislikes all the work he gets from division. The advice he gave me: • Challenge myself. • Dont hold back. • Ask loads of questions. • Always ask for stuff to do.
  10. 10. MEETING 5 – KEITH BAMSEY Keith's job on a daily basis: • Keith ensures we achieve our profit each month and in the working year. • Makes sure our customers are paid on time. • Make sure the suppliers are paid on time. • Nothing comes in to DS Smith without authorisation. Keith's background: • Keith started working in BP. • He then went in to computer design then design and then accounts. • Moved to London then moved back and then moved back and got a job in Morgan's. • Got a job in DS Smith.
  11. 11. MEETING 5 – KEITH BAMSEY Likes and Dislikes about his job: • Likes to see what we are producing out in the factory. • Dislikes repetitive days. The advice he gave me: • Spend time in each department. • Make sure your in the right department and job. • Don't back down for any challenge.
  12. 12. MEETING 6 – HAZEL DAVIES Hazels job on a daily basis: • Planning issues – board purchase (Prices) • Review procedures (Follow them correctly) • All the new job that come in. • Do PDP’s – Coaching / Training. Hazel’s Background: • She done catering but hated it. • Worked down in Southampton as repo. • When she moved to neath skewan as sales manager and she got the job. • Had experience from commerical and design side – offered her a job as Commercial manager.
  13. 13. MEETING 6 – HAZEL DAVIES Likes and Dislikes about her job: • Liked the fact that everyday was different. • Liked the job had a good buzz to it. • Liked the sence of achievement the job gives. • Dislikes the difficulty in getting stuff through to production. • Dislikes when information for the job arent up to date. The advice she gave me: • If you aint enjoying the job isnt for you. • Make sure you are in the right job before you commite to it. • Be entusiastic. • Never think bad of yourself. • Dont be frightened to ask questions.
  14. 14. Meeting 7 – CRAIG DAVIES Craig’s job on a daily basis: • Environmental incidents. • Company runs properly – changes day to day. • Customer ordits – checking system. • How you could develop each area. • Material issues – customer complains. Craig’s Background: • Started as pack centre manager. • Came to DSSmith as Sales Manger • Quality manager retired and got offered the job. Likes and dislikes about his job: • Likes the challenge the job gives. • Likes the difference between each day. • Dislikes people making silly mistakes. • People not getting work done on time. The advice he gave me: • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. • Get in to repo a bit more.
  15. 15. MEETING 8 – STEVE YATES Steve’s job on a daily basis: • Cover all the break downs. • Serves equipment. • Anything ordered (factory wise). • Monitor service cost – water £80. • - electic £2000. • - Gas £2000. • Maintaining equipment. Steve’s Background: • Electriction Apprentice for 4 years. • Went to uni for 3 years to study electics. • Worked in TRW for 25 years in total. • Electical engineer for 6 years. • Maintenance manager & Senior process engineer for 12 years • Then came to DSSmith – 17 months.
  16. 16. MEETING 8 – STEVE YATES Likes and Dislikes about his job: • Likes that he is his own boss • Likes that got his own budget • Likes to be kept busy • Dislikes nothing. The advice he gave me: • Get the most out of my time at DSSmith. • Get as many qualifications i can whilst at college and in my apprenticeship. • Dont be scarecd to ask questions.
  17. 17. MEETING 9 – AMY DOUREEN Amy’s job on a daily basis: • Sorting out sick and absent papers. • Info for shared service centre. • Agency. • Recruitment. • Training. • Funding (Welsh Goverment). • Pay role admin. • Displinary and grevance PDP’S (Preformance review). • Quiries on holidays • Well fair stuff – community support. • Occopational health. • Someone to talk to. The advice she gave me: • Try attention to everything. • Stick to what you want to do. • Dont be affraid to ask questions.
  18. 18. MEETING 9 – AMY DOUREEN Amys background: • She went to 6th form and completed – • Photography. • Textiles. • Media studys. • Philosophy. • Attended University – fasion for 3 years. • Joined DS Smith as a temp on reception in Bristol. • Completed a HR course. • DS Smith key developers scheme. • Came to Neath to cover maternity leave Likes and dislikes about her job: • Likes to be busy • Likes that her job is varied (different everyday). • Likes meeting a lot of people. • Dislikes when people want a immediate answer. • Dislikes getting pulled in to a lot of different directions.
  19. 19. MEETING 10 – JOHN CHISLETT Johns job on a daily basis: • Dealing with current customers. • Developing futher buisness with them. • Researching new sales contacts for e.g. Diageo. • Developing new buisness. • Costing and proposing for tenders and enquiries. • Deal with customer complaints. • New packs and products. Johns Background: • Graduated Dundee University with a Masters Degree in Politics and History – 4 years in 1975 • Managment training course with National Freight Corporation – 1 year. • Joined Metal Box in London, in carton packaging – 3 years. • Worked for Faber Castell in Germany. • Got a job in the UK selling packaging. • Then joined DS Smith in London – 3 years. • Relocated to Neath and got a job with DS Smith here and has been here ever since.
  20. 20. MEETING 10 – JOHN CHISLETT Likes and Dislikes about his job: • Likes the selling of cartons. • Likes meeting new customers. • Likes developing and selling new products. • Likes the people he works with. • Dislikes office based admin. • Dislikes divisional buisness that has nothing to do with the buisness. The advice he gave me: • Take every option you get to increase your knowledge of the buisness. • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  21. 21. Corrugated packing plants Industrial Division Display sites Sheets plants Abbey sheet feeding Services Belper Bristol Bradford Boon (Blunham) Delta Bristol Delta Display (Shenstone) Burwell (Kettering) (PSM) www.psmds Clay Cross Heanor Ely Celtic (Celtic & Rhondda) (Louth) Ralegh www.ralegh. Devizes Hinckley London Eastern Box Featherston e Old bury March Folding Cartons (Neath) Wirral Newcastle Fordham Priory Launceston Southeast Livingston Lockerbie Louth D S Smith Sites In The UK
  22. 22. Female Survey Graph 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Y e a r s S e r v i c e In this graph I put information about the female workers service record for DS Smith with the information I collected from a survey.
  23. 23. Male Survey Graph 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 ChrisPye DarrenWood JonathanMort RichardJenkins DavidRoles IanHall SteveHopkins AndrewThomas KristianMichael KeithHopkins TomHendry Chrisackers AlanCameron AndrewRenalds DavidHenry SteveYates TomLewis RonPerkins W.Bendle DavidWells GrahamRandall DavidKnight MickyHughes AndrewBrown IanBeale Y e a r s S e r v i c e In this graph I put information about the male workers service record for DS Smith with the information I collected from a survey.
  24. 24. Sources Page • Plant locations -