Comparing games consoles final


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Comparing games consoles final

  1. 1. Gareth Walsh, Application of Number, 31/3/14 Page 1 Comparing Games Consoles Introduction In this project I am going to compare two games consoles and make a decision of which one is better. The two games consoles I will be comparing are Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4. For this project I will: -  Gather information to allow me to compare the cost, specifications and changing popularity over time.  Identify an average cost of both consoles by comparing five different retailers.  Produce a table comparing the specifications of my two chosen consoles.  Produce a pie chart comparing the sales of each console worldwide.  Demonstrate how I have checked my work.  Produce a report summarizing my findings and giving my opinion on the best buy. Task A – Collecting my data These are prices from 5 retailers for the Xbox One and the PS4. PS4  GAME – £349.99* - £519.99  Argos - £349.99  Tesco – £349.00  Amazon – £349.99  Curry’s – £349.00 Xbox One  GAME - £399.99* - £629.99  Argos – £429.99  Tesco – £429.99  Amazon – £429.99  Curry’s – £429.00 * = Preowned
  2. 2. Gareth Walsh, Application of Number, 31/3/14 Page 2 The main thing about the new consoles compared to the old ones is that there are a lot better specifications on the new consoles. The new specs are: - PS4:  CPU – 8-core X86-64 AMD “Jaguar”  Graphics – AMD Radeon Graphics core Next engine (1.84 Tflops)  Memory – 8GB GDDR5 RAM  Storage – 500 GB Additional storage  Optical Drive – Blu-ray Drive (6xCAV) DVD Drive (8xCAV)  Input/Output – HDMI, USB 3.0, AUX, Analog, digital output (optical)  Communication – Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 Xbox One:  CPU – 8-core CPU  Graphics – 1.23 Tflops  Memory – 8GB System Memory  Storage – 500 GB HDD  Optical Drive – Blu-Ray Drive  Input/Output – HDMI, USB 3.0  Communication – 802.11n, Wi-Fi direct
  3. 3. Gareth Walsh, Application of Number, 31/3/14 Page 3 Task B – Prices * = Preowned I think that the PS4 is cheaper overall because Microsoft knew that the Xbox 360 was so popular that they thought they could raise the price of the Xbox One and still get a lot of people to buy it regardless of the price. Task B - Specifications This table shows the important specifications of the both consoles. It shows CPU, memory, resolution and hard drive. PS4 Xbox One Superior console CPU 8-core X86 -64 AMD “Jaguar” 8-core CPU 1 Resolution 1080p 1080p - Memory 8GB GDDR5 RAM 8GB System Memory 1 Hard drive 8GB internal, 500GB external 500GB HDD 1 In my opinion the PS4 is better because it has better specifications and it’s cheaper. The CPU on the PS4 is much better as it runs faster and smoother. The resolution on both consoles are exactly the same so there are no pros or cons to them. The memory on the PS4 is better than the Xbox One as it runs faster in the RAM than it does on the system. The hard drive is also better on the PS4 as it already has 8GB internal memory and an additional 500GB PS4 Xbox One GAME £349.99* £399.99* Argos £349.99 £429.99 Tesco £349.00 £429.99 Amazon £384.99 £429.99 Curry’s £349.00 £429.00 Median Price £349.99 £429.99 Average Cost £356.59 £423.79 Range £349.00 - £384.99 £35.99 £399.99 - £429.99 £30.00
  4. 4. Gareth Walsh, Application of Number, 31/3/14 Page 4 whilst the Xbox One only has 500GB on a hard drive disc. Another feature of a console that may affect you buying it is the size of the console. If a console is big and bulky and takes up an unnecessary amount of room, you may be pushed away from buying it and would want to buy a smaller console. Task C - Popularity At the moment, the PS4 is leading world sales having sold 5.3 million consoles to the Xbox One’s 3.6 million consoles. The PS4 also sold more consoles in the first 48 hours in the UK than the Xbox One. The PS4 sold 250,000 consoles to the Xbox One’s 100,000. The sales for the PS4 were highest in January because of the after Christmas sale dropped down to near £300 and people jumped on that offer. The Xbox One sold most in December due to excitement of it being a new console. So far the PS4 is the most popular in the world and still hasn’t launched in Japan yet so when it does it will have an even bigger lead. Task D – World Sales These are the sales figures for both consoles in the 2 main continents: - As of December 21st 2013 PS4 Xbox One North America 290,244 225,748 Europe 264,100 64,099 Total Worldwide 656,655 307,366 As made clear in the table, the PS4 is ahead by more than double in sales and the most units sold by both consoles was in North America. The PS4 was so popular in 2013 that it sold more consoles in Europe than the Xbox One did in North America.
  5. 5. Gareth Walsh, Application of Number, 31/3/14 Page 5 As of December 21st 2013 PS4 Xbox One Total Worldwide 656,655 307,366 - North America - 290,244 - 225,748 - Europe - 264,100 - 64,099 Rest of World 102,311 17,519 In the table above I used a calculator to work out how many consoles were sold in the rest of the world, then I created the pie charts below to show the proportion sold globally. PS4 Sales Chart 16% 40% 44% North America - 290,244 Europe - 264,100 Rest of the World - 102,311 Xbox One Sales 6% 21% 73% North America - 225,748 Europe - 64,099 Rest of the World - 17,519 The PS4 is much more popular in Europe compared to Xbox One.
  6. 6. Gareth Walsh, Application of Number, 31/3/14 Page 6 Early Sales Trends This is a graph for the sales of the first 60 days of each console coming out. The PS4 leads throughout in the race to see who can sell the most consoles and make the most money. I think the reason for this is because the PS4 is dedicated to gamers only and it is a lot cheaper than the Xbox One. Report I found out a lot about these two consoles that I didn’t know before. The most challenging part of this project was finding the sales figures as I couldn’t find the specific ones I wanted. In my opinion, the PS4 is better as a console because it is dedicated to gamers whilst the Xbox One is an entertainment system as it supports Netflix, TV and Internet Explorer. If you are looking for a dedicated games console to do nothing else on but play games, the PS4 would be the best buy for you, but if you are looking for something to put in your living room as an entertainment system, the Xbox One is the console for you.