Collectibles - what to buy and what to keep.


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Collectibles - what to buy and what to keep.

  1. 1. COLLECTABLES: MY INVESTMENT FOR THE FUTURE BY PAUL MEMBURYMy love for collecting started about 10 years ago; I started visitingcharity shops in and around the Swansea and Morriston area justpicking up bits and bobs. Then my brother introduced me to carboot sales where you could pick up a bargain. 1
  2. 2. STARTING TO COLLECTIn the beginning I started collecting glass ornaments and whiskeydecanters. After that I caught the bug for collectables. My collectionbegan to take off and I realised there could be a possible profit to bemade by buying and selling these items.So this was the start of my new hobby. Over many years ofcollecting, I’ve amassed a large amount of desirable items, which Ihope in time will be of great value and interest to the nextgeneration. PROGRAMMES AND COLLECTORS CLUBSI have also taken an interest in the following programmes; • Flog-it • Bargain Hunt • Antiques Road ShowI have also started to buy books on the subject of collectables,Millers Guides is one which explains what and what not to buy, alsowhat they predict will be a collectable of the future?There are several firms I have started to collect from over the last 10year’s; some of the items I have purchased are limited editions. • Brooks and Bentley • Westminster Collection • Danbury Mint • Royal Mint Collectors ClubThere are numerous collectors clubs, so I would advise you toconcentrate on one subject to collect and add to your collection.Collecting a variety of items can not only become expensive, but canalso clutter up your home. 2
  3. 3. MISTAKES TO BE MADEI have learnt from past mistakes by getting involved in to manydifferent types of collectables. It becomes very time consuming andoverwhelming to say the least.So I’ve decided to stick to only one collection, which as been my alltime favourite. MODEL CARS either die-cast or plastic and kept intheir boxes or original wrapping to maintain or increase their value.In order to enjoy your hobby, you must set yourself an amount onhow much you are prepared to spend on an item. You could findyourself spending far too much, and losing out in the future on itsvalue by overpaying. I’d advise you to look around before makingyour final purchase as there are bargain out there to be had. THE RISE IN PRICESWhen I first showed an interest in collecting cars in the 1970’s, thecost of them were pennies. Now you can end up paying severalhundred pounds for an item, and for even rarer ones the sky’s thelimit. Collectors will pay well over the odds for items, if they want toadd them to their collection.With reference to the difference in prices, a set of 6 cars in 1934went for the cost of 4 shillings, which in today’s money would onlybe a few pence. Now cars of that era could demand several hundredpounds if they are still in their boxes and in good condition. That’swhy it’s important to look after your collectables for futureinvestment. Damaged or spoilt boxes lower the value immensely, soit’s important that you look after your collection. 3
  4. 4. Car date Name of Original Today’s car price price 1934 Car set 6 asst 4 shillings £1,500 1955 Heinz van 8 shillings and3d £2,000 1957 Golden shred van 8 shillings and9d £1,000 The above chart demonstrates how the value of cars can go up over the years if you are able to keep them in good condition and still in their original boxes. When collecting it’s always advisable to buy the best quality product you can, as buying substandard items can greatly reduce the value of your collection in years to come. There is something to remember when going to auction, you must take into account Auctioneer’s fees and VAT. You should set yourself a budget, as it’s quite easy to get carried away when bidding, and pay well over the odds for the item you want to purchase. HOW POPULAR MODEL CAR’S AND KIT’S HAVE BECOME SINCE THE FIFTY’S What was being bought and when1950s Cars and Planes1960s Cars, Planes and Tanks1970s Tanks and Lorries1980s Science Fiction Models1990s Racing Cars2000s T.V Related Models So if anybody reading this article finds the following information2010s Models of Days gone by & Boats 4
  5. 5. useful I’m glad my project has been of some use. So to my fellowcollector’s, good luck and good hunting.There are bargains out there to be had so keep looking, who knowsone day you may find a treasure worth thousands.SOURCES USEDDinky Toys - ReferenceThe Dinky Toys BlogDie-cast toy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopaediaDinky Toy Fire Engine photo - Released under the CreativeCommons Attribution 2.0 license by its photographer, FaceMePLS 5