October 2012


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October 2012

  1. 1. October 2012 Newsletter Important Dates: Halloween Bash October 20th 6-8PM 1345 E. Main St Mesa, AZ 85203 In this Issue: Page 1: Connect the Dots, Did you know, Halloween Sudoku Page 2: EmployeeRecognition, Consumer Spotlight Page 3: Birthday’s, HALLOWEEN BASHWelcome, and Mission Statement October 20th 6-8PM Here at ITC Did you know? We’re making two Ranch Trips in October The 13th and 27th Call for more information . 2010s Halloween Video Click here to see Halloween Photos from last year ITC-AZ.com
  2. 2. Employee Recognition Consumer Spotlight Rachel L. Jepson Jordan MonsonWhy did you want to be a caregiver and What are Jordan’s strengths? Reading, Math,administrative assistant for ITC? learns very quickly, good sense of humorChildren with disabilities change the lives of What is Jordan’s favorite movie or show? Alvineveryone they come in contact with. We’re all and the Chipmunksbetter people having known them. Also… it’s What are the activities and/or hobbies thatpretty fun. Jordan enjoys? Reading, watching movies,What are your hobbies? Ballroom dance, playing on the computer, playing with his sisterreading, camping, watching TV, riding my pink and swimmingbicycle, and sewing. What is a favorite memory ofWhat are your favorite activities to do with Jordan? Watching him grow from the strugglesyour consumers? This summer I did a lot of he had earlier on in life to the young man he issewing projects with one of my consumers, she now. We also have fond memories of the funnywas a natural! things he says each day. An example is, he hadWhat is one of your goals that you would like a sore throat one day and said, " Oh no, myto accomplish? I’d love to write and publish a cock-a-doodle doo is broken." He makes uschildren’s book. laugh every day! ALL CONSUMERS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THESE EVENTS! PLEASE CONTACT ITC FOR MORE INFORMATION AT (480) 969-5480 Oct. 19th & 20thEmail RachelJ@ITC-AZ for more information ITC-AZ.com
  3. 3. Welcome to ITC October Birthdays John Nardini Hannah Wright James Lang Susan Garner Aaron Jones Raymond Tetschner Jonathan Chatfield William Gambrel Amro Elsharkawy Roman Sanchez Riley Clinton Maritza Romine Angel Vega Seth Jones Maria Castro Vanezza Feliciano Maria Corona Amelia Davis Barbara Tabor Zachary Crews Vaitaki Aholelei Harmony Middlebrook Barbara Tabor Cynthia Valk Claudia Gallegos Lindsey Hayes Edith Gallacher Emmanuel Vidarrauzaga Elizeu DosReis Yvette Campanella Jonathon Tannis Daniel Rangel Josie Barnhardt Aaron Jones Lucy Pothier Tasha Needham Maria LopezMission Statement: To provide a quality service that ensures safety, compassion, knowledge, and care by listening and helping our Consumers through consistency, teamwork, and high ethical standards. ITC, LLC is a licensed, bonded and authorized Provider for Personal Care Services inthe State of Arizona. We hire caring attendants who provide quality service and have high ethical standards. Our staff is loyal, trusting, reliable, and competent. Our caregivers will treat your loved ones with compassion and respect. 1345 E. Main Street, Ste. 110 1241 E. Washington Ste. 101 Mesa, AZ 85203 Phoenix, AZ 85034 Email: BrianF@ITC-AZ.com Email: RodM@ITC-AZ.com Office: (480) 969-5480 Office: (602) 253-5480 Fax: (480)969-5512 Fax: (602) 253-5512 www.ITC-AZ.com www.ITC-AZ.com ITC-AZ.com