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Consumer Spotlight              Alan SmithWhat are Alan’s strengths? Alan is a very social person. He like being with his ...
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January 2013


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January 2013

  1. 1. Important Dates1st Timecards Due 16th Timecards Due Office closed 21st Office Closed2 nd HAH notes due Civil Rights Day8th Pay Day 23 rd Pay Day January 2013You can call ITC 24/7 We have an “After Hours” line for your convenience.
  2. 2. Consumer Spotlight Alan SmithWhat are Alan’s strengths? Alan is a very social person. He like being with his friends, is kind of a coolguy who likes to high five people. He also enjoys his alone time, especially listening to music. Katy Perryis his favorite along with Lady Gaga, Pink and other top 40 performers. Sometimes during lunch break atschool they play music and Alan entertains them with his dance moves. He is also very good at mechanicaltype things, like building a birdhouse from a kit. H is especially good at puzzles, which he loves to do.What is Alan’s favorite movie? His favorite movie is “Katy Perry: Part of Me”What are some activities and hobbies that Alan enjoys? Alan likes to go on hikes with us, especially atSpur Cross in Cave Creek to explore the cave. We have two dogs, Dolly and Domino, who Alan loves totake on the hikes too. He also enjoys gymnastics and won a bronze medal for his skill level at the ArizonaSpecial Olympics State Golf Competition. He also loves going to the movies.What is a favorite memory of Alan? One of my favorite memories of Alan relates to what acompassionate person he is to others. Alan has had a lot of health issues, some of which were socomplicated that he had to have surgery at Children’s Hospital Boston. During one of his many surgeries,Alan was in Pre-op waiting to be taken into the Operating Room and he was scared...didnt want to bethere. Alans surgeon was delayed and Alan had to wait. He was in the last gurney right next to the door tothe Operating Rooms suite. As the gurneys with other children went by, Alan would say hello to each childand tell him or her that he/she were going to be OK. He did this for a few hours to every child that wentby. Finally one of the Doctors came out to pre-op to talk to the kid who was making all the childrenentering surgery smile. When Alans turn for surgery finally came, he was pretty calm about it. I guess bytelling all the other children they would be OK he convinced himself.
  3. 3. Employee Recognition Freeland Tracie Why did you want to be a caregiver for ITC? I work with children with developmental disabilities in a school setting and I wanted to expand working with the children outside of a structured school environment. What are your hobbies? My hobbies are exercising, yoga, doing crossword puzzles and caring for my dogs. What are your favorite activities to do with your consumers? My favorite activities to do with my consumers are going bowling, window shopping, seeing high school sports activities and taking them to their various high school functions. What is one of your goals that you would like to accomplish? One of my goals is to guide the children to be more self-sufficient and independent. What is your favorite quote? One of my favorite quotes is "Children need models more than they need critics." by J. Joubert ALL CONSUMERS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THESE EVENTS! PLEASE CONTACT ITC FOR MORE INFORMATION AT (480) 969-5480Call ITC for more information
  4. 4. Welcome to ITC Aa Cody Norman Jessica Pierson Kathleen Mulhern Ayhan Gedik Selina RodriquezGladys Bardales Mylee Serrano Bailey McCullough Gabriel Nelms Max Ramos David Norwood Catalina Stephens Cedric TalomDyan Buskohl Robert Cory David Hiatt January Birthdays Victoria ReeseKristi Crawford Jose Rocha Dylan Davila Janet GorevinKendra Muldrow Sarah Moore Donna Brown Spencer Utley Sylvia Evans Cherrone Newman Thomas Roberts Hermila Zavala Tracy Bosworth Angel Hernandez Amelia Davis Holli Mennenga Jermiah Thues Miles Jackson Coltin Anderson Shuntee Green Jennifer Tsosie Did you know? Alacia Montegue-Ross Jose Gonzales Jessica DeWitt Keith Allen Matthew Santana ITC has recently started a Hilda Martin Matthew Yamashiro new branch in West Phoenix. Alex Allen is the director and we are excited to see it grow! Mission Statement: To provide a quality service that ensures safety, compassion, knowledge, and care by listening and helping our Consumers through consistency, teamwork, and high ethical standards. ITC, LLC is a licensed, bonded and authorized Provider for Personal Care Services in the State of Arizona. We hire caring attendants who provide quality service and have high ethical standards. Our staff is loyal, trusting, reliable, and competent. Our caregivers will treat your loved ones with compassion and respect. East Central West 1345 E. Main Street, Ste. 110 1241 E. Washington Ste. 101 1241 E. Washington Ste. 101 Mesa, AZ 85203 Phoenix, AZ 85034 Phoenix, AZ 85034 Email: Email: Email: Office: (480) 969-5480 Office: (602) 253-5480 Office: (602) 418-9226 Fax: (480)969-5512 Fax: (602) 253-5512 Fax: (602) 253-5512 www.ITC-AZ.comClick here to view past newsletters