Before reading strategies


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Before reading strategies

  1. 1. Get Ready to Read!<br />Actions Readers Take to Get Ready to Read<br />
  2. 2. Journal Heading for Today<br />Before Reading Actions 8/22/11<br />T-P-S :<br />
  3. 3. Think-Pair-Share<br />THINK-Think to yourself about the actions you take to get ready to read any kind of text. Write down 2 things in your journal.<br />PAIR-Share your thinking with your table group. Add 1 idea<br />SHARE-Add 2 more ideas to your list<br />
  4. 4. BR Action #1-Set a Purpose<br />What is It?<br />Deciding why you are reading a particular story or article.<br />Why is it important?<br />Knowing why you are reading affects HOW you read. <br />Helps you pay attention to what’s important. <br />How do I do it?<br />Think about what and why.<br />Look at title, headings, and pictures to decide<br />
  5. 5. BR Action #2-Make a prediction<br />What is It?<br />Deciding what a story is about or what you think you will learn.<br />Why is it important?<br />Helps you to set a purpose for reading.<br />Helps you pay attention to what’s important. <br />How do I do it?<br />Look at title, headings, and pictures to make a prediction<br />
  6. 6. BR Action #3-Previewing<br />What is It?<br />Scanning over a piece of text before you read.<br />Why is it important?<br />Helps you to get an idea of how the story is put together (text structure) and/or possible obstacles to your reading.<br />How do I do it?<br />Flip through the story and look for chapter titles, pictures, headings, maps, charts, graphs, bolded words or words that stand out to you.<br />
  7. 7. BR Action #4-Activating Background Knowledge (BK)<br />What is It?<br />Pulling out your mental file folder on what you already know about a topic, author, or genre.<br />Why is it important?<br />Helps you to connect to the story and makes it easy to learn new information.<br />How do I do it?<br />Use the title, headings/subheadings, summary, pictures to bring up any prior knowledge.<br />If you have no background knowledge, you can read a book about the topic or watch a video clip.<br />
  8. 8. BR Action #5-Text Structure<br />What is It?<br />How a story or article is put together.<br />Why is it important?<br />Helps you to sequence and organize information<br />How do I do it?<br />Look for particular features for fiction-setting, characters, plot, problem, solution that match a certain kind of fiction<br />Look for particular features for nonfiction-headings/subheadings, photos, maps, charts, captions, etc. Also look at how the piece is written (Cause/Effect, Sequence, Problem/Solution, etc.)<br />