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Scifest@ITB - Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Student PresentationScifest@College
  • 2. What is SciFest?A festival of science open to all second-level students which encourages a love of science through Does m usic renquiry- based learning Tug at eally Heart your string s?and provides an opportunity for students to display their scientific discoveries
  • 3. Who Can Enter SciFest?SciFest is open to all second-level studentsAge Category: Junior - 1st Year and 2nd Year Intermediate - 3rd Year and 4th Year Senior - 5th Year and 6th YearProject Type: Individual Group - (Max. 3 students per group – all group members must be in attendance at the exhibition) Project Category:  Physical Sciences  Life Sciences  Technology
  • 4. Why do Scifest@ITB It’s a GREAT day out! Preparing project work for Scifest can give you a more in-depth understanding and confidence in science, maths and engineering. Exhibiting at SciFest is good preparation for the Coursework B element of the Junior Certificate examination or the project itself, if it meets the specified criteria. You can win prizes! Formula 1 Expo.
  • 5. 2012 Programme 10.00 Registration and Set-up 10.45 Opening Ceremony 10.45 Judging 12.15 Lunch 13.00 Formula 1 Expo 14.00 Prize Ceremony 14.45 Closing Address 15.00 Event closes
  • 6. Awards Trophies& Prizes Priz e s
  • 7. Baking it up! Project Examples est Stro op T Cris p Sc ienc e Solar Power Beat Blockers Cooke r
  • 8. Other Awards Sponsored by the Discover Sensors Project ( What Are Sensors? Sensors are devices that convert a physical parameter such as room temperature, blood pressure or wind speedDiscover Sensor Winner 2012 into a signal that can be measured Noisy Neighbours electrically. by Colin Clarke from St. Peter’s Two awards may be presented for the College, Dunboyne best Discover Sensors project where the investigation involves substantial use of one or more digital sensors in conjunction with a datalogger or computer.Colin investigated the transmission of soundthrough walls and insulation. He made gooduse of the LabQuest software and used both Prizesthe frequency generator function and FFT School Prize: Discover Sensors Trophyfor analysis. Student Prize: One4all vouchers Teacher Prize: One4all vouchers
  • 9. Other Awards Discover Space Award The award is presented to the project whichMaths in Science Award best uses Space as a themeJudges will be asked to identify the in science, technology or maths.project which best illustrates the Space education information andimportance of mathematics in science. resources are available fromThe selected projects will be passed to SciFest judging panel.Prizes PrizesTrophy TrophyOne4all vouchers2012 WinnersAn investigation into theexperimenter demand effect– could it influence students Discover Space Winner 2012in our school?By; Megan Weston and Can we grow a plant on Mars?,Kate Thompson, from by Aoife Downey,Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan. from St. Michaels Loreto, Navan
  • 10. r fo EW 012 Global Other AwardsN 2 Citizenship and Sustainable Energy Sustainability Award AwardThe award was set up to support and The award will be presented todevelop closer links between young Irish the project that demonstrates one or moreand African students and to support of the following:Young Scientists Tanzania. 1.Energy efficiency in 2.Investigation into renewable energy 3.Awareness raising of a topic related toProject Criteria sustainable energy The student/s submitting the project Prizes1.must connect with a similar group of Trophystudents in Africa and have workedtogether on the same investigation. Sustainable2.The report must include data collectedin Ireland and in Africa Energy Award3.The project must focus on a 2012sustainability issue (e.g., food, water, Under pressure toenergy, climate change, sanitation, soil generate electricity!fertility, fishery, equality, access to by Alice Brennan, fromeducation, health or ICT, poverty, etc.) St. Michaels Loreto, Navan
  • 11. SciFest celebrates excellence in STEM education October 2012 ‘Intel Celebrates Excellence in Science’ Twenty-Four second level students were awarded Intel Excellence in Science awards in recognition of their achievement in SciFest 2012 by Dr. Graham Love, Director of Discover Science & Engineering Programme at Science Foundation Ireland
  • 12. What You Need to do Today Log onto Use the information given on the website especially the ‘Guidelines for Entrants’ and ‘Report Book and Presentation’ Download and print out an entry form Make out a ‘things to do’ listGroup ProjectPick students you know you can work withWork with somebody who lives near you or is in your classDecide on a group leader, divide up the work - teamwork is veryimportantArrange definite times to meet!
  • 13. Deciding on an IdeaCheck out ‘Project Ideas’ on theSciFest website,Brainstorm!!!Talk to your parents, your teacher, your friendsCheck out the Internet and the libraryWatch the news and read the newspaperHave you a hobby?Is there a particular area of science you are interested in? Write out the idea in your own words Remember YOU CAN DO IT
  • 14. Research and Brainstorm Get a large sheet of paper and brainstorm with your team Make a shortlist of ‘best ideas’ Find out as much as you can about the topic What questions would you like to try to answer?  Can you find a mentor, i.e., someone from a company, a hospital or a third level college who might be a source of information and/or resources
  • 15. Remember  Investigate only one variable  Keep all other factors constant  Have a control  Repeat the experiment a number of times  Be prepared to change your approach when necessary B Safe e  Ensure that it is a fair testCheck that you are not planning anydangerous experiments or usingharmful equipment or chemicals
  • 16. A Completed Project Must Contain 1. PROJECT REPORT BOOK o Title Page Projec t Report o Introduction o Background Research Is the viscos ity of o Experimental Methods by hea oil affected t? o Results o Conclusions and Recommendations o Acknowledgements o Appendices Jessic a Dee o References Mary Lo Jones St An uise ward ne’s S c Co Lim hool erick 2. SUMMARY (included in Report Book) This is a short description of what your science project is about.  It should be no more than two typed pages in length 3. VISUAL DISPLAY Should be bright, attractive, clear and conciseSee – Report Book and Presentation
  • 17. The Website - SciFest 2013 - Guidelines for entrants - Entry Forms - Report Book and Presentation Transition Year Module ‘Science by Inquiry’ Project Ideas Exhibition Dates and Contacts Links and Resources Project Blogger ( Media Centre and more …………………………..
  • 18. SciFestBe a part of something BIG v=EMqNxVgaD3c&feature=channel