Flourish 2011 Chicago


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Flourish 2011 Chicago

  1. 1. The Document Foundation Italo Vignoli
  2. 2. how many of youhave heard about LibreOffice?
  3. 3. how many of youhave downloaded LibreOffice?
  4. 4. how many of youare actually using LibreOffice?
  5. 5. Thank You !!!
  6. 6. The Story Begins ...‣ once upon a time the Sun was shining‣ well, sometimes there were some clouds‣ but the Sun was swallowed by the Oracle‣ who gave the world Oracle Open Office
  7. 7. No, Thanks
  8. 8. Background‣ July 19, 2000: Sun Announces an Open Source StarOffice‣ October 13, 2000: OpenOffice.org Launched‣ May 1, 2002: OpenOffice.org 1.0 Released‣ October 20, 2005: OpenOffice.org 2.0 Released‣ October 2, 2007: Go-OO Announced‣ October 13, 2008: OpenOffice.org 3.0 Released‣ January 27, 2010: Oracle Acquires Sun
  9. 9. Ten Years After‣ Ten years after the promise of a foundation ...‣ “a foundation is a great idea... the time is not yet ripe... perhaps in three years”, etc.‣ Patience is a virtue, but not an inexhaustible resource.‣ Some truly fantastic “opportunities” for improvement‣ Vendor neutrality / no copyright assignment barrier
  10. 10. Doing It Right‣ Vendor neutral, no code ownership aggregation‣ A real Free Software / hackers project‣ Volunteers + RedHat + Novell + Debian + Canonical + Google …‣ FSF + OSI + boycott Novell support, etc.‣ Freedesktop hosting‣ LGPLv3+ / MPL for new code ...
  11. 11. Last Six Months‣ September 28, 2010: The Document Foundation and LibreOffice 3.3 Beta are announced‣ January 25, 2011: LibreOffice 3.3 Stable Released.‣ Early May 2011: LibreOffice 3.4 Expected
  12. 12. Still a Young Project
  13. 13. LibreOffice‣ An idea – whose time has finally come ...‣ A beautiful, Office suite we can be proud of (in due course) backed by a real, open community‣ Shipping on Windows, Mac, GNU / Linux, *BSD, etc.‣ ODF enables trivial migration with your data ...
  14. 14. Code‣ Build LibreOffice‣ Find tasks to be solved‣ Write code and patches that go into the software‣ Experiment with and implement ideas
  15. 15. QA‣ Perform testing on the software‣ Find and report bugs‣ Review patches‣ Help improve the quality of the software
  16. 16. Graphics‣ Design buttons and icons‣ Design web banners‣ Design badges and stamps‣ Make it just work, and look great, too!
  17. 17. Web‣ Write content for the website‣ Help test and maintain the website and features
  18. 18. Documentation‣ Help write technical documentation for the project‣ Write technical “how to’s” for all the member applications‣ Write User Guides
  19. 19. Localization‣ Translate the project in your local language‣ Help the software reach out to a Non- English-Speaking audience too
  20. 20. Marketing‣ Learn how to compete with the best marketing organization in the software environment, without a budget‣ Work with the oldest and less enjoyable marketing guy in the free software world
  21. 21. Contributors
  22. 22. Easy Hacks
  23. 23. Easy Hacks‣ removing pointless comments‣ porting from Java → python and Java → C++‣ kill 3 of 4 duplicate base64 impls‣ remove dead / un-called code‣ fix cppcheck warnings‣ remove obsolete macros‣ remove thousands of multi-second sleeps from QA tooling‣ help thread the spreadsheet re-calculation engine‣ write unit tests‣ stop battery sapping timer leaks‣ improve localization tooling
  24. 24. Completed Hacks
  25. 25. What To Do‣ File good bugs ‣ Clear description: i.e. not “it doesnt work”‣ Sample documents: should exist, and be minimal ‣ i.e. what is the smallest possible bug document‣ Bug triage: hunting duplicates, poking “bad” bugs ‣ Help us out: we have some wonderful QA guys‣ Test team ‣ Downloading and testing release candidates ‣ Using the latest snapshots, running QA testtool
  26. 26. GSoC 2011http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/Gsoc/Ideas
  27. 27. Applications‣ Make Impress master pages copyable‣ Attach Impress animations to styles‣ Impress slide layout extendibility‣ Implement additional 3D slideshow transitions‣ Make autocompletion word lists persistent‣ Multi-line edit bar in Calc‣ Sorting by colors in Calc‣ Improved Color selection‣ Revamp the gallery tool‣ New protection modes in Writer‣ Borders around characters feature in Writer
  28. 28. Filters‣ Create a Visio import filter for Draw‣ Implement an AutoCAD vector import for LibreOffice‣ Use PDF imports layout recognition for other vector formats (e.g. postscript, wmf/emf)‣ Improve RTF Import (RTF Tokenizer)‣ Improve Writer HTML export‣ Enhanced SVG export filter‣ Enhanced flash export filter‣ Enhanced PDF export of EPS files embedded in document texts
  29. 29. Integration / Porting‣ Android Port‣ HTML5 / Canvas Rendering‣ (Finish) porting Impress 3D slideshow transition framework to Windows‣ Support document versioning via WebDAV‣ Convert DirectX canvas over to use cairo‣ Samba locking for GIO‣ Search for, and fix memory and resource leaks‣ Translations using gettext‣ UI cleanup‣ Convert the LibreOffice web help (wikihelp) to platform specific help files
  30. 30. Others‣ Standalone presentation viewer‣ Template preview‣ Performance Improvement‣ Use SVG for LibreOffice icons‣ Photo album extension‣ IDE integration for new container controls‣ Impove Container control usablility by adding support for scroll bars‣ Simplify the download of Windows dependencies