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Greek FOSS 2011


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  • 1. The Document Foundation Italo Vignoli
  • 2. καλημέρα
  • 3. IANAD I am not a developer IAAOMGAYSNTAOMGI am an old marketing guy and you should never trust an old marketing guy
  • 4. LibreOffice
  • 5. BackgroundJuly 19, 2000: Sun Announces an Open SourceStarOfficeOctober 13, 2000: LaunchedMay 1, 2002: 1.0 ReleasedOctober 20, 2005: 2.0 ReleasedOctober 2, 2007: Go-OO AnnouncedOctober 13, 2008: 3.0 ReleasedJanuary 27, 2010: Oracle Acquires Sun
  • 6. Ten Years AfterTen years after the promise of a foundation ...“a foundation is a great idea... the time is not yetripe... perhaps in three years”, etc.Patience is a virtue, but not an inexhaustibleresource.Some truly fantastic “opportunities” forimprovementVendor neutrality / no copyright assignmentbarrier
  • 7. LibreOfficeAn idea – whose time has finally come ...A beautiful, Office suite we can be proud of(in due course) backed by a real, opencommunityShipping on Windows, Mac, GNU / Linux,*BSD, etc.ODF enables trivial migration with yourdata ...
  • 8. Doing It RightVendor neutral, no code ownership aggregationA real Free Software / hackers projectVolunteers + RedHat + Novell + Debian +Canonical + Google …FSF + OSI + boycott Novell support, etc.Freedesktop hostingLGPLv3+ / MPL for new code ...
  • 9. Last Eight MonthsSeptember 28, 2010: The DocumentFoundation and LibreOffice 3.3 Beta areannouncedJanuary 25, 2011: LibreOffice 3.3 StableReleasedEnd of May 2011: LibreOffice 3.4
  • 10. Target Groups
  • 11. Developers
  • 12. Contributors
  • 13. Easy Hacksremoving pointless commentsporting from Java → python and Java → C++kill 3 of 4 duplicate base64 implsremove dead / un-called codefix cppcheck warningsremove obsolete macrosremove thousands of multi-second sleeps from QA toolinghelp thread the spreadsheet re-calculation enginewrite unit testsstop battery sapping timer leaksimprove localization tooling
  • 14. Easy Hacks
  • 15. Completed Hacks
  • 16. What Users Can DoFile good bugsClear description: i.e. not “it doesnt work”Sample documents: should exist, and be minimali.e. what is the smallest possible bug documentBug triage: hunting duplicates, poking “bad” bugsHelp us out: we have some wonderful QA guysTest teamDownloading and testing release candidatesUsing the latest snapshots, running QA testtool
  • 17. CodeBuild LibreOfficeFind tasks to be solvedWrite code and patches that go into thesoftwareExperiment with and implement ideas
  • 18. QAPerform testing on the softwareFind and report bugsReview patchesHelp improve the quality of the software
  • 19. LocalizationTranslate the project in your local languageHelp the software reach out to a Non-English-Speaking audience too
  • 20. GraphicsDesign buttons and iconsDesign web bannersDesign badges and stampsMake it just work, and look great, too!
  • 21. WebWrite content for the websiteHelp test and maintain the website andfeatures
  • 22. DocumentationHelp write technical documentation for theprojectWrite technical “how to’s” for all themember applicationsWrite User Guides
  • 23. MarketingLearn how to compete with the bestmarketing organization in the softwareenvironment, without a budgetWork with the oldest and less enjoyablemarketing guy in the free software world
  • 24. What Are We DoingCodeBug fixingNew features: SmartArt, improved interoperabilityGNU-make completion & cross-compile for WindowsDuring-build unit tests & improved QA processMoving bottom up ... clean code → clean UI → featuresPolish ... making it usable and pretty: i.e. Ctrl-F to findGovernanceIncorporation: raised 100k Euro for setting the legal entity process bootstrapping, ESC setup, etc.
  • 25. Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA