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Heading together for more innovative Central Europe

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Project AutoNet

  1. 1. Project AutoNet Heading together for more innovative Central EuropeKiev, 26th April 2012Klaudia Vlčková – project managerKatarína Hrablayová – communication manager
  2. 2. About the projectTransnational Network of Leading Automotive Regions in CE • Duration: 1. March 2010 – 28. February 2013 • Lead Partner: Automotive Cluster – West Slovakia • Total Budget: 2.136.099,- EUR • ERDF grant rate: 82 %
  3. 3. AutoNet Partners
  4. 4. Project objectivesAutoNet offers matchmaking and networking of public and private organizations to boost new innovative solutions.AutoNet establishes sustainable business network for cooperation of automotive industry key actors from CE regions. AutoNet promotes CE region and its actors as an ideal area for creating new processes, materials or products in automotive industry.
  5. 5. Key messagesAutoNet offers best knowledge transferto boost new innovative solutionsAutoNet establishes sustainable network forcooperation in automotive of CE regionsAutoNet promotes CE region as an idealarea for creating new processes, materialsand products
  6. 6. Project structure Work packages:• WP 1: Project management and coordination - ACWS• WP 2: Communication and dissemination - ACWS• WP 3: Exchange of experience to improve regional services – Mid Pannon Regional Development Company• WP 4: Match Making to boost Innovation – ACS Slovenia• WP 5: Cooperation to support improvement of policies - Comunimprese SCARL
  7. 7. Main AutoNet activitiesExchange of experience to improve regionalservicesMatch making to boost innovationCooperation to support improvement ofpolicies
  8. 8. Work package 3Exchange of experience to improve regional servicesMid- Pannon Regional Development CompanyExchange of experience 07/2010 – 03/2011Joint Research & Analysis 08/2010 - 04/2011Good Practices Transfer inside AutoNet 05/2011 - 03/2013Main Outputs/ Results:•3 International Exchange of experience seminars•1 Study on supporting services and policies for Automotive industry•Regional Analysis in cooperation with Assoc. Institution•Set-Up of Common Service Standards for networks member
  9. 9. Work package 4Match Making to boost InnovationAutomotive Cluster of SloveniaMatchMaking methodology 06/2010 – 12/2010MatchMaking Web based database 07/2010 - 01/2013MatchMaking Events Analysis 11/2010 - 02/2013Main Outputs/ Results:•CE Matchmaking Database•3 Non EU Transnational Thematic MatchMaking Events•9 International Thematic MatchMaking Events•6 Cooperation agreements on innovations
  10. 10. Work package 5Cooperation to support improvement of policies Comunimprese SCARLCooper. with other Automotive supporting activities 05/2010 –03/2013Elaboration of policy recommendations 07/2010 – 11/2012AutoNet Annual Conference 10/2010 –11/2012Main Outputs/ Results:•Cooperation agreement with EASN, CLEPA, Autoclusters•Regional policies recommendations to improve innovations
  11. 11. AutoNet partnership contribution- To Transfer of best practices between the regions- To improve regional services for automotive actors and propose common policy recommendation for Education and Innovation Process- - to create innovative cooperation in automotive industry through MatchMaking activities and MatchMaking Database Service
  12. 12. Communication strategyAddressing to the proposals and practicalsolutions of the project activitiesAutoNet uses not only media but alsonon-media communication techniquesEach project activityis a communication tool
  13. 13. Communication toolsStandard media communication:Project web siteProject NewsletterMedia releasesPromotion materialsNon-media communication:EventsMatchmaking databaseCooperation with other Automotive supportingactivities ( EASN, CLEPA, Autoclusters)
  14. 14. Standard communication:Project web project information- partners information- regional and European news- Matchmaking databaseProject Newsletter- project proceeding- relevant regional information- wide direct disseminationMedia releases- on regional, national and international level- translations to national languages- wide audience coverage
  15. 15. Communicating resultsEvents3 Exchange of experience seminars9 International Thematic Match-Making Events3 International Thematic Match-Making Events outside EURegional Info Days in each regionMatchmaking database trainings in each regionAutoNet Annual ConferencesMatchmaking databaseA sustainable tool to preserve themain idea of the project AutoNet:Together for innovative Europe
  16. 16. Upcomming activitiesAutoNet eventsJuly 2012– Kilometro Rosso, Italy 7th International Thematic Match-Making EventSeptember 2012 – Székesfehérvár , Hungary 8th International Thematic Match-Making EventOctober 2012 – Kaluga, Russia 3rd Non EU MatchMaking eventDecember 2012- Dolnosaskie region 9th International Thematic Match-Making Event 3rd AutoNet Annual Conference
  17. 17. Thank you for your attention More information on: