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enertec as platform for solar energy

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  1. 1. INTELLIGENT AND EFFICIENT ENERGY SYSTEMSenertec as platform for solar energy
  2. 2. International Trade Fair for the Generation, Distribution and Storage of Energy showcases forward-looking technologies and innovative services for the close-to-load generation, distribution and storage of energy focus enertec decentral: combines decentralized solutions of renewable energies and cogeneration international trade fair with strong catchment areas in the Eastern German and Eastern European region at the enertec, exhibitors from the industry and services sector meet decision-makers from the industry, municipalities, municipal enterprises, consulting engineers and planning offices as well as from public utilities and plant operators***************************************************************************************************** Patron of enertec
  3. 3. Prelude of the year 2013 for the energy and environment industry unique trade fair combination strong trade fair duo of enertec and TerraTec – International Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies and Services makes Leipzig the comprehensive platform for presenting the entire supply and disposal industry in the spotlight in 2013: decentralized infrastructure solutions for industry, municipalities and private customers + operational services for the municipal sector international focal regions 2013: partner country Croatia guest regions from Russia the high-caliber program of specialized events and international cooperation exchanges brings added value for exhibitors and visitors of both trade fairs concurrent in 2013: annual convention and trade show of the German Biogas Association 1 ticket = 3 events for the
  4. 4. Added value BIOGAS: Hall concept 2013 more trade visitors in particular for the renewable energies sector Specialized
  5. 5. enertec 2011 in retrospect:Exhibitors:232 exhibitors, 14% from abroad 84% plan their participation in 2013Visitors:9,500 visitors, 7% from abroad 96% trade visitors 35% concentrate exclusively on the enertec 89% estimated their visit worthwhile and plan to come in 2013 considerable increase in number of international guests, especially from Poland, Russia and the Czech Republic high-ranking delegations from the Russian Federation, Romania and
  6. 6. enertec 2011 in retrospect: – exhibitors arranged by exhibition areas: Decentralized energy technology Utilization of renew able energy sources Biomass/biogas/biof uels Cogeneration / Trigeneration Services f or the energy sector Energy ef f iciency technologies Technologies f or process measuring, control and inf ormation systems Distribution and storage of energy Centralized energy technologies Energy and emission trade pe r ce nt 0 10 20 30
  7. 7. enertec 2013 – key topics (1/4):Decentralized technologies for energy supply and conversion –enertec decentral:solar energy, bioenergy, cogeneration, geothermal energy, fuel cell technologies,small wind power plants + services for decentralized energy generation clear orientation of enertec on decentralized technologies and intelligent solutions for the integration of systems presentation of notable manufacturers and service providers of the sector wide range of products and solutions (all applications and types of fuel) specific exhibitor forum „enertec decentral“ synergies with annual convention and trade show of the German Biogas Association review 2011 for this sector: strong visitor interest in this area (2/3 of the visitors) 89% of the exhibitors were satisfied with their participation 83% of the exhibitors plan to participate again in
  8. 8. enertec 2013 – key topics (2/4)focus on solar energy: photovoltaics, solar heat (also in combination)review enertec 2011 for this sector: 56 % of the visitors interested in this area 88 % of the exhibitors very satisfied with their participation Central Germany is one of the major locations for the solar industry in Germany (production of solar cells / solar power plants / grid expansion) solar energy at the enertec 2013: contact platform for Central and Eastern Europe with high demand for information and know-how presentation of complete solutions for industry, trade and
  9. 9. enertec 2013 – key topics (3/4)focus on solar energy: highlights in specialized programenertec 2011 in retrospect: conference „photovoltaics - chance for the business location Central Germany“ organized by: Joint Initiative Renewable Energies Saxony EESA conference „Legal conditions for the erection and operation of PV plants“ organized by: MASLATON Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH exhibitor presentations in forum „enertec decentral“ in enertec hallenertec 2013 – planned events: conference on photovoltaics / solar heat (by Joint Initiative Renewable Energies Saxony EESA) exhibitor forum „enertec decentral“ as additional presentation opportunity in exhibition
  10. 10. enertec 2013 – key topics (4/4): Distribution of energy: grid expansion, intelligent solutions for the integration of decentralized energy systems and for grid management / smart grids Storage of energy: energy storage technologies, manufacturing equipment, complete storage systems, safety and reliability of energy storage systems Process measurement, control and information technologies / automation: ITC technologies for decentralized energy systems, smart metering Centralized technologies for energy supply and conversion Energy efficiency technologies Trade and
  11. 11. InternationalFocal regions: South Eastern Europe with partner country Croatia Russia with guest regionsInternational contact forum „International Marketplace“Information booths + lecture program of institutions from selected countries (mainly CEE, Southeastern Europe,CIS) on market conditions and investment requirements in the energy and environment sectorInternational cooperation exchange „Green Ventures“leading event of its kind in Germany (organized by Chamber of Industry and Commerce Potsdam)International B2BServices for international guests such as guided thematic tours at enertec/TerraTec, free translation, individualcontacts according to interests, International Business
  12. 12. For producers looking for contact to German electricians and wholesalersefa – 13th Trade Fair for Building Systems, Electrical Engineering, AirConditioning and Automation, from 16 – 18 October 2013Since 1990, efa has been the most important trade fair for building and electrical engineeringin Central Germany and neighbouring regions. Taking place for the 13th time from October16 to 18, 2013, efa is the central information and communications platform for craft, industryand trade.Fields of exhibition (choice):Building installation technology and building systems engineering / Lighting / Heatingsystems, air conditioning technology, ventilation / Power engineering, including photovoltaics /Automation technology / Protective and safety systems / Measuring instruments