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Music essay
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Music essay


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This is my music

This is my music

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  • 1. Soundtracks are really important in a movie. It keeps the viewer interested. It excites or makes the audience curious about what’s going to happen. It can also tell what’s happening in the movie, for example-if the movie’s background song has a consonant music, that means that everything is peaceful and nothing bad is happening. It can describe an emotion in the movie. You sometimes recognize a movie by a song in the movie. For example-Star Wars opening scene in which they have written”Far Far Away”. Although this didn’t come in any part of the movie, people still remember it, but mostly a soundtrack creates an emotional response in the viewer. There are many movies which have a very good soundtrack .The soundtrack of the two movies I will be analyzing are from the “Jaws” and “Harry Potter”. I chose Jaws because although it dint have many instruments or anything similar used in it, but still, it was so effective and popular that people still remember its brilliant suspense building soundtrack although the movie was made in 1975. I chose Harry potter “Prologue” because its amazing how easily the composer used the musical instruments to describe what type of movie it is(mystical).I also chose harry potter and Jaws because it is made by John Williams, he is a one of the best composer we have ever know. He made soundtrack for star wars, Jaws, Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones which are known to be some of the greatest movies. Jaws has one of the most recognizable soundtrack of all time. The 2 bass lines is so famous that it is a code for impending a Abhilash Singh
  • 2. shark’s attack and people mostly use this soundtrack for shark relating videos. Unlike Harry Potter, Jaws sound track’s effectiveness lies in its simplicity. Its starts with the two bass line, after some time it becomes more faster, urgent and louder keeping the audience in tension. The tuba adds a creepy effect in the scene. After, the orchestra joins in, but still, the bass line dominates. At last when the shark has killed its prey, the soundtrack ends with a sudden silence. I was 5 years old when I first saw Jaws. That scene had scared me so much that I even got a nightmare that a shark was going to kill me which had the same scary soundtrack. The composer had aimed for a suspense building scene in which the shark kills a woman (Jaws 1). The soundtrack is very effective because even a 5 year old could tell how the composer portrays the shark as the villain and he could see the emotion in the scene which made an emotional response on the veiwer. According to me. Over all Jaws is a powerful but under estimated soundtrack probably because of its simplicity and less usage of instruments, made ingeniously from experimental eerie melodies. The small parts such as the low two bass line at the start and the sudden silence at the end make this soundtrack special. The sound track(Prologue) used in Harry Potter is mostly used in it's trailers and is considered as the main theme for all Harry Potter movies because of its magical feeling. The soundtrack builds up a feeling of magic, mystery, wonder and admiration.The soundtrack has three different sounds in it. The Abhilash Singh
  • 3. sound track starts with a low dynamic consonant and a high pitch. After a while, a fast rhythm tone quickly enters which gets louder quickly but the first tone still being played at the background. Just after the first tone finishes, another higher dynamic consonant low pitch tone joins, played at the background. After a minute both the tones stop and the first enters again, which gets accompanied by the second tone yet again. After about twenty-seconds, the second tone stops and the first tone enters and finishes the song. This is one reason why the song gives a feeling of mystery and wonder because of the soft and quiet start which turns in a quick loud crescendo and then decreases after some time, rises again quickly, finishes decreasingly and turns silent again. This mystical soundtrack doesn’t portray any single character. It tells you about everyone as people having supernatural powers . It doesn't focus on any single person. The instruments used in the soundtrack are piano, violin and a xylophone. The classical music and old English theme makes me think of a place like a castle like hog wards. Also because of the noise of the piano, it seems it has been played in silent high place. The music in both the movies are used brilliantly.Everything fitted in perfectly in both the movies. Harry Potter’s sound track was really effective in showing the setting but Jaws was not, however you can tell that the place is an ocean but just listening to the soundtrack doesn't help you in that. I personally recommend you to listen to these soundtrack. No wonder John Williams is know to be one of the greatest composer in the world. Great work has been done by him. Abhilash Singh
  • 4. Bibliography Rowling, Joanne, Kathleen. Harry Potter and the philosophers' stone.Universal Studios, 2000 Spielberg,Steven. Jaws. Zanuck/Brown Productions, 1975 All sources (music) comes from Abhilash Singh