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Grammar book final
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Grammar book final

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  • 1. Maria Lind2nd period
  • 2. Table of Contents Que vs cual Ser- Doctor Ped Estar-helping Gustar Transitions Imperfect Triggers Acabar de + inf Hacer expressions Verbos gustar Relexive Tu commands DOP and placement preterite
  • 3. Que vs. CualQue Cual Used when asking for  Usually used before “es” and definitions other Ser forms when not Mostly used before nouns seeking a definition Singular and plural forms are the same
  • 4. Ser Description: Que es? Origin: De donde es? Characteristics: Como es? Time: Que hora es? Occupation: Que hace? Relationships: Quien es? Possession: De quien es? Events: Cuando/Donde es? Dates: Que dia es hoy?
  • 5. Estar- helping:temporARY CONDITIONS, LOCATION, FEELINGSHaber (to have) Va a haber viento. Its going to be windy.
  • 6. Gustar Fascinar Faltar Enchantar Importar Interesar Dueler
  • 7. Transition words Tambien- also Primero- first Segundo- second Finally- finalmente Lastly- por último
  • 8. ImperfectIr Ser Ver•Iba •Era •Veía•Ibas •Eras •Veías•Iba •Era •Veía•Íbamos •Éramos •Veíamos•Ibais •Erais •Veíais•Iban •Eran •Veían
  • 9. Triggers Todos los días A menudo A veces Siempre Cada día Los lunes Generalmente Mientras De vez en cuando Muchas veces frecuentemente
  • 10. Acabar+ De+ infinitive Acabo de Acabas de Acaba de Acabamos de Acaban deEx. Acabo de comer unas papas fritas y me duele es estómago.
  • 11. Hacer Expressions Hace + time + que + conjugated verb- How much time you have been doing something.- Ex. Hace trienta y cinco minutos que Paula espera el autobús. Hay + que + infinitive What needs to be done or what must be Ex. Hay que estudiar para sacar buenos notas. Se prohibe + infinitive se permite + infinitive Ex. Se prohibe fumar. Ir + a + infinitive What someone is going to do Conjugate Ir and leave what they are going to do in infinitive form
  • 12. verbos Acostarse Caerse Cortarse Lastimarse Quejarse Relajarse Sentirse
  • 13. Reflexive Verb that shows a subject and object are the same Subject is both a doer and receiver of an action “se is attached to the end and placed before conjugated form of the verb -me -nos -te -os -se -se
  • 14. Tu commands Negative tu commands • Tu commands irregulars -don’t eat it Di Hazno lo Ve comer Pon No lo comas Sal Se Ten ven
  • 15. DOP and placement Conjugate and pair a model verb with an infinitive to get a new meaning Ir+a+infinitive Poder+infinitive Querer+infinitive
  • 16. Preterite Past tense “snap shot” in time Beginning and/or ending Completed action