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  • 1. Industry Trends Making 10GbE the Data-Center Performance Choice Дмитрий Грязнов Директор по развитию корпоративных проектов Intel Corporation
  • 2. Growth Of IP Traffic
    • Global IP Traffic Doubles Every Two Years Through 2012
      • Six times larger than it was in 2007
      • Four times larger than 2008
      • CAGR : 46%
    • The Internet In 2012 Will Be 75 Times Larger Than 2002
      • Internet traffic will generate 28 Exabytes per month in 2012, the equivalent of seven billion DVDs each month
  • 3. 10GbE Market Update Application Drivers for 10GbE Adoption Source: Worldwide Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter 2007-2011 Forecast and Vendor Shares, IDC, 208077 Worldwide Server Virtualization 2006-2010 Forecast, 2007, IDC # 07C5089 Worldwide server clustering Forecast IDC, 202718 Use Case New Servers (2008 Segmentation Market Need Server Virtualization 1,167k servers Growing 20%/year Consolidation
    • Multiport GbE and 10GbE
    • Scaling I/O performance in virtualized server
    Dynamic Data Centers
    • Dynamic provisioning and VM mobility
    Storage over Ethernet* iSCSI: 250k+ servers FC: 1m+ servers iSCSI: 90%+ need easy to use iSCSI and headroom above 1G
    • Compatibility with native OS initiators
    • iSCSI Boot
    • 1G and 10G for ESX iSCSI support
    FC: Enterprise Data Centers
    • Migration to Unified Ethernet (DCB)
    • FCoE
    Clusters (including IPDC) 2,000k servers Growing 17%/year Most need better latency and bandwidth
    • Linux support
    • Application affinity
    • Low latency over classical Ethernet
    10% need lowest possible latency
    • RDMA over IB for HPC
    • Some migration to iWARP
  • 4. 10GbE Market Update Significant Revenue Opportunity
      • 2008 10GbE Adapter Resellers Revenue $253m
      • Major switch vendors announced dense 10GbE products
          • Summit® X650 Series
      • VMware now supports 10GbE with the ESX 3.5 release
      • 10GbE FCoE Products announced
      • New 10GbE usage models drives down cost and power
          • Direct Attach solutions
    Source: A Guide to Ethernet and Phy Chips, Linley Group, Q1’08 update
      • 10GbE volume is ramping. Establish leadership in 2009
    10GbE Adapter (kp)
  • 5. Trends Driving 10 Gigabit Adoption… 10GbE NIC/LOM Volume ’ 03 2007 2009 2008 Multi-Core CPU architecture allows multiple applications on the processor Server consolidation and virtualization requires more I/O bandwidth per server Growth of network storage is driving demand for higher network bandwidth 50K 500K *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. All timeframes, products and dates are subject to change without further notification 2006 10GBT Spec Released June ‘06 10GbE Spec Released 2002 ’ 02 ’ 04 PCIe* Spec Released 2004 2010 Copper Adapters & Switches Accelerate 10GbE Adoption
  • 6. Unified Networking Infrastructure Benefits in a virtualized Environment Lower Costs and Simplified management for SAN connectivity 15 Servers 1G Enet 4G FC Total Ports 90 30 120 Switches 2 2 4 Cables 90 30 120 Mgmt Pts 2 2 4 15 Servers 10G Enet FC Total Ports 30 0 30 Switches 2 0 2 Cables 30 0 30 Mgmt Pts 2 0 2 LAN SAN A SAN B LAN SAN A SAN B 10GbE EEDC FCoE iSCSI
  • 7. Virtual Machine Device Queues (VMDq) More effective NIC sharing by sorting and grouping packets
    • VMDq (NOW)
      • Packets sorted into queues for destination VMs in the NIC hardware by MAC address and/or VLAN tags
      • Packets sent in groups to the VMM switch
        • Reduces number of decisions and data copies by the VMM switch
      • Fairly serviced transmit queues
    • Next Gen VMDq Features include:
      • Quality of Service
        • Bandwidth allocation by queue
      • Faster inter-VM communication
      • Broadcast/Multicast HW replication
      • VLAN tagging/stripping
    NIC w/ VMDq VMM VM 1 vNIC Layer 2 Software Switch MAC/PHY LAN VM 2 vNIC VM n vNIC … Layer 2 Sorter Rx1 Rx1 Rx1 Tx1 Rx2 Tx2 Tx2 Rxn Rxn Tx3 Tx3 Tx3 Rx1 Rx2 Rx1 Rxn Rx1 Rxn Txn Txn Tx2 Txn Tx2 Tx1 Idle Idle …
  • 8. Broadest 10GbE Family of Products New! Dual port CX4 for low latency HPC applications New! Dual port SFP+ Direct Attach for intra-rack connectivity Built on Intel® 82598 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller New! 10GBASE-T Server Adapter for distances up to 100m Single port LR fiber adapters for distances up to 10km Single and dual port SR for distances up to 300m
  • 9. Summary
    • History has shown BASE-T to be the media of choice for volume deployments
    • 10GBASE-T ecosystem is now ready
      • Intel delivering the adapter technology
      • Cable and test equipment available now
      • Extreme Networks, Cisco and other vendors deploying high-density switches
    • Intel is delivering industry leading 10GbE adapters
      • Broadest Product offering in the Market
      • Based upon Intel® 82598 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller
        • Designed for Multi-core Processors
        • Optimized for Virtualization
        • Unified Networking over Ethernet
    *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Over 15 million Adapters shipped since 2002
  • 10.  
  • 11. Trends Driving 10GbE Demand Multi-Core CPU architecture allowing faster execution of multiple applications on the same processor Virtualization allows the consolidation of multiple applications on servers thus driving the need for more network bandwidth per server Growing need for network storage is driving the demand for higher bandwidth network Intel® Ethernet
  • 12. Simplify Data Center Networking with Intel® Ethernet Reliable Performance Unified Networking Best Choice for Virtualization Intel® Ethernet Over 25 years of delivering leading Ethernet products
    • “ It Just Works”
    • Broad OS support
    • Designed for multi-core
    • Low Latency Ethernet
    • Best virtualization performance
    • Leadership in Virtual system scalability
    • Broad VM support (VMWare, Xen, etc)
    • Fibre Channel over Ethernet
    • iSCSI w/ trusted OS support
    • Leadership in defining Enhanced Ethernet
  • 13. Intel’s New 10GBASE-T Server Adapter
    • Unmatched 10GBASE-T Feature Set…
      • Dual Speed (1G / 10G)
      • Up to 100 meter reach on CAT 6a
      • 55 meter reach on CAT 6
      • Meets the PCIe Power Specification
    • Industry Leading 10GbE Solution
      • Designed for Multi-core Processors
        • Multiple Queues
        • MSI-X Support
      • Optimized for Virtualization
        • VMDq supported in VMware ESX 3.5
      • Unified Networking
        • Enhanced Ethernet
        • Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
        • iSCSI Remote Boot
    New! *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
  • 14. Market Leader in Ethernet Adapters Market Segment Share Leader Highly Reliable Broad Product Line Driving Innovation
    • 57%* MSS of Gigabit Adapter
    • IT managers prefer Intel adapters
    • Strong channel presence
    • First shipping 10GBase-LR Adapter
    • First PCIe compliant Quad port Gigabit Adapter
    • Rigorous Intel qualification process
    • High quality software
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Less than 200 defects per million (DPM)
    • Over 140 sku’s in production
    • Broad OS support
    • iSCSI boot
    • Teaming features
    Over 15 million Adapters shipped since 2002
    • Traditional Data Center
    • Multiple servers running individual applications
    • Dual GbE connections to the Ethernet switch
    • Dual Fibre Channel connections to the Fibre Channel switch
    • Virtualization
    • Multiple virtual machines on a physical server
    • Consolidation of I/O devices
    • Virtual software switch routes VM traffic, resulting in significant overhead
    • Customers increase the number of GbE ports per server
    • Fibre Channel HBA provides SAN connectivity
    • 10 Gigabit Ethernet
    • 10GbE NIC simplifies connectivity
    • - Scales with the platform
    • - Lower power and lower cost than multiple 1GbE NICs
    • Unified Networking
    • Fibre Channel over Ethernet and iSCSI allows LAN and SAN traffic to run over 10GbE
  • 16. Virtual Machine Device Queues (VMDq) More effective NIC sharing by sorting and grouping packets MAC/PHY NIC w/VMDq Layer 2 Software Switch VMM LAN
    • Transmit Path:
    • Round-robin servicing
    • Ensures transmit fairness across VMs
    • Prevents head-of-line blocking
    • Receive Path
    • Data packets being received by respective VMs
    • Sorted data packets get parsed to the respective VMs
    • Data packets for different VMs get sorted at the Ethernet silicon based on MAC address/ VLAN tags
    Rx1 Rx2 Rx1 Rxn Rx1 Rxn Tx1 Txn Tx2 Tx2 Txn Txn OS support (targeted dates) *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. VMware Xen Microsoft ESX 3.5 U1: supported now RHEL6 SLES11: 1 H09 Viridian 2 2009 Layer 2 Classified Sorter Rxn Rx1 Rx2 Rx1 Rxn Rx1 Idle Tx2 Txn Txn Idle Tx2 Txn Tx1 VM 1 (vNIC) VM 2 (vNIC) VM n (vNIC) Improved throughput by offloading data sorting to the NIC