ISVWorld software industry database - 8 minute Intro and Training


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An 8 minute training on ISVWorld, a database that covers market research and market intelligence for the software Industry, based on data from over 120.000 software vendors (ISVs) worldwide.

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ISVWorld software industry database - 8 minute Intro and Training

  1. 1. The software industry database:No one covers software like we do8 minutes to get started with ISVWorldQuestions?sales@isvworld.comsupport@isvworld.comIntro&Self-Training
  2. 2. Agendapage 2ISVWorld - largest Software Industry database ...globally.• Background & Product• Understanding the key features• Understand how to use our key features• More questions
  3. 3. Our Missionpage 3ISVWorld - largest Software Industry database ...globally.To provide the best data on the software industry, softwarevendors, their products and innovations…..globally!Enable our customersOur proprietary algorithms fully automate marketresearch – data collection, consolidationand classification – ensuring our information on over 100.000 vendors is always up-to-dateto find data, companies and solutionsthey didn’t know existed.M&A, VC, Private equityCIO’s, IT ArchitectsISVsMarket researchersWhat:Why:How:
  4. 4. About ISVWorld, a “Big Data / Data-as-a-Service” companypage 4• Largest Global software industry database, covering over 100Ksoftware companies from over 75 countries• Automated data collection and – classification processes (semi-)public information from 100- 500 sources per ISV• Data is searchable on many criteria, for example:• Application type, Industry, Technology• Size, Location (Sales/HQ)• SAAS/Cloud and other “ Ecosystems”• Customers today:• Origination, Roll-ups: Corporate M&A, VC, Private Equity• Marketing & lead campaigns: Cloud providers, outsourcers• Market research: ISVs, analysts, Corporate Finance• Build vs. Buy, IT-Strategy: CIO’s, IT Architects, IT-consultantsQuotes:• “ISVWorld is almost never the end,but always the start”(Large IT analyst firm)• “While we still regret you do notdo email-addresses, your marketinsights and intelligence areunique”(Top 10 Global ISV)• Remember:• all our data are computer-generated not edited orcurated• ISVWorld is a market researchand market intelligence tool• Our objective is to cover allcompanies with softwareproducts(ISVWorld :-)
  5. 5. First: a 1-minute introduction to the ISVWorld conceptpage 5If the video on the next page doesn’t loador for a version in HD,please click:
  6. 6. ISVWorld Coveragepage 6
  7. 7. ISVWorld was build to help customers with:page 7Market research• Map competition; find new leads, partners, resellers, acquisition targetsor emerging competitors. Identify ISV’s by segment, geography, size orproduct type.• For: Market researchers, ISV’s, analysts, outsourcers, platform providersBetter investment decisions• Identify potential buyers and sellers. Define investment strategy usingISVWorld data for any consolidation or roll-up, portfolio-play, market-play,bolt-on acquisitions etcetera.• For: Venture Capital, Private Equity, Corporate Finance, CorporateDevelopment professionalsBuild versus Buy Technology decisions• Identify & compare all off-the-shelf solutions before committing to a customdevelopment project• For: CTO’s, CIO’s, System Integrators, IT-consultants, IT-architectsInnovation tracker• Present more innovative solutions to customers: understanding technologyinnovation in your domain improves the quality of any engagement.• For: Management Consultants, IT-consultants, CIO’s, IT-architects
  8. 8. ?..but today it is used in marketing as wellpage 8The ISVWorld pre-qualified lead concept• no more mailshots to 20.000 potential leads• no more 1:1 cold calls by expensive sales reps.• Identify targeted leads that meet criteria you define,so you can run highly focused and efficient campaignsCost/lead# unqualifiedleadsSales-Cold callingMarketing,Email BlasthighhighISVWorld-Pre-qualified leads
  9. 9. Core features 1page 91. Search & Find
  10. 10. Core features 2page 102. Financial Benchmarks
  11. 11. Core features 3page 113. Market Statistics
  12. 12. Demo movie: overview all functionalitypage 12If the video on the next page doesn’t load, please click:
  13. 13. TrainingHow to use our key featuresISVWorld - largest Software Industry database 13
  14. 14. Searching 1: How to Searchpage 14ISVWorld - largest Software Industry database ...globally.• Remember: “Free Text = Fuzzy, Facets are rigid”1. Always start with a free text search and auto-suggest  to widen the scope2. then use facets to narrow the scope12
  15. 15. Searching 2: How to sort resultspage 15ISVWorld - largest Software Industry database ...globally.123Different ways to sort results:1. Default is “Relevancy”• Here ISVWorld determines what it thinks are the best matches2. In addition there are always 2 other possibilities:• Title: ISVWorld specifically looks at company names and product names• Size: Companies will be ranked by size large  small3. Market Focus:• only if a vertical industry or an application type is selected:• there is an option to sort by Market focus: companies with the highestrelative focus on a segment are ranked on top
  16. 16. Searching 3: Detailed profiles have the following tabspage 16ISVWorld - largest Software Industry database ...globally.• Vendors: a/o: description, industries, links to external sources (FB, LinkedIn, website), basic data• Products: extracted products for this vendor, where possible• Key People: extracted executives (note: people is not a focus area, read )• News: Twitter feeds, RSS News feeds, twittertalk• Locations: both HQ and primary offices• Financials: Stock data, growth, profitability, related companies, productivity, P&L etc.• Heartbeats: recent updates to the data for this vendor
  17. 17. Searching 4: Different views:page 17ISVWorld - largest Software Industry database ...globally.• Teaser View: the default view showing limited company details• List view: Gold and Platinum accounts can download the result set for use inother applications• Map view will plot geographically
  18. 18. Demo movie: Search 101page 18Search is the core of our product. To get a 1m30 snapshot of the 5 most importantlessons on search in ISVWorld, watch the next video.If the video on the next page doesn’t load, please click:
  19. 19. Statistics 1: Any search will give you statistics (“LiveStats”)page 19ISVWorld - largest Software Industry database ...globally.• Statistics available out of the box:• Horizontal Markets (Applications), Vertical Industries• Ecosystem (Cloud, Microsoft, Oracle) and Country• Size and Year established• All facets remain active to narrow down results and change the result set
  20. 20. Financial Analysis 1: Starting pagepage 20ISVWorld - largest Software Industry database ...globally.Default starting page selection:• overall software industry• pure play ISVs only• SaaS companies onlyFinancial benchmarks shown:• Stock market performance• Valuations• Growth• Profitability• Productivity• R&D spend• Sales & Marketing (and G&A) spend
  21. 21. page 21ISVWorld - largest Software Industry database ...globally.Financial Benchmarks can be run for:• ISVWorld indexes for 35 sub-segmentsin software• Various well-known industry listings• Individual stocks• Or any mix of the aboveFinancial Analysis 2: Select your filters
  22. 22. Finally:More questions ?? Please check:• Our knowledgebase:• Our website: www.isvworld.comISVWorld - largest Software Industry database ...globally.Page 22
  23. 23. AppendixISVWorld - largest Software Industry database ...globally.Page 23
  24. 24. How can we achieve this level of coverage?page 24ISVWorld - largest Software Industry database ...globally.ISVWorld• Is the first product using our technology with which we aim todisplace/expand parts of traditional (human) desktop research. R&D started in2008Technology• Our algorithms integrate > 100 API’s in the areas of language technology,semantic technology, focused crawlers, text-mining and text-classification,Information Extraction and Information Retrieval technologies• For every vendor we collect data from at least 100 data sources to achieveauto-classification, in many cases close to 500 sources.Our Future vision for that technology• Use our technology to generate market information databases of vendorsand/or products for other industry verticals or segments, especially wherehuman scalability is a limiting factor.• Driven from “seeding lists”• Examples: Biotechnology, Health, Green Energy, Investment fundsOur Partners• Our technology has been developed a/o with the LM University in Munich,University of Utrecht, Jiao Tong University in Shanghai and LanguageTools inMunich, and through testing many many many API’s on the market today.