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The Causes of Teen Suicide

The Causes of Teen Suicide



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  • This is a presentation for allteens and young adults thatmay have thought ofsuicide, know someone whohas, or may in the future.This presentation containsinformation on the causes ofsuicidal thinking and how to gethelp.
  • The Facts Teen suicide is the number one cause of death among 15-25 year olds Almost half of all teenagers at least think about suicide once in their life Of the 10-12% that attempt suicide, only 1- 2% actually die Anywhere from 8-25 attempts for every completed suicide 90% of people who commit suicide suffer from some sort of mental illness
  • Definition Suicide is the act of deliberately killing oneself or causing ones own death voluntarily Teen suicide is a very common thought in the heads of teens today and it has many different causes, but it is a very poor way of dealing with lifes problems There are three main types of suicide, what are they?  Egoistic  Anomic  Altruistic
  • Egoistic Suicide Most common, deals with ones self- value Feel completely overwhelmed with responsibility or feelings of guilt Causes one to become weak at heart Find it hard to support oneself
  • Anomic Suicide Feel like they don’t belong to a specific group, or society in general Don’t feel like they are “normal” and they don’t fit in with everyone else Feel like outcasts and isolate themselves from others Become depressed and very lonely
  • Altruistic Suicide Killing oneself for the sake of another group or person Form of protest or honor Most rare form of suicide, usually done in large groups Examples of mass suicide:  Japanese Kamikaze Pilots  Mass suicide at Jonestown
  • Causes of Teen Suicide Physical causes  Biological  Chemical imbalances in the brain  Influences of the environment  Ones own psychological makeup Psychological  Emotional – come from the heart and soul  Effects of the environment on their minds  How they respond to the actions of others Combination of the two
  • Reasons for Teen Suicide To get attention from parents, teachers, and peers Easy way to end their problems End their pain and suffering from a mental or physical illness To honor others or to punish themselves
  • Causing Factors for Teen Suicide Mental illness  Depression  Anxiety Disorders  Schizophrenia  Bipolar Disorder  Chronically ill health Inability to deal with natural body changes  Self-conscious and not accepting oneself  Can’t handle new feelings Broken homes  Alcoholism and drug abuse in family  Physical and verbal abuse  Financial problems  Moving from place to place
  • Causing Factors for Teen Suicide Traumatic experiences  Death of a loved one  Rejection  Embarrassment  Relationship problems Pressures  School (teachers, parents, homework)  Work  Friends (peer pressure)  Sexual pressures “Copycat” or “cluster” suicides – increasing number of suicides shortly after the suicide of famous person or someone known personally
  • Causing Factors for Teen Suicide Media  Music ○ Rock music believed to be satanic and gives its listeners suicidal thoughts ○ Said to grab younger audience and trap them in a world of evil  T.V. ○ Violent films cause watchers to become violent and reckless ○ Lose ability to recognize what could really happen  Video games ○ Full of violence and murder ○ Makes players think nothing of death ○ Players get addicted and lose social life, causing them to become depressed and lose confidence ○ Lose ability to connect with others and have no future
  • Conclusion Suicide is a big problem that teens face There are many different causes for suicidal thinking, differing from person to person The after-affects can be very painful and life- changing for family and friends Depression is the leading cause, and if you or someone else is experiencing chronic depression or are having suicidal thoughts then you should seek help immediately There are always other good alternatives to fix your problems other than suicide
  • Help USA National Suicide Hotlines  1-800-SUICIDE 1-800-784-2433  1-800-273-TALK 1-800-273-8255 United Way Information and Referral (Iowa Statewide)  2-1-1 Information  Available 24 hours a day Broadlawn’s Medical Center Crisis Team, Des Moines, IA  (515) 282-5752  Available 24 hours a day Comm Telephone Services Crisis Line, Des Moines, IA  (515) 244-1000 for crisis  (515) 244-1010 for counseling  Available Mon-Thurs 3 pm – 8 am, Weekends/Holidays: 24 hours a day Des Moines: First Call For Help, Des Moines, IA  (515) 246-6555  1-800-532-1194  Available 24 hours a day