Spring Summer 2010 I iStylista Trend Report


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Welcome to the www.iStylista.com Spring Summer 2010 womenswear Trend Report. Use it for inspiration and keep up to date with your trends. Enjoy!

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Spring Summer 2010 I iStylista Trend Report

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  2. 2. WHAT is an air of disorder and chaos to this trend very large bloomers, give us a collection EnTRENCHED that is unsettling, but made for apocalyptic of seductive, feminine but blatant clothing. Feminine yet solid no-nonsense clothing WEAR magic on the runway. The wearer has an element of control over is the cornerstone of this safari-cum- what is revealed and what is concealed, trench coat trend. In shades of ivory, WHEN WEB but body-con isn’t going anywhere, with nudes, camels, butterscotch, soft silvers With fashion as we know it hanging by a designers exposing us like this. Think and putter, this dreamy uncompromising WOMEN’S thread, designers mimic this uncertainty modern ballerinas in iridescent toile palette is fit for anywhere. Deceptively by holding their garments together with fabrics dancing through the warm nights understated, the classic lines of this trend lacing, laddering, knotting, tying and in sublimely made corsetry. An ode to the draw inspiration from contemporary weaving. The resultant look is one of a boudoir this new-again obsession with buildings and minimalism but also from SPRING SUMMER 2010 tangled spiders web – macro holes that lingerie is full of 1950s influence. External the military. Super-fine leather tees, high- spin their way around the wearer and corsets, wire-free silk bras, French waisted trousers, neat jackets, button This trend report brings you the best entangle the body as if being consumed knickers, and sheer underthings, quite detailing and pockets a plenty. Practical of Spring Summer 2010, scoured from by an arachnid. The detailing too is literally take centre stage. yet utterly polished. hundreds of shows, to help the pioneering reminiscent of the Black Widow, as some sprit of fashion live on. The aim is to designers complement their cobwebby LOPSIDED ALL TIED UP unite the skills of the designers and the looks with glass-orbed necklaces that Fashion lovers the world over will find Say au revoir to the eighties as a source of artistry of the collections with both the look suspiciously like spiders eggs. Web joy in this humorous trend. A veritable fashion inspiration as we seamlessly move fashion savvy and the fashion phobic. is such a fundamental part of this season confection of curious conspicuous towards the easier seventies styles. Enter Each section begins with a mood board that it not only formed an integral part consumption. Bodies have been sliced stage right – tie dye. This nostalgic but highlighting the key influences behind of garment construction, bound clothes vertically in half, and two garments that commonly derided technique, usually the each trend, that will hopefully trigger the together, linked themes but it also adds don’t belong together are attached to preserve of new designers and hippies, imagination of the viewer and inspire even fresh air to textiles. each side. With designers fixated on is cheerfully being brought back into the the most heavy-hearted into a fashion youth, it was only fitting that frothy fun mainstream. Shibori (the technical term for frenzy. Taking clues from the runways, DIGITAL ERA clothing would return. Sumptuous and tie-dye) is the art of ‘bind and resist’ that designers and the teenage bloggers we Engineered prints are otherworldly, luxe, these clothes are rustique and leaves wisps of graded colour on fabric. can be catapulted forward to a season of imaginative and beautiful. A veritable imaginative in their combinations of: nubby The technique is given new life by applying limitless potential and a prosperous future. laboratory of ideas exorcised as prints that tweed suits sewn to flouncy chiffon party it to sleek and of-the-moment active- build into their own aesthetic. Carefully frocks, gothic detailing attached to the sports styles in drop-dead colours. Not a Call it a sign of the times but this season placed on dresses and precision cut to shoulder of a classic suit, simple draped long-haired flower child in sight. has sadly been named the season of ‘lost add an electric feel, these prints are as toga dress mixed with striking tribal prints. lustre’ as the runways were heavy with curvy and colourful as the kaleidoscope of Hard and soft contrast to highlight our ACCESSORIES inertia. Fashion might have temporarily lost creativity that inspired them. dual personalities. You could count the jewellery this season its way but the burgeoning bloggerati and on one hand; start minimal and then the Fashion Houses’ awakening to the INVASION TWIST ME remove something. What we do see is Internet show a glint of technological hope Florals are a common sight in Summer Twist me shake me any way you want the ultimate recession adornment – the on the horizon. collections but this season the florals me… This trend binds, twists, drapes, temporary tattoo. Lavish jewels printed on flourish at an astonishing rate. They complexly wraps and pins itself like a the body reminiscent of the painted nylon GRUDGE invade and swarm over the body in a falling soufflé on the body. The beautiful seam on ladies legs in wartime. Kitten Welcome back to the future, where the frenzy of activity. Appliqué, cutouts, eye- furls mislead the observer to think that heels stepped out on many a catwalk, but beat of tribal urban warriors pound the popping prints and attached pieces of the fabric has been wound around the the real shoe revelation of the season is streets with fierce authenticity. Using plastic are used to represent blossoming model, but the skill and art of getting this the improbable revival of the clog. With practical hardwearing fabrics and a deep flowers. They congregate on garments illusion correct is extraordinary. The flutter their leather studded, straps, pearls and palette, there is a warrior-like mood to in a manic and uncontrollable manner in of lightweight fabrics, synthetics and stacked platform heels, there is nothing these clothes. Hoodies, army boots, a 3-D representation of a 21st century silks is key to working this look, wools orthopaedic about these witty versions. developed leather jeans, leather tank tops, overgrown English country garden. This and cottons don’t behave in this manner Makeup was fresh and clean, with hair and scratched and sculptured layers sum is a seedling of a trend that needs no but instead pleat with more deliberate being bound tightly and neatly off the face up this angry graphic silhouette. Their tendering to take root and bloom. precision and fall like priestly robes. like a prepubescent ballerina. skate-influenced garments are destined Elegant but bulky this mood elevating for heavy rotation and are latticed together BENEATH ME trend adds texture and interest in the most from ravaged bits of leather or recycled Innerwear worn as outerwear, underwear insouciant way. scraps of durable manmade cloth. There that can be seen through clothing and
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