North Star - Since 1977 proposal


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Proposal deck for a music-based, social media viral campaign prepared for the Summer 2010 relaunch of North Star clothing in Canada.

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North Star - Since 1977 proposal

  1. 1. PROPOSAL FOR THE NORTH STAR – Since 1977 mixtape Prepared by Ian Steaman
  2. 2. The re-launch of the North Star brand brings an icon of Canadian culture & sportswear back to the marketplace.
  3. 3. “The inspiration this season was summer camp. It’s an ode to our memories of campfires, summer hijinx, camp misfits, and the Canadian athletic spirit.”- Adrian Aitcheson, North Star Co-Owner
  4. 4. “North Star always took me back to my childhood. It was THE brand in school. We have such fond memories of the sneakers, so we wanted to make sure this iconic brand wasn’t forgotten about. We want to create the same experiences for this generation – it’s a part of our Canadian heritage.” – Pablo Mozo, North Star Co- Owner
  5. 5. THE PROPOSITION: The NORTH STAR – Since 1977 mixtape A 60 minute genre-bending mash-up of classic Canadian music from all genres – pop, rock, punk, new wave, dance music, hip hop and R&B – spanning from 1977 and the founding of the North Star brand to the present-day and its re-launch, all mixed expertly by a top Canadian DJ! This one-of-a-kind DJ mix will not only be a musical souvenir piece for North Star customers but also a unique brand reinforcement tool that represents and speaks directly to North Star’s dual Canadian and vintage heritage.
  6. 6. SAMPLE ARTISTS FOR THE NORTH STAR – SINCE 1977 MIXTAPE • Rush • Neil Young • April Wine • Triumph • Bryan Adams • Bachman Turner Overdrive • Corey Hart • Tom Cochran • Honeymoon Suite • Glass Tiger • Loverboy • Barenaked Ladies • Cowboy Junkies • Blue Rodeo • Leonard Cohen • Tragically Hip • Martha + the Muffins • Maestro Fresh Wes • Dream Warriors • Michie Mee • Platinum Blond • Teenage Head • Men Without Hats And many other classic Canadian artists….
  7. 7. WHO WILL PRODUCE THE NORTH STAR – SINCE 1977 MIXTAPE? We have three promising options….
  8. 8. DJ ILLO & JR. FLO OF THE EH! TEAM DJS The Eh! Team DJs are known for bringing a uniquely Canadian approach to their party-rocking DJ sets. The team partners - Team Canada DJs - used to be signed to the late DJ AM’s booking Agency (Deckstar) and were handpicked by him for their vibe. Known for their rock/pop/hip hop mashup DJ sets, these guys have rock remixes and mashups for days and could be perfect for this project. ONLINE:
  9. 9. DJ STARTING FROM SCRATCH Canada's foremost urban club and radio DJ can be heard twice daily on Toronto's FLOW 93.5 FM during the evening and throughout the country at his weekly club & concert engagements. Besides being FLOW's franchise mix show DJ, he has been pleasing club crowds across the country and around the world for about 15 years and has toured with Usher as his band DJ. Scratch is also known for his eclectic DJ sets and other non-urban style performance such as the Scratch, Skratch, Scratch! party. ONLINE: DJ Starting from Scratch podcasts
  10. 10. YOUR BOY BRIAN Brian Kim, known professionally as Your Boy Brian, is a totally open-format DJ, spinning all styles of music, who has DJ’d for such Toronto downtown scenesters as the THEM FINEST crew. The following is a short roughly-mixed demo DJ set showing just a sample of his eclectic DJ spinning style: MEGAUPLOAD LINK For more info on Your Boy Brian…. ONLINE:
  11. 11. HOW WILL THE SINCE 1977 MIXTAPE BE USED? DOWNLOAD: • Viral branding tool – distributed to key music, lifestyle, sneaker and streetwear blogs and websites. PHYSICAL CD: • Value-added Gift-with-purchase tool at select retail outlets or exclusive to Pop- Up Shops. • Bag insert at Gifting Suites. • Giveaway at other launch events. • Mail-out piece to Fashion Press, Retail Buyers and other tastemakers.
  12. 12. ONLINE STRATEGIES: The Since 1977 mixtape will be disseminated as a download link virally via blogs and other relevant social networking platforms accompanied by a short press release and links to key North Star online destinations (website, Facebook, twitter, mobile fan clubs etc.). • Blogs • Facebook • Twitter • MySpace Other Social Media Platforms as appropriate….
  13. 13. OFFLINE NON-TRADITIONAL MARKETING APPLICATIONS: Physical CD’s can be given away at targeted boutique retail outlets carrying North Star as a value-added, Gift-with-purchase or exclusively at North Star Pop-Up Shops.
  14. 14. THE SINCE 1977 MIXTAPE CAMPAIGN ROI: 1. SOCIAL MEDIA: Build hits, views, comments, fans and lengthen engagement with North Star customers on key social media platforms. 2. DRIVE SALES: By using the mixtape as a premium sales incentive for customers. It is not simply a playlist - they cannot just replicate it by downloading the songs online or buying them via itunes. This is a unique musical piece brought to them by North Star! 3. BRAND BUILDING: Reinforce the core values of North Star as a cool Canadian heritage brand by creating a musical experience that reflects these values propositions.
  15. 15. Questions or for more details… Contact: Ian Steaman E – T – 416.286.0679