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Value Proposition Designer - eXia case
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Value Proposition Designer - eXia case



Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 3.0 Opportunity Recognition Workshop. The Value Proposition Designer Case study : EXIA
  • 2. “Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” Richard Branson
  • 3. Part 5: Case study
  • 4. The case eXia Background: VUB technology ETRO research group
  • 5. Sensor technology and algorithms to avoid blind spot accidents Team: • Bart Truyen • Kevin Douven • Cristina Boca Current status: • Preparing creation of spin-off • Closing an investment round of over 0.5 M EUR The case
  • 6. The case The issue: even with blind spot mirrors, 90% of the blind spot (red zone) remains
  • 7. The case The solution: sensor system + active warning
  • 8. The case Customer jobs • Main target groups: large vehicles • (Large) trucks, buses, airport vehicles, garbage trucks, … • Job(s): • Transportation of goods and people (bringing them from place A to B) • Safety (for themselves, their vehicles, goods & people AND other people on the road) • Efficiency (as fast as possible)
  • 9. The case Customer pains • Damage to vehicle • Cost (repair + higher insurance fees) • Loss of productive time • Loss of vehicle’s value • Victims (injuries or casualties) • Economic and social cost (for all stakeholders!) • Negative impact on reputation
  • 10. The case Customer gains • Safety • Good corporate image (‘corporate social responsibility’ + attractiveness as employer) • Lower insurance fees • More productive time
  • 11. The case Customer gains • Efficiency • Less vehicles needed (because less downtime) • Faster transportation • Less administration (on dealing with damage, victims and insurance)
  • 12. The case Products & services • Active Sideguard TM • Sensor technology (capacitive measurement) with active warning system (audio signal)
  • 13. The case Pain relievers • Provides an active warning system • Low intrinsic cost • Robust sensor concept, largely immune to weather conditions, incl. splash water, and contamination
  • 14. The case Gain creators • Wide-field detection provides ‘look around corner’ functionality • Measurement extendable to accommodate biomass selective responsiveness • Flexibly integrates into existing visualization or in-dash monitor solutions
  • 15. The case Competing value propositions Mirrors Cameras Ultrasonic & radar
  • 16. Questions?