Product vision - The product vision board
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Product vision - The product vision board






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Product vision - The product vision board Product vision - The product vision board Presentation Transcript

  • Day 2: Product Vision
  • The product vision board
  • Product vision board
  • Target group= who are you creating the product for= who will use it & who will pay for it The right size Discoverable Specific enough / not to specific Several smaller groups / one large group
  • Target groupWhat is their gender?
  • Target groupWhere do they live?
  • Target groupAre they rich,poor or inbetween?
  • Target groupAre theytrendsettersor old-fashioned?
  • Target groupWhat istheir age?
  • Target groupWhat is theirintellectuallevel?
  • Needs= which needs & wants of the target groupis your product fulfilling Mapped to target groups Dig to the most basic need (5 why’s) Difficult to find the exact need Emotion
  • NeedsNeed versus wantAntibiotic - People die without itAspirin - Makes people feel betterVitamin - Prevents people to get sickHomeopathy - Makes people believe they will get better
  • Product= what are your USP’s Mapped to needs & target groups Top 3-5 features / method Differentiators
  • Product
  • Value= what is the value of your product to thetarget groups (based in their needs) Money Emotion / feelings Business value Better, faster, cheaper, …
  • ValueIt saves time,betterperformance
  • ValueMore childfriendly thanothers
  • ValueBetter security,morethrustworthy
  • ValueMore comfort,higher usability
  • Value Cheaper, moreprofits
  • Competitors and alternatives= who will they compare you with Similar products / services How it’s done now Alternatives that can be used
  • Competitors and alternatives
  • Vision statement= short sentence to give a first impression Granny proof! What – why – who – how 1-2 sentence introduction Remember it What the world will look like if you’ve changedit
  • Vision statementDyson hot + coolFastest whole room heating inwinter. High velocity air tocool in summer.
  • Vision statementiPhone 5Loving it is easy. That’s whyso many people do.
  • Vision statementMicrosoft Windows 8More beautiful, more flexible,more you. And very, veryfast.
  • Questions?