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Web 2.0 tools Isabella Craig

Web 2.0 tools Isabella Craig



EDUC1751 - assignment one Isabella Craig David Shaw

EDUC1751 - assignment one Isabella Craig David Shaw



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    Web 2.0 tools Isabella Craig Web 2.0 tools Isabella Craig Presentation Transcript

    • Web 2.0 tools -Assignment OneEduc1751
      Isabella Craig
      Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)/ Bachelor of Health and Physical Education
    • Aim:
      The aim of this PowerPoint presentation is to compare an effective digital artefact with a ineffective digital artefact, in relation to a student being able to make a real world connection to support and further their learning.
    • Digital artefact number 1-effective resource
      I found the bbc interactive human body to be an effective technological artefact for the subject of PDHPE. This technological artefact allows students of years 7-12 to explore and learn about the different parts and systems in the human body individually for example: organs, muscles, bones and the nervous system.
    • Why is it an effective technological artefact?
      Students are able to make a connection to the real world and their study area of PDHPE as the interactive website allows students to further their learning while completing the activity through offering hints and fact files. Fact files direct students to a new window, which enables the students to continue with their progress on the interactive body, while directing the students to a level of higher order thinking through offering them a flash movie of how the organ, muscle, bone or nervous system works in the human body and provides further information about the particular part of interest.
    • Why this technological artefact?
      This technological artefact has the ability to be utilised in a classroom situation or at home as it has no inappropriate ads, it has a student centred learning approach, the resource can be used individually as it provides hints to the students, the information provided is accurate and from a reliable source, the resource is also not linked to any social networks and it offers instant feedback of results so students can monitor their own progress.
      Offers students clues, if they are having difficulty.
      If the students get the muscle in the right place a fact file can be clicked on and an animation will appear of how the part works.
      Shows the students the muscle, bone or organ that needs to be placed in the body.
      If the students are still having difficulty finding where to place the body part they can click on hint which then appears in the top left corner.
    • How to navigate around this artefact
      Click the link and I’ll talk you through it.
    • Digital artefact number 2-ineffective resource
      For the second digital artefact I choose DLO3. DLO3 is a flash program that allows students to explore and learn about the muscles in their body. This program would be relevant to PDHPE, however when comparing it to the bbc interactive human body I found that it was a less effective resource as it had limited opportunities to expand the students knowledge with real world connection and create higher order thinking .
    • Why does this artefact lack connection and engagement with students in PDHPE?
      From my opinion I believe this digital artefact fails to create enjoyable interaction when learning about muscles. It would be appropriate to utilise this artefact if the students were in the younger years of PDHPE however the information is not appropriate to students in higher grades (year 11 and 12) as the information is not formal and some information is irrelevant. I also found this website less engaging due to the layout, colour and style of writing. The layout is not straight forward and I found it difficult and time consuming to navigate through the activities making it less efficient due to less learning time.
      Hard to read font, too much irrelevant information
    • Thanks for watching my slideshow