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Scratch handout

Scratch handout






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    Scratch handout Scratch handout Document Transcript

    • ScratchSprites• A Sprite is a Character that you use in Scratch.• You can use a pre-made sprite, upload your own sprite, or paint asprite.• You can also name your Sprite.• Your Sprite may want to have different costumes to changeposition or to perform actions.Picking Out a Sprite• Once your open Scratch, the pre-made character Scratch/cat willappear.• The current sprite will be highlighted in the bottom-right.• Above that is a navigation bar for a new sprite. Your options arePaint, Choose from a File, or get a Surprise Sprite.• If your Choose Paint:o Click on Painto Draw your Spriteo Click “OK.”o Your Sprite will appear on the main screen.• If you Choose a Sprite from a File:o Click on the icon that looks like a File.o Click the Costumes file to pick a pre-made Sprite.o If you have one that you made, find the file for which islocated.o Select the file and click “OK.”• To get a Surprise Sprite, click the icon with the question mark.o A Surprise Sprite will appear.Naming Your Sprite• One the top of the screen will appear an image of your spritewith the phrase “Sprite1” next to it.• Double Click into the box that has “Sprite1” in it.• Rename Your Sprite.
    • Getting Costumes• The Sprite you uploaded will appear as “Costume1.”• To upload more costumes, click “Paint” to paint your own; or clickImport to find pre-loaded costumes or pick your own images.• You can name your costumes to make them easier to find.o To Name Your Costumes, click into the boxes labeled“Costume1,” “Costume2,” and etc.Choosing a Background• Click the stage icon in the bottom-right.• Make sure the tab on the left of the main screen is set tobackground.• You can choose to paint your own background, or import a pre-made background or your own image.Adding Sounds• If you would like to add various sounds to your Scratch Project.• Click onto your Sprite.• Click the tab called Sound on the left.• You can record your own sounds or upload pre-made sounds.• You can add multiple sounds.Making Your Sprite Move• Click the Motion button in the Top-Left.• You can do several motions like moving, turning, and gliding.• To make your sprite move, drag the motion you want your spriteto do to right under the scripts.• You can change the amount of steps, degrees, seconds, or locationyou want your sprite to move.o To do so, click into the white box to change the number.• To make your Sprite move to the right, make sure the number ispositive.• To make your Sprite move to the left, make sure the number isnegative.
    • Changing the Look of Your Sprite• You can make your Sprite do some crazy things: talk, think,change color, and other crazy effects.Talking:• Choose whether you want your Sprite to Think or Say.• You can have them Say/Think Phrases for an allotted amount oftime or Say/Think one thing throughout the entire project.• To have them Say or Think, drag the action over to the right.• Then type in what you want them to Say/Think.o If you want them to say or think multiple things throughoutthe project, use the timed action.o Connect each phrase together, so the Sprite will formsentences.Creating/Changing Effects:• To have your Sprite perform various effects, like changing colorclick the “Looks” button.• Use the “Change ____ Effect By __” in your Script. (Drag theaction to the right.)• Select from the many effects: color, fisheye, whirl, pixelate,mosaic, brightness, and ghost.• Double-click the action to see it work.Adding Sound• You can add a sound that was pre-loaded into Scratch or your ownrecorded sound.• You can play the drums, the piano, and other instruments.• You can also change the beat or tempo of an instrument.• Choose the sound that you want and drag the action to the right.• Connect multiple sounds together to create a melody.• Have your Sprite to various motions create a dance.
    • Repeating Movements• You can repeat options with the Repeat Action or the ForeverAction.• To do this, click the “Controls” button.• Choose either the Repeat Action or the Forever Action.• Put the portion you want to have repeat in the center of theaction.Starting and Stopping Your Project• To start and stop your project, click the “Controls” Button.• You can start and stop with a click or start and stop with a key.• Choose the start option you would like and connect it to thebeginning of the script.• Choose the stop option you would like and connect to the end ofthe script.