Sam Saves: Couponing 101


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Couponing need-to-knows for beginners

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Sam Saves: Couponing 101

  1. 1. SAM SAVESCouponing 101Samantha TerBeestAdult Services LibrarianWillmar Public Library
  2. 2. OVERVIEW•Couponing Resources•Tips•Where to Find the Coupons• Double Couples• Store Coupons & Policies
  3. 3. RESOURCES Designed for Couponers in MN MN people sharing tips/deals Sharing Resources Great Page For Beginners Great Tips for Couponing
  4. 4. TIPS Get a Binder or Small Accordion Folder Binders – baseball Card Protector Organize Organize by coupon booklet Ex. Smart Source – 4/30 Organize by Item Type Cleaning Projects Personal Hygiene Organize by Date Organize by Store Always Prepare for you shopping trip before youleave the home. Have Coupons a the ready Do Not Shuffle through Coupons while at the store
  5. 5. WHERE TO FIND COUPONS? Newspapers Buy Multiple Papers Not every coupon in the paper is the same as the next The bigger the Newspaper the more Coupons West Central Tribune Coupons out a day early (Saturday) Star Tribune Coupons in the early edition (Saturday Paper) Coupon Books in Papers Smart Source Redplum P&G – Monthly All also available online Not published during Holidays
  6. 6. WHERE TO FIND COUPONS? CONTINUED Websites All of These Websites Require a Coupon PrinterApplication be Installed The is due to the UPC on the Coupon
  7. 7. WHERE TO FIND COUPONS? CONTINUED Social Media Many Manufactures are on One Social Network orAnother They offer special coupon offers if you like or follow them Facebook Ex. Twitter Ex.
  8. 8. WHERE TO FIND COUPONS? CONTINUED There’s an App for That Grocery Smarts Cross-references Ads for you Walmart Target Walgreens CVS Search just coupons Have Coupon Links emailed to you
  9. 9. WHERE TO FIND COUPONS? CONTINUED Store Coupons Target Available in newspapers Also available online Walgreens Available in newspapers Available online Register Coupons- Can use later Month long saving book
  10. 10. DOUBLE COUPONING Two Definitions Double Couponing Some stores have sales where they will double theamount of the coupon. Ex. $0.50 Coupon would be worth $1.00 Coborn’s Grocery Store does this (Closest in Montevideo) Double Couponing (Sometimes called Stacking) You can Partner Store Coupons with ManufactureCoupons for more Savings Ex. CascadeActionPacs Manufacture Coupon = $1/1Target Dishwashing Detergent (Cascade/Dawn) =$0.50/1Combined @ Target: $1.50/1
  11. 11. COUPON POLICY - TARGET They Will Price Match ( ) Bring Competitors Ad Item needs to be the same brand & etc Local & Current Will do price match within 7 days if item is already purchased Apply Manufacture coupons after match Apply Target Coupon before price match Note: Will only do the price match if price is still lower after TargetCoupon is scanned Can use both Target & Manufacture coupon
  12. 12. COUPON POLICY –TARGET CONTINUED If coupon amount exceeds price of itempurchased, can be used toward purchase Will not give cash back if coupon exceeds purchaseamount Ex. Target Coupon - $3/2 Revlon productManufacture Coupon - $5/2 Revlon productsCoupons Worth $8/2Combined purchase press of 2 Revlon products - $4.80-$4.80 applied using Coupons-$3.20 applied to rest of purchaseIf other items purchased, will not receive $3.20 as cashback.
  13. 13. COUPON POLICY – TARGET CONTINUED Will except 4 identical coupons per household perday Coupon must say per transaction not per purchase BOGO Coupons cannot be combined with othercoupons
  14. 14. COUPON POLICY - WALMART Will Price Match Ad & Competitor Coupons Bring Competitors Ad Item needs to be the same brand & etc Local & Current Competitor Coupons: A specific item for a specified price, for example, $2.99 Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons for items with aspecified price Have a valid expiration date Are acceptable in black and white
  15. 15. COUPON POLICY - WALMART Only one coupon per item; there is no limit on thenumber of coupons per transaction. If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, theexcess may be given to the customer as cash orapplied toward the basket purchase.
  16. 16. COUPON POLICY - WALGREENS Can Combine Store Coupons with ManufactureCoupons If coupon amount exceeds purchase, they will applyit toward the purchase but not give cash back. The number of manufacturer coupons, includingregister rewards, may not exceed the number ofitems in the transaction. Walgreens accepts multiple identical coupons formultiple qualifying items. BOGO - up to two coupons can be used against theitems being purchased
  17. 17. WALGREENS – BALANCE REWARDS Save on Sale items with card Earn Points and get rewards 5,000 Points = $5
  18. 18. COUPON POLICY – CUB FOODS Can combine store coupons with manufacturecoupons Cub will accept month old manufacture coupons Example: If the coupon expired on 6/19/12, could use ittoday 6/25/12.
  19. 19. THE END Questions
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