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Managing a facebook page for your business
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Managing a facebook page for your business



Published in Technology , Design
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  • 1. Samantha TerBeestAdult Services LibrarianWillmar Public Library
  • 2. Before we Begin… If you have a Facebook Page orAccount, please sign-in. If you have a Facebook Page, pleaseswitch to using Facebook as that Page.
  • 3. Overview Creating a Facebook Page What to Put on a Page Enhancing with Apps Promoting Your Page
  • 4. Creating a Facebook Page You can create a Facebook Page withouthaving an Account Facebook Recommends that you create a Pagefrom an existing Account
  • 5. Creating From an Account Creating a Page from an ExistingAccount: Log into Facebook Scroll Down to the Bottom & Click “Create aPage” Choose the type of business
  • 6. Creating a Page…
  • 7. Creating a Page, Cont. Choose a Category for you Page Type in the Following: Name of YourPage, Address, Phone # Agree to the Terms Click “Get Started”
  • 8. Creating a Page, Cont.
  • 9. What to Put on a Page… Add a Little Information About YourCompany/Business/Organization Your Address & Phone # have been Added○ Facebook will pin point your location on a map If you have a website, add it If people want to know more it will directthem to your website If you have hours, add them ALWAYS add a disclaimer
  • 10. What to Put on Page, ContThe Library’sDisclaimer
  • 11. More Things to Put on aPage Pictures, Pictures, Pictures Show different events hosted by yourcompany Your Employees hard at work Or things important to your business○ Remodel○ New Store
  • 12. More Things to Put on aPage
  • 13. Other Things to Add Press Releases Videos Company New and Status’ Customer Interaction
  • 14. Enhancing with Apps Blog RSS Feeds RSS – “Really Simple Syndication”○ Some websites have this if they are constantlyupdating news on the company Twitter Updates Connect Your Twitter Account with Facebook○ Only have to update once Create Your Own App $$$
  • 15. Apps In Your Admin Panel, click Manage. Then click “Edit Page.”○ On the left-hand navigation bar, click “Apps.” These are Apps you have on your Facebook Page. You can edit and manage them from here.
  • 16. Have a Twitter Account? Link Your Page to Twitter in a Few EasySteps. In your Admin Panel, Click on “Manage”and selected “Edit Page.” Select “Resources,” under “Connect withPeople” choose “Link Your Page to Twitter.” If you choose to use Facebook as yourPage, you will need to switch over to youraccount. Then choose to link your Page to Twitter. All your updates on Facebook will nowappear on Twitter.
  • 17. Getting Apps If you have an App in mind, it is best to lookfor it in the Search Bar. Pages do not have an App Market just yourprofile does. Try Searching “Fan Page Applications” Then click the First Result On the Fan Page Applications Page, Click“Page Apps.” These are just a few apps you can install onyour page. To install an App, click the “Install” button.
  • 18. Promoting Your Page Several Ways to Promote: Invite Your Facebook Friends Invite Your Email Contacts Create an Ad Put a Facebook “Like” Button on yourWebsite Put the Facebook icon on business card orother PR
  • 19. Inviting People Inviting Email Contacts Click “Build Audience” Select “Invite email contacts…” Choose Your Email Provide & Select “FindFriends”○ All email contacts with correspondingFacebook Accounts will be suggested to likeyour Page
  • 20. Creating an Ad Creating an ad costs $$ You will have to switch the Page over toyour personal account You can choose creating a sponsoredstory or Facebook Ad Sponsored Stories Focus on your Page anda Persons Newsfeed Facebook Ads allow you to create a customad or an ad from a previous post○ Events & Announcements
  • 21. Creating an Ad, Cont. Choose to create a new ad message orcreate one from a previous post Create from a previous post = great foradvertising events If you create from previous post, choose thepost you want for the ad.
  • 22. Creating an Ad, Cont
  • 23. Creating an Ad:Demographics Select Demographics you require
  • 24. Creating an Ad:Scheduling & Pricing Select how much you are willing to spendper day Facebook will not exceed this amount per day Facebook will tell how much you will payper click Example: Budget: $10.00/day Charge/Click: $0.72 Day One: 5 people clicked the ad○ Facebook will charge: $3.60
  • 25. Creating an Ad:Scheduling & Pricing
  • 26. Creating Ad: Place Order Review Ad Place Order Using Credit Card orPaypal
  • 27. The “Like” Button Want People Like Your Page Right FromYour Website? All You Have to Do is: Click “Edit Page” under “Manage” Click “Resources” & choose “Use SocialPlugins” under Connect with People Click the Social Plugin that says “LikeButton” Keep Everything as is and click “Get Code”
  • 28. The “Like” Button, Cont.
  • 29. The “Like” Button, Cont. Give the Code Info to your Webmaster