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CMLE ILL Important Information

  1. 1. CMLE ILL Important InformationTable of ContentsReminders…Introducing…New to ILL?Bag DeliverySearching for Library Materials?Who Did I Request This Item For?Placing a Renewal Via the WebChecking an Items Renewal StatusOverdue ItemsI Want to Cancel this RequestCancelled vs. UnfilledReminders… Always check Your Borrowing Record for due dates, renewals, and etc. This can be doneon website in the same gray box that is used for requesting items. You will need your library’s barcode and password to submit requests. If you haveforgotten them, misplaced them or just plain need them, please email CMLE or call us at (320) 308-2950. When returning items, always put the paperwork that came with the item back into theitem. CMLE will not be doing interlibrary loan of media items unless those items can be foundat GRRL. CMLE works with lending libraries in the Minitex region, (Minnesota, Wisconsin, NorthDakota, and South Dakota); if we cannot find your request in the region we will have tocancel it. Use WorldCat when searching for an item; it will tell you what states your itemis available in.Back to TopIntroducing…Last Spring, CMLE acquired a CMLE Assistant named Laurie Borchard. Laurie has returned thisyear as our Lead ILL Assistant. This means that she will be working on the requests you send intous and working with you if there are any problems.Laurie is a Senior at St. Cloud State majoring in Information Media and minoring in English.Next year, she will be attending graduate school to become a Librarian. That’s right, a librarian.If you have any interlibrary loan (ILL) issues, please contact her at or byphone at (320) 308-2950.Back to Top
  2. 2. New to ILL?Do you have patrons that want to borrow items that your library does not have? CMLE can helpget those items to your library.1. To request items, go to our website at There is a gray box on the right ofthe opening screen that says Interlibrary Loan (for Members Only. In that box is an optionfor book or article requests. Click the type that you wish to request.2. The next screen will prompt you for your library’s barcode and password. (If you do notknow your library’s barcode and password please email CMLE at cmle@stcloudstate.eduor call us at (320) 308-2950.3. Type in all the information you know about the item. You must have the author and title;if the ISBN is known, please include it because it is very helpful to CMLE.Choose the book/articledepending on your requestType in the author, book, andISBN (if known). Type in otherinformation if known as well.
  3. 3. 4. Scroll to the bottom of this screen and click the box next to the sentence: “I have read theabove statement and agree to abide by its restrictions.” Then click go.5. The next screen to appear will be a confirmation of the request. Exit this screen.6. You have successfully placed a request with CMLE!Once you have placed your request and CMLE has processed it, you will need a place to pick itup. But wait! Where do you pick up your item? Well, you need to be on our bag delivery system.For information on our bag delivery system, see the section on bag delivery.If you would like to keep the book for a longer period of time, see our section on renewals.Back to TopCheck that you agree.Click go.Click exit.
  4. 4. Bag DeliveryIs your library/media center on our bag delivery system? If so, ignore this section. CMLE doesnot have the ability to send items directly to your library or media center, but has several deliveryoptions. Most of our members can choose a public library pick-up location whether the library ison their way to work, near their library/media center, or on their van drivers route.Someone from the public library will notify you via email or phone that you have a delivery bag atthe library that is ready to be picked up. Returns of items will also happen at your public libraryusing the bag. Don’t forget to flip the bag tag over so that CMLE’s information is showing.Delivery can feel complicated until it is figured out. Feel free to call us at (320) 308-2950 oremail Samantha TerBeest at to review your delivery options.Note: If you are on our red bag delivery system, please be aware that you have two weeks to pick-up the bag(s). If the bag is not picked up within that time period, the public library will return thebag to CMLE.Back to TopSearching for Library Materials?Try any of the following items:1. ELM 4 You Portal: These free databases are free to all Minnesotans, and are used for themost part to search for articles. Go to to see them organized bysubject, or alphabetical by title. Hot tip: Scroll down the list for WorldCat, the absolutebest database to search for books. Use the advanced search and when you get your searchresults, click on the libraries worldwide to see if anyone in MN, WI, SD, or ND owns theitem. If so, our staff would be happy to arrange the loan for you. Just copy and paste theinformation into our online form.2. Global search on St. Cloud State and All MN Colleges (70 total): you just type in the search box, you search all libraries. You can isolate and search onlySt. Cloud State, by using the pull-down menu by Library to Search.3. MnLINK: http://www.mnlinkgateway.orgAt the opening screen, you can see all of the library systems that are a part of MnLINK.This is the best way to search for things most likely in a public library.Back to Top
  5. 5. Who Did I Request This Item For?We recommend that you put the name of your patron in your request for tracking purposes. Usethe Where was information on this book found? field to do this when placing a request. This willappear on your paperwork as the Source. Putting the patron’s names elsewhere may mean it willnot print out on your paperwork.Back to TopPlacing a Renewal Via the WebIf your patron would like to have an item for a longer period of time, placing a renewal online caneasily be done by following these steps.1. Go to CMLE’s website ( In the gray box to the right, click Your Borrowing Record.Click on Your Borrowing Record.Patron’s name goes here.John DoeJohn DoeDo not put patron’sname here
  6. 6. 3. You will be prompted for your barcode and password. (If you need these, contact CMLEat or 320-308-2950.)4. You should now successfully be in your borrowing record.5. Click the number next to the word loans6. Check the item(s) that you would like to renew.7. Press Renew All or Renew Selected in the blue ribbon.8. Once that is done, check your borrowing account periodically to see if your item has beenrenewed. (Renewals do not take place right away.) It is the lending library’s (not CMLE)responsibility to determine whether an item can be renewed. It’s your responsibility tocheck the status of a renewal request. If the status is Renewal – Accepted, the due date willhave changed. If the status is Renewal – Rejected, please return the item on its due date.Back to TopClick the number not the word.Check the one you want to renew.Click Renew Selected or Renew All.Put barcode here.Put password here.Click Log On.
  7. 7. Checking an Items Renewal StatusThis must be done periodically to see if the renewal has been accepted or rejected.1. Repeat steps 1-4 of Placing a Renewal via the Web.2. Click the number beside the word ILL Active Requests.3. The next page will show you all of the ILL items you have out and what their statuses are.Remember if the status is Renewal – Accepted, the due date will have changed. If thestatus is Renewal – Rejected, please return the item on its due date.Back to TopOverdue ItemsOur lending libraries have renewed energy and vigor in focusing on overdues and keeping theircollections intact during these tight economic times. The short, but strident message we are gettingfrom our lending libraries is this:We are happy to lend materials, but want our materials back when they are due. Renewals can berequested, but please understand that they cannot always be granted. If your renewal requests arerejected, the lending library wants the item back. Period. If you fail to do so, CMLE is beingbilled.This is not good. It is expensive and very staff intensive for both the lending libraries and forCMLE. But let’s not forget, this is how libraries work, and we are indeed lucky to have this ILLservice available in our region (we are the last multitype offering this service). Part of our successis staying on good terms with our lending libraries. We appreciate your cooperation in payingattention to your due dates, and getting materials back to our office on a timely basis.*When an item becomes overdue, CMLE will notify you via email. Please get the item back assoon as possible. If we receive a bill, CMLE will inform you that a bill has been received. Torenew an item, see Placing a Renewal via the Web.Back to TopClick the number not the words.
  8. 8. I Want to Cancel this RequestJust like renewing an item, you can also cancel a request online. Follow these simple steps tocancel requests:1. Go to CMLE’s website ( In the gray box to the right, click Your Borrowing Record.3. You will be prompted for your barcode and password. (If you need these, contact CMLEat or 320-308-2950.)4. You should now successfully be in your borrowing record.5. Next, click on the number next to the phrase “ILL Active Requests.”6. Click the number next to the request you would like to cancel.Click on Your Borrowing Record.Put barcode here.Put password here.Click Log On.Click the number not the phrase.Choose the numbernext to the request.
  9. 9. 7. Once you choose the request you want to cancel, the request information will appear.Below the information you can either choose to cancel the request or go back. ChooseCancel Request.8. Above the request information, it will say Cancel succeeded if all has gone well.Press cancel request.You cancelled a request!
  10. 10. 9. To return back to you account, press Your Borrowing Record at the top of the page.Back to TopCancelled vs. UnfilledHave you ever wondered why you don’t always get requests that you have requested? There aretwo statuses that show up on your borrowing record to indicate that we are unable to get the itemyou requested. The statuses are cancelled and unfilled.A book becomes cancelled when the request cannot be found in the four-state Minitex region.CMLE’s Lead ILL Assistant goes through each book request to see if we can get it within one ofthe four states. If no library in the region has the item, it becomes cancelled.If you request a media item, make sure to look on the Great River Regional Library (GRRL)Website to see if it is available there. We will cancel the media request if it is not available atGRRL.When articles are requested, our staff looks first to see St. Cloud State University carries thejournal (either hardcopy or electronically). If not, she moves to WorldCat. On occasion,WorldCat has accessible websites where CMLE can get a PDF. If she cannot find a PDF versionof the article, she will then check to see if any library in the Minitex region carries the journalarticle. If all fails, she will then cancel the request.Now, unfilled requests… If the item is a book and it went unfilled, typically that means that nolibrary in four states had it at the moment. (Some libraries could have it, but it may be checkedout, on hold, or even on order at the time of the request). Book requests can easily be resubmitted,but it will take extra time to get the item.When the requested item is an article, it is likely that all states in the Minitex region were unableto fill it, because none may have it. There are times, however, that the article may be in a boundjournal (typically two years or older) or on microfiche/film and it may be checked out at a librarythat has it.CMLE will send you an email when an item becomes cancelled. We will send you a half sheet ofpaper called Notification of CMLE Interlibrary Loan Action if the item is unfilled.Back to TopPress “Your Borrowing Record”to return to you account.