Optimising the Online Customer Journey


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The art and science of digital marketing

This presentation will show the benefits of an integrated online strategy for digital media (search, display, social media, mobile). Nick will explore the extra value that can be generated when optimising the entire online customer journey.

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Optimising the Online Customer Journey

  1. 1. Optimising the customer journey
  2. 2. Contents Marketing Touchpoints what consumers are exposed to The Average UK consumer sophisticated and informed Online Purchasing Behaviour Search, Social, Display, Conversion how to optimise your digital strategy Multi Channel Attribution beating beating last click wins
  3. 3. Sophisticated Well informed Opinion seeker
  4. 4. 21.3mpeople now shop online in the UK32 mBy the end of 2011 will be shopping online
  5. 5. 80% of purchase decisions made outside of store
  6. 6. Why the shift?  Value for Money  Price Comparison  Opinion and Review seeker  A bigger range of products  Convenience
  7. 7. Key Digital Areas for 2011
  8. 8. awareness
  9. 9. Offline integration
  10. 10. Online display RSPCA Website Immediate: 8% of Donations Post click: 64% of Donations
  11. 11. consideration
  12. 12. Paid Natural Social
  13. 13. Search Optimisation Deliver more bookings and higher revenue within the cost per acquisition limit
  14. 14. Search Optimisation •Increase natural search visibility • Increase points of entry to all three Radisson Edwardian sites • Identify and adapt to new trends
  15. 15. Search Optimisation Google Places
  16. 16. Taking a Converged Approach Paid search identifies keyword opportunities Natural search enhances quality score for landing pages Natural search increases social profile popularity Social media provides link equity, activity and improves authority Take a holistic view when reporting results
  17. 17. Social and Search
  18. 18. Importance of W O M
  19. 19. The like button
  20. 20. Dynamic retargeting1 2 Their behaviour User Visits Your on site is Website Browsing information on paid and natural recorded search 3 User exits and 5 browses the Targeted ad based on internet behavioural data links back to site 4 User is identified by cookie data
  21. 21. purchase
  22. 22. Making it easy for your customer
  23. 23. 66% Improvement ‘Free’ added Email address field removed Stress benefits rather Button made larger and than action required emphasis put on competition
  24. 24. 15% ImprovementBefore After
  25. 25. Customer Service
  26. 26. Using Social to facilitate Customer Service
  27. 27. Flexioffices mobile success story
  28. 28. Social Integration
  29. 29. Measurement
  30. 30. Cross Channel AttributionGenericSearch £ £ £
  31. 31. Summary Last click wins is yesterday’s news Every channel needs to support one another Converged approach is crucial – invest in understanding how each channel plays a part in the bigger picture Go where consumers are going Optimise the WHOLE customer journey
  32. 32. Questions?