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Is Remarketing a Good second Date For Search
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Is Remarketing a Good second Date For Search


Chris Whitelaw, I Spy, explains how re-targeting your search campaign can help you retain your clients and encourage conversion.

Chris Whitelaw, I Spy, explains how re-targeting your search campaign can help you retain your clients and encourage conversion.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Is Remarketing a Good Second Date for Search?
    Chris Whitelaw
  • 2. The challenge
    98% of traffic leaves without buying
    Users visit 4 competitor sites on average before making a purchase
    Users visit your site 5 times on average before converting
  • 3. Digital Marketing Funnel
    Awareness Consideration Preference Action Loyalty
    Informational Transactional
    Display, search and social drive interest and consideration of brands
    This funnel works as a good introduction for afirstdate
  • 4. But what happens on the date ?
    A bad journey?
    Got lost on the way?
    Didn’t get where you were coming from?
    Got distracted?
    Left early?
    Got bored?
    All classic dating issues.
    No future…
  • 5. Getting your client a 2nd date
    Retargeting pixels added to key site pages
    Serving product specific, product category or brand ‘recall’ ads online – offers work well too!
    Heightened relevancy leads to a greater chance of a second date
  • 6. 2
    A prospective customer browses a brand site, potentially through a paid or natural search
    ...then leaves to browse
    other websites to do some online research or to carry out day to day online tasks such as e-mailing
    One click brings them directly back to the brand site to pick up where they started
    Retargeting partner displays a personalised ad relevant to their initial visit within same user session
  • 7. Retargeting technology
    Many technology vendors in market
    Different levels of targeting
    Dynamic pricing/messaging
  • 8. Retargeting used through 2010/2011 in line with search activity
    CV upload and job application based execution
    CPA on both CV and job application 75%+ lower
    Retargeting success story
  • 9. An advertiser needs to have meaningful volume of unique visitors to their site (100k+ unique per month) to have sufficient audience to retarget around the web.
  • 10. Understand the success measurement metrics before you launch the campaign. Are you attributing sales to people that have seen the ad or actually clicked on the ad?
  • 11. Make sure you attribute sales appropriately (no double counting) to the retargeting versus other online marketing activity.
  • 12. Set the right length of time you are going to retarget an individual computer (the cookie window length). Someone researching a movie does not want to being seeing ads in two months time when they have already seen the movie.
  • 13. Understand the balance between being very targeted and very annoying. Don’t stalk your audience around the web with too many ads too frequently – no one likes a stalker.
  • 14. Summary
    Helps to close the sales loop
    Works well with search marketing
    Relevant messaging, highly targeted
    Effective advertising with ROI positivity