4th monthly Science 6
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4th monthly Science 6






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4th monthly Science 6 Document Transcript

  • 1. GAUDETE STUDY CENTER, INC. 4th monthly test SCIENCE 6 T. Justine Name:______________________________________ I. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. II. Multiple Choice. Read each item carefully. Circle the letter of the best answer. If you study ecosystems to learn about relationship between organisms and any changes in population that take place over a long period of time, you would be… a. A biologist b. an Ecologist c. an Economist d. a zoologist Is a linear series of organisms illustrating a one – way route of feeding relationship. a. Food web b. food chain c. energy pyramid d. biomass Total mass of living matter at each trophic level, can also be modeled by an ecological pyramid. a. Biomass b. energy c. chain d. web Other term for heterotrophs. a. Consumers b. decomposers c. producers d. omnivores Organisms that feed on decayed organism matter. a. Decomposer b. decomposers c. consumer d. producers Consumers that eat both plants and flesh. a. Omnivores b. carnivores c. herbivores d. decomposers Consists of a large wheel and a rope. a. Pulley b. wedge c. screw d. wheel/axle Consists of a large wheel and smaller wheel called axle. a. Wheel/axle b. pulley c. levers d. inclined plane Circular inclined plane. a. Lever b. screw c. wedge d. pulley Rigid board and bar and a turning point. a. Lever b. screw c. wedge d. pulley Uses the sharp part of the plane. a. Wedge b. screw c. lever d. pulley Flat/even sloping plane. a. Wedge b. inclined plane c. lever d. pulley TRUE or FALSE _____ 1.food chain always begins with producers. _____ 2. herbivore:venus fly trap _____ 3. food chain includes a series of consumers. Date:___________ ______ 4. some consumers feed on dead bodies of organisms; they are called scavengers. ______ 5. in food web , there are different feeding levels. ______ 6. food web is composed interconnected food chains. ______ 7. food web consists of interlocking food chains. ______ 8. animals give off carbon dioxide needed by plants for food making. ______ 9. flowers>butterflies>frog>fungi ______ 10. mushrooms are saprotrophs. III. Enumeration 1 – 6 simple machines 7 – 9 types of consumers IV. study the illustration of the food web. List down 4 food chains from the given food web. Write the food chains in the space below. 1.__________________________________ 2.__________________________________ 3. __________________________________ 4.__________________________________ 5.___________________________________ GOODLUCK! The first step to creativity is to find a hiding place for your ability T. justine